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After hot start, we're 4-10


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So you're only hard working if you're throwing big hits? News to me.

With your comprehension skills, I expect much is "news to you".  I said "soft" not lazy.

Perhaps if you engage on the topic and what was actually said instead of surfing the boards for opportunities to employ your derision on others, you would contribute to the discussion.

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The Canucks are always a poor team to start the season. We used blame Luongo for having a bad start but it seems more like it extends to the whole team.

I won't be jumping to any conclusions until after December. The nay-sayers always rule Oct-Dec then eat their hats come January.

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What worries me is we aren't clearly on one side or the other for most of these games. We could very easily have won a bunch of these one goal games and had an inflated record relative to how we're performing.

I hope come December we either pick ourselves out of the muck and climb the standings or continue on our downward trend and receive yet another coveted top 10 pick.

Personally, I find the one-goal game thing a bit misleading. Though they are close numerically, the assumption that they were only a little ways from winning can be misleading. Example, a 2-0 lead for the opposition going into the third. Team pushed in the last 5 minutes and gets one back. 2-1 final. The odds of tripling their goal production (one more in regulation then in OT) is pretty unlikely. So yes, they aren't getting blown away which is a good sign, but not all one goal games are as close as some people seem to want to believe. Of course, some are, though.


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