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[Discussion] Swapping Bad Contracts

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55 minutes ago, The Future Looks Bright said:

The Best scenario would be to trade Erikson to Florida for Bobby Luu.

Then we could buy him out without being a huge cap hit when he retires.


That's Why we are going to buy him out. If he retires this season, that cap hit will count against us for 2 years

Obtaining Luongo and buying him out doesn’t really help on the cap hit front.  All it does it takes away the possibility on him retiring in the last season and saddling Vancouver with an $8.5m cap hit for one season. 


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1 hour ago, The_Rocket said:

Hughes and Pettersson both need to be re-signed in 2 seasons. Eriksson, Roussel, Beagel, and most likely Edler if he re-signs will all still have one year left on their contracts at that time. That’s probably around 18 million on contracts for guys who will be secondary players on the team at that point. I think it’s definitely in their best interest to get rid of LE if they can. That also gives them some flexibility to sign other contracts for higher end players if needed

Didn’t think Hughes played enough this year to burn a year of his contract, but I could be wrong.  I agree that our bottom six vets are expensive, my hope is some of our picks can move in and take their roles by then like AG did this year.  I really think as things stand right now and the 31 million in cap space we have to start the offseason is enough to sign EP, Hughes plus, plus, plus as guys go off the books.  Yes Boeser and Edler and some raises will eat up half that pretty fast, there is a plethora of EK, Panarin and Duchene threads for a reason, as we could swing it and still have enough for Hughes and EP when they are up.  Getting rid of LE would be nice, but we are stuck with him. 

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