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B.C. to decriminalize small amounts of ‘hard’ drugs – a North American first


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Judging from the overwhelmingly positive reaction in this thread (and especially given that hockey fans do tend to skew a tad conservative), it’s pretty clear this is a long overdue first step.

The “drug war” has long been out of step with the majority values of our society (even regardless of most political party affiliations). Most people today see substance abuse as a health issue. And not all drug use is substance abuse.


Next steps will hopefully be toward “safe supply” (especially given the issues around fentanyl, carfentanil, etc) and providing more resources and better access to treatment, for those who need some help with their addictions.

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2 hours ago, RUPERTKBD said:

It seems like every time one of these decriminalization, or legalization threads come up, there are one or two posters predicting dire consequences and claiming that the data backs their opinion....even though they certainly do not...






The CBC article stresses that legalization is only part of the solution. Treating the problem as a health issue, rather than a criminal one, is key....

Oh yeah, well ma preacher sez yew are awl goin to hell, abstenunce is thuh only way. Ah prooved it! :angry:

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