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  1. Did they know "what was happening," or did they eventually find out (circa 2010 playoffs or end of 2010 season) as to what had happened? If the players knew what was happening (which I don't suspect was the case), then they should be met with severe consequences. If the players knew what had happened, then I do believe them when they say that they thought the situation had been taken care of (i.e. Aldrige being forced to resign). Boynton and Sopel claim that the Hawks knew what had happened, but do they argue that the Hawks players knew the full extent? For me - I still think the players are innocent for the most part. It's ownership and maybe even Quennville that deserve to be in deep $&!# here.
  2. Do we know which players were chirping Beach, or if Beach was in fact being chirped? I've been reading things from Sopel and Boynton, and while they say that the players knew what had happened (as opposed to what was happening.....big difference), I don't see a quote anywhere that says that Beach was being chirped. Perhaps I overlooked it, but if any of you guys see quotes of this, please link me.
  3. It's just my gut feeling that but I'm inclined to believe that the Blackhawk players would have kicked the living $&!# out of Aldrich had they known what he had done to Kyle Beach. Especially a guy like Byfuglien. These Hawk players are even admitting they heard whispers of inappropriate conduct, but had no idea to the extent of what was actually going on. Hence, they thought the situation was dealt with when Aldrich was forced to resign. It's the Owners and Executives that are at major fault here. https://info.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/former-nhler-brent-sopel-reveals-more-damning-evidence-against-blackhawks "The team allegedly dismissed Aldrich in the 2010 offseason, granting him a job reference which he used to get a similar coaching role in the NCAAA. Alrdrich would be arrested and convicted of sexually assaulting a member of that team in 2013.
  4. I do feel terrible for Beach and what he went through. I will say another controversial thing and I hope that people can respect me for my honesty here. As much as I dislike guys like Kane, Toews, and Keith due to their hockey rivalry with the Canucks, I'm of the belief that they didn't know the full extent of what was going on. I just don't. Color me stupid but Pat Kane actually came across as genuine in his interview to me. Even Duncan Keith. Toews came across as cold but that's more of his personality I think. (Unless Beach came out and said that he was being bullied by the players and that everyone knew what was going on, in which case, negate the above). For me, Chicago ownership and executives are the ones to blame. I feel like they cared more about revenue and negative publicity rather than Kyle Beach and so they tried to keep things under wraps.
  5. Why? Unlike you and your buddies at HF, I do not pretend to be smarter than NHL GM's and Executives. I'm here to learn and admitted that my original post was ignorant and that people react to situations differently.
  6. No argument from me here and I sincerely apologize if my post offended anyone here.
  7. My biggest thing is that we need Atleast one line that can tilt the ice against anyone out there just like our best years with SSB, WCE, 95-96 Mogilny, and Bure on any line during the 90’s when he played for us. Pettersson and Boeser are just too weak and soft in my opinion in order to do that collectively. As a result, Miller gets overexerted (a guy who is supposed to be a complementary player). Split Petey and Boeser and pair off one of them with Horvat and Miller.
  8. I hope guys like Toews, P. Kane, and Keith are given the Steve Moore treatment at some point on the ice this year.......and I'll leave it at that.
  9. Fair enough. I'm interested to know as to how many more victims of Aldrich will step up. There had to be have been other victims. If not, then why just Kyle Beach?
  10. Here's one thing that doesn't add up for me: https://mdocweb.state.mi.us/OTIS2/otis2profile.aspx?mdocNumber=898720: Brad Aldrich is 5'5 and 145 lbs. Kyle Beach on the other hand, is 6'3 200 lbs. Maybe about 20-25 lbs lighter back in 2010. That, combined with the fact that Beach was a professionally trained athlete, makes me skeptical of the fact that a 5'5' 145 lbs non athlete would have the ability to coerce and man handle a 6'3 175-180 lbs professionally trained athlete. Something isn't adding up here. Either 1) Kyle Beach willingly did these things with Brad Aldrich (which I do not suspect was the case) OR 2) Kyle Beach was coerced into doing these things by other members of the Blackhawks organization (i.e. as part of a hazing, etc.). There's no way that Aldrich would have been capable of doing these things to Beach if it involved just the two of them.
  11. Don’t trade Pettersson but try the following line combinations. More importantly, get Pettersson and Boeser away from one another. Pettersson-Horvat-Garland Hoglander-Miller-Boeser Pearson-Dickinson-Bailey Highmore-Lammiko-Chiasson OEL-Myers Hughes-Poolman Rathbone-Burroughs Demko Halak -Put Pettersson with our two best forwards right now. -Reunite the Hoglander-Miller-Boeser line. If you recall, the Canucks went 8-3-2 with this as the top line post Pettersson injury (and pre Canuck Covid outbreak). -I’m now in favor of switching Bailey and Podkolzin. Let Podkolzin sizzle in the AHL while letting Bailey earns his stripes up here.
  12. Sorry I should clarify: My point wasn’t to criticize Miller. I completely agree with you about Miller. All I’m saying is that a player of JT Miller’s calibre shouldn’t be depended on to *carry* a 1st line. He should be a complementary 1st line piece and nothing more than that. Petey and Brock are the ones who should be carrying that line just as the twins, Naslund, and Bertuzzi did during their hey days.
  13. Good points but they’d better figure it out fast. Petey and Brock need to go from being 3rd line calibre players to 1st line calibre players again otherwise we’re in trouble. Miller, Horvat, and Garland, god bless them, are excellent 2nd line players on elite teams. They should not be your best forwards. Miller should be playing the role of Burrows and Morrison on that top line just like those guys did for SSB and WCE......not playing “mommy” for Petey and Brock. Bure, 95-96 Mogilny, WCE, and SSB struck fear into the opponents during their hey day’s. Right now? Petey and Brock wouldn’t even scare a 3rd line. Too predictable and too weak.
  14. We can laugh all we want at the Leafs but if the Canucks miss the playoffs again this year, we will have our own turmoil to deal with. Pettersson and Brock need to find their games fast or we are done.
  15. Our lack of a top RD isn’t our biggest problem right now in my opinion. Even if we had Carlo and McAvoy back there with our current defense, we would still be hard pressed to win games since Petey and Brock aren’t playing like top line players right now. I love what Miller, Horvat, and Garland are doing for us right now but they can only do so much. All of those players are strong 2nd line players on elite teams. Miller should be a complementary player on a top line, similar to what Burrows and Morrison were to the SSB and WCE respectively. Instead? Miller has become the babysitter for both Petey and Brock and that is unacceptable. SSB, WCE, 95-96 Mogilny’s line, and early to mid Bure’s line, all scared the crap out of opponents. Petey and Brock don’t even scare 4th line or AHL level players right now.
  16. Petey and Brock really need to get their $&!# together. Yes - both guys missed chunks of training camp but at the end of the day, it’s a results oriented business. Petey, Boeser, and Travis Green are in my dog house.
  17. Miller isn’t having his best game but I give him a free pass for two reasons: 1) 7 points in 7 games so far. 2) Miller is maximizing his potential. Miller is the type of guy that needs to be a complementary player to a top line. ‘Complementary’ being the key word here. Miller is not Conor McDavid or Kucherov. There’s only so much Miller can do. Of course Miller is going to make errors and be up and down. The other two clowns that you mentioned? I couldn’t agree more. Package them both for a true first line player if they can’t step up.
  18. We don’t have any 1st line calibre players. Miller, Horvat, and Garland are terrific players, but they are very good 2nd line calibre players on good teams. Pettersson and Boeser are supposed to be top line players but they aren’t playing like that right now. As a result, we don’t have a single line out there that “tilts the ice.” Early 90’s: Bure and whomever titled the ice. Mid 90’s: Ronning and Mogilny’s line in 95-96 titled the ice: Early 00’s: WCE titled the ice Late 00’s-13: Sedins and Burrows titled the ice. Current? No one tilts the ice or scares opponents. Miller, Horvat, and Garland are excellent players but these guys wouldn’t be your best forwards on an elite team. Miller-[MIA]-[MIA] Pearson-Horvat-Garland Hoglander-Dickinson-Podkolzin Motte-Lammiko-Bailey Miller is the type of guy that needs to be *complementing* the first line......not carrying it. If Miller is carrying your first line, then I’m sorry. 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. Petey and Boeser need to step up or trade them for a true top 10 player in the league.
  19. Our 2nd PP might be a little disorganized right now but they have the right concept in mind: -Don’t ever think things. -Be unpredictable -Get the puck on net. Our 1st Power play is crap and it’s predictable. The entire PP is set up so that Hughes can pass it to Petey for the one timer. Once the opposition take away that passing lane, Hughes makes an awkward pass to Miller or Chiasson which usually ends up in a turnover. Put OEL and Garland on the top PP. Change it up. PP1 Garland-Horvat-Pettersson OEL-Hughes PP2: Boeser-Miller-Hoglander Myers-Rathbone
  20. Our 1st line doesn’t scare anyone and that’s on Petey and Brock right now. On past Canucks teams, Bure, 95-96 Mogilny, WCE, and Sedins/burrows all scared the crap out of opponents. Petey and Brock aren’t scaring anyone right now.
  21. I noticed that I got a couple of ‘garbage’ and ‘wut’ responses to my post but how am I wrong here? Or are you guys happy with Petey and Brock so far?
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