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  1. I have no issue with jokes, or some mild humor, but when the intent is rip some one down it isn't funny anymore, in fact I am pretty sure that is called bullying, the last time i checked that is not cool!

  2. I wonder how his skating will progress as he gets older. He is not afraid to move it up the ice.
  3. Only true elites should be allowed to rock the Mullet! Great article
  4. LOL you are right that Senshyn kid does look a little evil, poor Don haha...great blog again keslerific
  5. I agree on the Clendening point, I really thought he was good at PP point and getting shots through, and had a nice crisp breakout pass. Sutter could be a great 2c, he has size and speed and a great shot. We gain in PK ability as well, and who knows maybe he can provide a decent shot for the 2nd PP, which was awful to watch last year, no shooters at all. Good article Jazz
  6. LOL @ THanks... another great blog, been waiting for some new material
  7. Entertaining read, good work keslerific!
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