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[Report] Canucks recall Antoine Roussel, Jalen Chatfield

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6 hours ago, Alflives said:

Hughes, being a phenom, can play both sides fantastic.  Just play Hughes 30 minutes a game until Eddy is back. 

Kind of like we do with Bo when other centers can't win a face off to save their lives?  Bo is strong enough to handle such a work load but I am less confident that Quinn could handle such a load like that.  Don;t get me wrong, I love Quinn but I would hate to put him under that kind of pressure to start his career with.  No need to push young guys into the league before they are ready.

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2 hours ago, VancouverHabitant said:

Graovac got injured today...  we really don't have to worry about roster space with the Canucks' injury luck. 

Cap space - players on IR still count against the cap as well as the players that get called up.  You only get relief if the player goes on LTIR - it's minimum 10 games or 24 days.


Graovac's cap hit still counts against the cap if he doesn't qualify for LTIR but they need someone to replace him.  They also have to take Roussel off LTIR and they've been using his LTIR cap hit to cover for injuries - that's not going to be available anymore unless someone else goes on LTIR.


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Loui is going on LTIR


He didn't recognize himself when he saw the videos of the last 2 games, and has been diagnosed with an acute case of senility. 

Sorry, Loui, cheap shot.  As a fellow Euro I have been in your camp since day 1, but couldn't resist the cheap upvote chance


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On 12/1/2019 at 5:13 PM, -AJ- said:

Pumped to see Rooster return. Not sure who comes out--it will become very very interesting if Loui has another fantastic game tonight.

Not to worry, Loui Shart the bed taking to bad calls that lead to 2 PP goals. Back to the press box for that lump of coal in my opnion

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Thank god for @mll...

The way they work the cap space is a flipping jungle... you need a PHD to figure it all out, or at least take some serious time out to get properly familiar with all the rules and how they applies...


Once again thank you @mll 


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