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My hobbies make me feel better. I found cool singing vector images on depositphotos recently. I use stock photos for my projects and blog. That's convy. It is a stock content marketplace with over millions royalty-free image, video, and music files. In fields like architecture, engineering, and design, vector graphics are used to create precise diagrams, floor plans, schematics, and technical illustrations. Stock photos can spark creative ideas and help to visualize concepts for your projects.




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'World's Loneliest Lion' Moves to Sanctuary After 5 Years in a Concrete Cell at a Closed Zoo

A lion left by himself at an abandoned zoo in Armenia for five years has finally found freedom at a sanctuary in South Africa.


According to the animal rescue organization Animal Defenders International (ADI), 15-year-old Ruben was the only remaining animal at a private zoo in Armenia that closed five years ago. New homes were found for the shuttered zoo's other animals, but none of these locations had room for Ruben.


As a result, Ruben spent five years in a concrete cell, where his mobility deteriorated due to malnutrition and no exercise.

"Lions are the most sociable of the big cats, living in family prides in the wild," ADI President Jan Creamer said in a statement. "So it must have been devastating for Ruben to have no contact or communication with other lions."


Fortunately, "the world's loneliest lion" got help through ADI and Qatar Airways Cargo, which arranged Ruben's 5,200-mile trip from Armenia to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in Free State, South Africa.


After a successful flight to the sanctuary in August, Ruben is acclimating to his new home in his natural environment and rehabilitating from his lonely years at the zoo. The 455-acre sanctuary houses 32 rescued lions and tigers, per ADI. 


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I made new tattoo today, I already have a few tattoos, but my favorite one is this colorful phoenix on my back. I love tattoing, it's about identity. Tattoos are a very literal way for people to identify themselves. It is about individuality. I read info about best tools and technics for tattoing at https://ctmtattoo.com/tattoo-machines/best/wireless. Hope one day I'll become a tattoo master too. 

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