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  1. Best I’d do is something like Eriksson + 9OA 2021 (Van) to Detroit for 27OA 2021 (WSH) basically trading down in the first round. Even then I’m not sure it’s worth it
  2. Forget Tampa, we’re not getting Cernak or Foote pretty much guaranteed. They will go 4-4-1 and then dump Johnson and palat in the offseason. Their situation isn’t as bad as everyone says. All their cap dumps are still good players. Should look at the canes or Colorado or Anaheim or Pittsburg or Florida. Rathbone and woo are very valuable trade chips in this instance due to their ED exemption status. A team can trade away a defensemen without totally giving up their depth in the position
  3. I think Virtanen will be a pretty tantalizing piece for Seattle, given the other options that will be available. We would be lucky if they took him. I’d go: pettersson boeser miller horvat pearson lind motte schmidt juolevi literally anyone demko canucks clearly have an opportunity to add a defenseman via trade before the draft as the have what is basically an unused spot. Myers doesn’t really need to be protected since I can’t see Seattle wanting to pay him a 5 million dollar bonus this summer th
  4. 3 years for a guy with 0 nhl experience????? What an albatross of a contract !!!! jb gonna jb
  5. Pettersson and Hughes will both hit new career high point totals this season
  6. It’s based on percentage. IE if the Canucks retain 3 million, they retain 50% of whatever salary is still owed Eriksson. So 500k salary retained but $3 million in cap relief
  7. As far as I’m aware, Rafferty was never pegged as an offensive d-man. He’s viewed more as a all-round 2-way sort of guy. Unfortunately, due to AHLtv’s stupid prices and the lack of meaningful statistics, we can only really go off things like his points per game for comparison to other players. Eye test and fancy stats aren’t really available I wonder how he is doing as a two-way guy. I did notice in the highlight package from the game last night that he blew the zone to try and create an odd man rush which resulted in a 2 on 0 the other way for one of the Tigers goals
  8. I like that a lot. I was thinking bracco and a pick (3rd round maybe?) but if Toronto is willing to part with Kapanen Canucks should be all over that. Maybe send motte back as well to even out the cap
  9. Toronto would for sure be interested
  10. 2nd in AHL defense scoring behind only pouliot
  11. Rafferty hype is real. Genuinely believe this guy will be our 3rd pairing rhd D next year. One of Stetcher or Tanev not returning
  12. good outing for the hogman today
  13. my bracket's 4 for 8 after round 1... need the isles and blues to win their series to have any hope of success

  14. I have some SERIOUS doubts about this report. Probably just pure speculation to generate clicks
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