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  1. Lets be realistic, if this kid is blowing off practices with his teammates who work hard, why would any teammate go to battle with this punk so he can go to a concert? He should take his job seriously because at this point he will get his coach and maybe GM fired. Maybe he should learn off Horvat, Bo had a long scoring drought in his first two seasons, yet fans were willing to stick with him because of his WORK ETHIC. Guess what? He turned it around the 2nd half of the season even with limited ice time. Never complained once and towed the company line. Ja
  2. Serious? I questioned his work ethic before, but if this is true maybe the Nucks are teaching him a lesson because he does not know how to be a pro. Worse still it was probably a Bieber concert. JB must not have checked the smarts on this kid.
  3. From all accounts, it seems Jake is destined to be a 3rd line grinder. Apparently some reports show that he lacks the work ethic that Bo has, which is disappointing since JB said he would only draft "character guys" If anything, his performance in the WJC showed what he is. First year in WJC, he starts on McDavids line, but has no IQ and by the time the tourney ends, he is on the 4th line. Second WJC is his chance to shine and instead he takes some immature and stupid penalties and gets blasted on the front page in Canada and that team lost due to some petulant players (him and Str
  4. TBH, I would love to have the Kassian version Oilers 3.0 right now He is playing like a beast, but then again he has confidence and the support of his teammates, unlike this organization. Prust and a 5th will always be a horrible trade, no matter how fans try to slice it. He seems to be in a great place right now, good for him I hope he does well. Too bad about Jake though, he has regressed from his rookie year, although I do not know what from..... at this point its just speculation, maybe we will find out what his issue is in the future, because that pick cost us b
  5. Or maybe he listens to too much Bieber during his training and it is affecting his toughness. Or maybe he needs more tatts to prove he is a tough guy? Seriously though, Jake is being given the Kassian treatment right now, could be more mental than physical, because I have rarely seen him throw big hits this year. His performance as a leader in the WJC did nothing to show he has maturity to handle adversity, and he has not yet proven that here, as his media statements attest to. Hope this kid turns it around soon, all the tools but.....
  6. Sometimes you can be a real party pooper, why so glum chum?
  7. What happened to this kids shot? last year he scored some beauts by picking the corners. He has had 2 point blank prime opportunies to score this year (hurricanes and vs oilers). He shot one right at lack, and vs the Oilers he missed by about 10 feet high. Somethings up here, not to mention he is always shifting off a line early and looks gassed. At least he threw some decent hits vs the oil
  8. LOL True.... you being a bartender and all I bet you have some crazy stories of ol' Whiskey in a bottle
  9. I wonder why Benning wants to protect Bear so much that he is wanting another top 6 guy....the second half of the season Bear was killin it, and in fact added some power offensive moves to his game. I really hope they give him 2nd line minutes, it is not like he is a rookie at this point, I think he is more than able to handle himself on D and hopefully pot 20 goals.
  10. Yea actually the more I watch it I see your point, Juice pulls back his leg and Jake kind of runs into it at the end of the check. The fact that Juice even acknowledges as such by tapping Jake at the end of that video tells me it was clearly unintentional. Good eye, you guys should have been part of the Kennedy Commision.....down and to the left
  11. Come on now, Juice is not a dirty player, and sure as heck would not stick his skate out to hit Jake. Juice does not even touch him, Jake was hurt on the hit on Kes. Maybe if it was Marchand or Cooke you would have a point but heck no to Juice doing that.
  12. I have no issue with jokes, or some mild humor, but when the intent is rip some one down it isn't funny anymore, in fact I am pretty sure that is called bullying, the last time i checked that is not cool!

  13. I really liken his tool kit to a young Iginla's. Iggy was known for plowing down the wing with speed and strength and being able to roof one home. Most of Jakes junior highlights were of this variety. Bert was great at protecting the puck and could get in close and had much softer hands. Either way, right now Jake is the hardest hitting teenager I have seen, he makes the boards rumble with his hits. Hopefully he can find his own niche offensively.
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