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[Signing] Hurricanes re-sign Haydn Fleury

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1 hour ago, rekker said:

Anyone have any insight into this player? I watched him a lot in junior and he looked to be and NHLer in the making. 

Despite his lack of offense at the NHL level (and even in the AHL), Canes fans remain hopeful that he can be a serviceable player in the future. Most fans have already realized/accepted that he will not pan out to be the 7th overall he was drafted to be, but they note that he wasn't terrible during his short time in the NHL. Canes have had a deep defense, so Fleury has not had any playing time hence in the AHL. They also say that this year is his year to shine - or else he's going to be traded for a change of scenery.


From what it sounds like, he is a good kid that has massively underperformed. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not like he isn't working hard to improve and he isn't a defensive liability that Pouliot is, so he has that going for him. Fleury actually has a 1 year, 1 way contract and is waiver eligible, whereas Pouliot's contract, if I'm not mistaken, is 1 year, 2-way. They're borderline NHL players either way.


Reading about him, you start to appreciate how patient their fans have been with Fleury. Canuck fans can learn a lot from that. Juolevi for example is still very young and hasn't played an NHL game yet due to unfortunate injuries. Yet people have crapped on him to no end.


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