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Some Nuckin-Poetry


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When all else fails, we need a laugh. All hail the power of the mighty limerick(AABBA..is the sequence). Why? Cos' haikus are too darn short, that's why!

What's In A Name?

A rebuild won't do, can't you see?

We'll retool, then play valiantly

Yet Will Shakespeare would claim

Is a rose, just a name?

Cup win is TO BE, or not be.

Willie's Boy

Dirty team, wanna' scream..Power Play!

"Real good", utters coach, "Let's make hay!"

Tired vets, shake their heads

S'posin who, Willie bred?

Revealed plan merely states,"Pass to Vey!"

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Not much for limericks but I can try a rhyme or two.

As it currently appears, we're headed for those years

that the die hard fans have in the past endured

being unfavoured, when a simple win is savoured

like the first sip of those cold after work beers

I've been reduced to tears, amid screaming cheers

and the memories of OT wins I hold dear

So close it could be, so far gone it seems

are the dreams of this year is the year

and so we re-tool, hoping JB's no fool

come draft day, trade away for a future to drool

over, as I hope, my nerves can cope

if not- well.. there's beers and dope

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