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  1. Nux 5 - CHI 2 Miller GWG Canucks outshoot Chicago
  2. I don't get the bad vibes around Lammikko. Seen a few posters decrying his acquisition and subsequent play, but the evidence is contrary. He comes exactly as advertised. Is just behind JT in PK icetime for a forward (Dickinson leads all forwards) and has not given up a PK goal. Has been on the ice for 2 even strength goals for and 1 against Has 4 blocked shots (tied for 1st with Highmore among forwards), 3 hits, 1 giveaway and 1 takeaway. A small sample size, to be sure, but illustrative of a responsibly defensive bottom 6 center. Faceoffs are his weakness, but we knew that - 35.7%, but well ahead of Petey's dismal 28.1% Dowling is our best, at an even 50% with Bo at 48.9%, and Miller a pathetic 39.5%. Gone are the glory days from 2 years ago when JT led the league at 59.2% with Beagle on his heels at 59.1%. Horvat was 57.3% and Sutter was our weak link at 48.9% Lammikko is doing exactly what we expected from him.
  3. Interesting fun fact: Only 4 games in, but Hoagie is the only Canuck to yet be on the ice for a goal against (also, that "meaningless" statistic, our only plus player at +2)
  4. Why??? Is Green the one missing the pass, or going out of position on a coverage? Can he flip a switch to ramp up the intensity and the effort level? This is on the players. Half the team looked slow. Petey looked disinterested. BB was rusty. Some players were trying - Pearson, Dowling and Poolman stood out. Podz had his moments. Demko was iffy, as were OEL and Bo. The penalty killers did their job, but the defence were badly exposed. We just weren't good enough I ask again ..... why is this "on the coach"?
  5. Great debut for Schilling. - 3 assists!!! (ofc being an Abbotsford signing, and not a Canucks' prospect, he doesn't have his own thread)
  6. Broke out of his mini slump with an assist last game. Not in the KHL's top 50 in scoring, but 3 ex- Canucks are ... Spooner, Leipsic and Graovac (3 Canadians are in the top 4 ... Audette, Maillet and Knight) Oh, and Curtis Valk, a Utica signing for 3 seasons, sits 14th in KHL scoring with 18 points after 28 games
  7. Yeah - it was amazing how often the PKers left him alone in his favorite position. ... same as with Ovi. They needed to switch from a box to a diamond, to have a man always covering him. But they didn't and paid the price. Staple a player to Klim's shoulder and defend the rest of the Penalty as a 3 on 4 and taken your chances - with his shot the percentages are better being a man short against 4 lesser skilled players
  8. He's committed to Harvard for 3 years to get his degree (per his interview on 650 post-draft)
  9. But Di Guiseppe comes thru with the lone shootout goal!!!!!
  10. Doesn't work that way now - rule changed for the 19/20 season. A team doesn't lose the timeout, but is assessed a penalty if the challenge fails https://calgarysun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/calgary-flames/new-nhl-rules-forcing-coaches-to-think-twice-before-challenging-plays
  11. And the.baby Nux down 1 - 0 at the end of the 1st. Some old familiar names playing for the Oilers farm team. .... Cracknell and Schaller!! No away commentary, so having to listen to the Condors home announcer - grating every time he says "Di Pee-eightra" No Canuck has really stood out so far except Mikey - getting badly outshot
  12. Especially when your every obscenity can be heard in 100,000 homes across the province !!!
  13. Yeah - I love how Miller retrieved the puck from the net for Chaisson's first ever NHL goal. Chiasson has scored a bunch, but that was Chaisson's first!!
  14. Same here. - and I predicted Nux with 6 goals. Time for me to sing the Siamese national anthem I think ..... "Oh wha ta na Siam"
  15. They are showing none of the speed they exhibited against Edmonton, and secondly, they just can't seem to be able to complete a pass. Also, Demko has to stop trying to be Turco, and let his D get the puck. Almost cost us against Oilers, and again today. Not knocking Demko, though, as Hirsch says, he's the reason it's not 5 - 0
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