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Fantasy Trade advise


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Hey guys im kinda new to the drafts. Mine is a keeper pool. Counts only G, A and shots for forwards. I have 3 questions.

1. Ive been offered Backstrom, Carlson and a 1st for my Ovy, Trouba + 5th. Should i take it?

2. Should i pick up Rask for F.Andersson or C.Crawford?

3. Should i drop Kreider for Sheiffle, Domi, Duclair or Marchand?

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I'd advise you to know the difference between advise and advice :P

Definitely don't want Rask, as he is on a losing Bruins team.

As for #3, everyone but Marchand is a good choice, and I'd probably go for Scheifele or Domi.

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The value of the picks determines the first one. Factors such as # of keepers, and the # of teams.

Rask is likely to be the least valuable of the 3 goalies.

Can't go wrong with any of those players. All have potential to reach 50+ points. Least desirable would be Marchand though.

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