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  1. good thing i have him on iggy but i'm sure kos will have a lot to say about yet another glaring failure by our local health authorities
  2. math your numbers do not add up where did the other people come from that you added in but did not count as walking towards you ? (adding in people you saw on tv attending the trump rally is unfair )
  3. US Civil War II - 6.37 milion (projected)
  4. earliest travel cases in bc were from people returning from egypt, iran and china and then there was that dental conference as well this history of transmissions is shown in the early graphs when travel was tracked community cases soon came on and most transmission was local
  5. i agree and unfortunately in the usa it is politicized at federal and state levels though cuomo did a good job in new york he was a bit slow on the uptake but then really hit the ground running - impressive except, he did exactly what trump did hogged the spotlight - and being a politician - made the whole endeavour way way too political he should have done it bc style.. have the doctor start, do most of the talking, and take the lead in question answering and the cuomo could have filled in gaps but no, not in the usa cu
  6. what is the new salary cap value? can't answer your question without this info also explain who compliance buyouts benefit why would the players agree to this?
  7. we need to first know the new salary cap if it is reduced significantly and it appears that will be the new model for a number of years going forward the team will need to buy out a high value longer term contract (myers) cannot meaningfully discuss this issue without knowing all the details and we will be waiting for those for quite a while i think i also doubt the league and players will want any compliance buyout at this time it achieves nothing but letting some of the wealthier teams off the hook for bad contract decisions
  8. when has loui ever shown up out of shape ?
  9. does not really matter which city the nhl designates as a hub city they could have chosen nyc at the height of its outbreak the protocols that the nhl and its player adopt are the key factors the weaker the protocols, the higher the need for a "safer" city rumour has it that many pros (not just nhlers) do not want to return to play due to the risk involved so it seems to me the protocols will be fairly strict let's see what the protocols are that each league adopts and let's see how they actually educate their players about absolute adheren
  10. don't worry their fearless leaders says it is very much like the common flu nothing to see here
  11. for sure and don't forget about the additional benefit of being able to fill your tub just by opening the bathroom window
  12. yep i knew that which is why i posted that info there are very few places in the entire world that are more or less safe from the sun and rupert is one of them sucks for companies that sell sun screen up there though ps... my superficial knowledge of a vast variety of topics could fill a large library with very thin books
  13. yeah except the snow during that event was liquified in rupert a good day in rupert is when the clouds part enough so the sun can shine in to bounce off the rain droplets ok i'm being extreme but i was forced to fly up there when the airlines were on strike and had to locate some smallish airline that flew a few of us up there in a snowstorm an unhappy memory sorry rupertbo and chon.. nothing personal against people who live up there i do hear it is a preferred location for those who suffer from sun related reactions
  14. well he is likely somewhere on the north shore and those north shore mountain ice caps cool his heat and mask his activity level we know rupert has no snow or ice just constant., persistent, eternal rain (which is not effective at heat masking) oh, and btw, have you evolved enough yet to have webbing between your toes and fingers?
  15. it's not strange at all the map is most likely sourced in the usa and they do not expend any energy at all to look at places outside the usa canada is worthy of 1 red dot per province, without any breakdown at all, as was done with the meaningful territories of the world (the usa) we are fortunate they noted our virus stats by 1 dot and that we were not totally ignored they have the virus issue well in hand down south, and can learn nothing from us not even from bc or the excellent medical leadership provided by dr. henry i think they chose to l
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