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  1. True but I think they will put benn in. Honestly though might be worth while running 7 D and 11 F. Sit Virtanen or MacEwan or one of those guys only playing 5 mins a game
  2. honestly I think Stecher should be the point man on PP2 if Myers can’t go. Spread out the ice time and keep everyone fresh
  3. Honest question, how much is Marner worth? I see a lot of leafs fans demanding he be traded, but his contract is truly awful. There are far better RFA’s from last year who signed way more team friendly contracts (point, tkachuk, Boeser, Mcavoy, provorov, etc.) 10 million a season for a first line RW? Seems like a lot. TML will have to take cap back if they want to trade him. horvat and miller together are the same amount of cap hit as just Marner
  4. Both teams have been bad recently. That said, Blues are deeper. I think Petey will feast on the stars
  5. Really I think centre is one of our biggest strengths right now. A superstar in Petey, high end 60 point two-way guy the size of a barn in Bo, a PP specialist in Gaudette, and a PK guy in Beagle. I can understand wanting to swap out gaudette for some one more defensively minded but at the same time, there are far bigger holes in the Canucks line up right now. one thing to consider as well is, due to the fact he is ineligible to be offer sheeted and has no arbitration rights, the Canucks can probably get Gaudette in a 2 yr deal for under 2 million per season. You won’t find many 3rd line centres for that cheap in the NHL
  6. Louis Eriksson turned 31 17 days after signing with Vancouver. 3 yrs older than Toffoli is now
  7. Good deal for the flyers and lindbolm. Gotta imagine a Virtanen extension will come in at less than this one, which is good news for the Canucks
  8. I’d say Demko’s value is similar to what Freddie Anderson was when the leafs acquired him in 2016. A late first round pick (ended up being 30th overall since the pick was originally held by pitsburg who won the cup) and a 2nd in the next year. since Demko is a little bit less proven, maybe a 3rd And a (late) 1st would be his value. based on that value, and the fact the Detroit desperately needs a goaltender to add to their core, I think Demko is fair enough compensation for taking on half of Eriksson’s salary and one year of Cogliano
  9. I am pretty firmly of the opinion that there are very few, if any, scenarios where the Canucks are “Better off letting Markstrom walk”. 0 guarantees that Demko ever develops into the type of goalie Markstrom currently is. I think Lind has some value as a cost controlled top 9 player in a couple season’s, but I think there is more value in using him to shed cap today. Canucks need space next season and this might get it done. Doubt marky commands that much in a flat cap world, but even if he does then dropping Eriksson is the only way to get it done. Marky just earned mvp this past season. The Canucks are a far worse team without him I admit they are rare; the duchene one is the only one that immediately jumps to mind. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. All teams benefit
  10. Massive three way trade to rid us of Eriksson once and for all. to happen in this coming offseason. Assumes we re-sign Markstrom Canucks Send Louis Eriksson and Thatcher Demko (who will need to be exposed in Expansion draft if we keep him) to Detroit for Pickard (750k, 1 season left) Canucks also send Kole Lind (also expansion draft risk for Canucks) to Dallas for Blake Comeau (1 yr left at 2.4 million) and a 5th round pick. Detroit sends Louis Eriksson @ 50% salary retention (3 mill for two seasons) for Andrew Cogliano (3.25 million for 1 season) Outcome: Vancouver sheds Eriksson’s 6 million for the next two years, give up Demko and Lind. Gain Pickard and a 5th. Take on Comeau’s 2.4 million Detroit takes on 6.25 million in cap this year, 3 million next year, add cogliano and Demko. Lose Pickard DAL sheds 2.65 million in salary this year, adds 3 million next year, take on Eriksson, give up a 5th, gain Lind. I’m quite confident Louis would waive to go to Dallas. Comeau has no trade restrictions, Cogliano has a 6 team no trade list. If Cogliano refuses to to go to Detroit, then have Detroit retain 850k on him and send him to VAN in exchange for Comeau. Cap stays the same, just Cogliano and Comeau are on different teams than in the scenerio I suggested.
  11. Probably like, 10% tax in Russia though. And cheaper cost of living. 1 mill in Vancouver is probably 400k after escrow, fees, and taxes anyways. Couldn’t really care less to be honest. Tryamkin does not represent an upgrade to the defense.
  12. Meh. Rumour was he wanted over 2 mill anyways. Once Canucks signed Rathbone they probably felt there was no need to spend that much on a #6 D-man. good luck to him in Russia this season
  13. Don’t attach a first. Attach Demko. lots of teams who have cap space are looking for a goalie. Ottawa Detroit Buffalo Colorado LA Demko is going to be lost to the Expansion draft anyways. Might as well send him early and strap Eriksson to him on the way out