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Pregnant teacher fired by college.


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18 hours ago, -SN- said:

35k doesn't even seem like enough here. 



However, on the lost earnings side, she possibly only worked part time. She may have made considerably less than $35K per year.
And on the pain-and-suffering side, this usually is directly related to the assets of the accused. I doubt “Alberta Pipe Trade College” is rolling in endowments. They might be in financial trouble - I doubt too many were choosing a career in oil & gas when oil was trading for LESS than zero. So there are logical reasons why it might be that low.

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15 hours ago, Alflives said:

I think dad’s in some unions can take baby leave too, no?

I took the paternity leave with my firstborn. Partially because in my union, they pay you almost the whole difference between EI and your regular salary while on maternity/paternity. But mom still stayed home most of the year too - just unpaid. It was a really nice time, both at home with our little girl.

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On 10/16/2021 at 11:11 PM, Russ said:

Dad's have the legal right to take paternity leave.  Mother gets the first 15 weeks (I think) then the rest of the 1 year/18 months time can be split.  I took 8 months off work with my son. 


Has nothing to do with unions, its a family thing now thats mandated by government that the last 8-9 months can go to whichever parent.  They did recently put in a 3 week fathers time to help with the kids, I could have taken that with my second too but I had just come back from a broken leg and needed to start making more money again so I didn't even use that to my advantage. 

Would have loved that over here. While we have shared parental leave, unlike for women there isn’t any statuary paternity pay,  nor do most companies have their own paternity policy so it’s an option that just isn’t taken up much. 

I booked 2 weeks off work when my son was born. From the whole COVID situation the best thing that happened was that I got to spend time of furlough with my son, and actually be a father to him rather than just seeing him just before bed (or sometimes not) and at the weekends.



but back into the topic, glad the women won the case but 35k for this seems very low, and if you add higher circumstances it should be a lot higher. I also don’t care if the women was a pain to work with or even if the allegation she made was baseless (like I’m sure would be levelled against her) the fact is she was actively discriminated against 

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