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(Proposal) Draft Overager

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Well, since the OP couldn't be bothered, here's a bit of info on Bajkov:



Every young hockey player dreams of being a junior star, leading their team to championships and getting drafted by a National Hockey League club in the first round. Reality, of course, is often drastically different than dreams. Patrick Bajkov won’t be a first round selection this year, but if he’s drafted in a later round he could turn out to be an excellent value pick.

A third-year Western Hockey League winger with a November birthday, Bajkov is not a gigantic physical presence but excels when he’s using his on-ice awareness. Particularly on the power-play – where he has room to operate – Bajkov is a superb passer, anticipates opposition movements well, and can be an asset to a club’s special teams. At even-strength he’s not a world-beater, but he generally keeps his head above water. Despite his only moderate size, he battles well in the corners and has good discipline – his ability to avoid penalties likely stems from his experience in the league.

Even as an overage player, Bajkov likely won’t be a high-end WHL scorer. But he’s a smart hockey player with good mobility and good vision. He doesn’t project as a player that you’d build an NHL organization around, but he’s the kind of secondary, complementary player that could prove very valuable if he can find the right fit with the right club.


Good point totals this year but he is 19. Not seeing what the big deal is?

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.27.37 AM.png

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