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keyboard problem


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Hey folks. Just curious if there is a cdc user who has had this issue in the past.

When pressing the enter key, there is an intermittant problem of these characters showing up.


It's not just in a browser. Any program. Notepad, MS word, Firefox, Chrome etc. It also happens after using the edit txt buttons in this forum like add picture.

I have windows 10. Originally 8. This has happened since the first week I had my laptop.

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Have you checked your keyboard language settings? (generally in keyboard settings)

Try American English or Canadian English. Disable any others. Also check your numlock key.

This is my guess. I always accidentally change my language.

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didnt we already have a thread on this? did you try restarting your computer and do you use the laptop keyboard or seperate one?

I bet you are using an Asus laptop??

Did we? My bad if so.

No using the actual laptop. It is a software issue as it happens when clicking the java buttons to add quotes etc with cdc.

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