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[discussion] Canucks first line

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On 11/1/2021 at 1:14 PM, Angry Goose said:

I think this is a serious ?


The Canucks we’re so good during the Sedins prime because that first line could absolutely drive play and produce.


Do BB, EP, JM have what it takes to be a true first line moving forward? 

I would argue BB is a natural scorer a lot like Toffoli, and maybe not quite as good off puck like TT is. I just don’t know if the Canucks can extract the kind of value they will need out of BB given his cap hit now and later.


EP is such an enigma. I would be more certain about him if he showed that 2 way play that made me really believe in him in the first place. I think that 2 way play and face off strength are absolutely vital for a 1st line C. He’s a competitor, driven and has the natural ability, so I think he can get there.  


Miller is a play driver and in his prime, although off to a slow start.  That could easily be a product of line chemistry though.  Part of me would be OK having Miller extended, but if it’s going to be with EP/BB I’m not so sure.  Imagine him with Eichel as his C or another similar play driver/big body-they would dominate. So although I’m sold on Miller, I don’t know how he fits composition wise.  He needs to have other play drivers as linemates to be effective.  

IMO, I would move BB to try and fine a winger that can better compliment EP/JM. 



I believe that if Petey and Brock were at 10-12 points themselves, no one would be discussing either in any way other than in a praising manor.

I think it is way too early to be panicking about The Lotto Line as a top line.

In fact, I am very encouraged about the turn around in team defence.

Yes, production is down but, the fact that their goals against average is at 2.6, down from 3.10, is a big turn around.

Even Quinn Hughes, who I thought, was never going to be a good defender, has vastly improved in the defensive zone.

Petey, Hughes, Miller, Garland, Myers, Horvat, Hogz, Pearson, Boeser, Schenn, Dowling, OEL, Highmore, Dickinson, Podz, Hamonic, Poolman, and Bailey are, all, on the positive side of the defensive categories. The most important thing about this stat is that all of our core players are playing defense.

I see this as the team beginning to buy into TG's system.

I believe it's only a matter of time before Petey and Boeser get back to their old scoring ways.

The bottom line is, if by Christmas EP40 and Boeser are still mired in their slumps, then it may be time to worry but for now,  don't sweat it. 

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Honestly wondering what this team would look like if Dubois and Laine replaced Petey and Boeser.













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I have to say that the Canucks have one of the more varied top-6 units in the league with no real 1st line. We've got Miller, Pettersson, Boeser, Garland and Horvat who are all scoring at around a 60-90 point pace. They're all easily 20 goal scorers if we manage them properly, arguably a lot of 30+ goal scorers in that group. 


The big question for me is how well they play defensively and physically really. We know Petey can play hard defensively, but can also be caught out at times. In his 1st season as a Canuck, Miller was brilliant on faceoffs and defensively, but that really slipped last year (he almost seemed a bit too cocky offensively and lazy defensively). We haven't seen too much from Boeser but I remember in the playoffs he really threw his body around well. We haven't seen enough of Garland yet, and we know Horvat's defensive game is pretty sound. Pearson in the top-6 rounds them out nicely to add some defensive stability, but you need the top trio (especially if it's Miller, Petey and Boeser) to be able to defend against the top line they're out against (for example, McDavid or Draisaitl). 

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