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for those of us who don't fit in anywhere else. laid back; game day discussions, post game, any discussion, whatever. escape from the drama of everywhere else :3

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  2. Anyone else just kick back after a bong rip & have view of recklessness of people? Like sometimes you can't help it and sometimes you gotta watch the drama. Man.. what's most ridiculous thing you've seen a neighbor do?
  3. so im buying someone a gift, and they like jameson whiskey. i recently saw the jameson caskmates and never seen that before. would you recommend, or just stick to the original?
  4. GET PUMPED !!!!!!!

    how i felt coming out of that last game T__T
  5. Our Special Teams Blow

    i think the problem is rn is green is coming in to fix a team with an identity crisis. there's no clear guy who excels at a PK role. we don't have a hansen or a burrows anymore, so we kinda have to force guys into a defensive role, which is what this team was (supposed to be) last year, but was total ass all around bo is probably the only guy who's the team's most all around player. you can use him on all areas of special teams and just hope his line mates are just "good enough" to follow
  6. The PK not so much overall, but 7 goals against in the last 4 games is pretty wack. The PP though, it's freaking horrible. We'd probably have a couple more wins on the year if it wasn't such a dud. The Bs line has been alright, but the second unit is has been pretty much invisible. It'll never happen, but I wouldn't mind seeing the Twins split up for it. Put Danny on the point with the Bs and keep Hank on the second unit.
  7. How I feel going into tonight's game > )
  8. Game Time: Nucks/Wings

    I'm not too worried, he seems to have the chill prairie wave thing going and he knows he's got something good with that shot.
  9. Game Time: Nucks/Wings

    I think with Baer, he's on that line to get some confidence in his game. The rest of the players on the team are filling in their roles pretty well but baer's kinda that wild card if he gets some offense going, green might move him around because honesty he'd be a solid bottom 6 guy Only thing that kinda worries me about brock is that pressure to perform here. He's been great so far but there's gonna be a lot of expectations from this guy
  10. Game Time: Nucks/Wings

    I like the chemistry that Bo and Brock are developing... thats looking like a legit threat to be a top line. and they actually were against Crosby. Baer is decent but imagine that line with a LW version of Brock... that could be Dahlen.
  11. Game Time: Nucks/Wings

    Will The Beast BROCK Boeser continue his domination? I loved that one sign from the last game where it was like brock put my butt in this seat xD It's been a while since I've been looking forward to watching canucks hockey. This kid is like singlehandedly saving the team and I feel coach greens done a pretty good job at managing the bench in these first few games. Seems like the team's bought in to the system
  12. HNIC - Nucks/Pens

    It's so nice to be excited watching games again.
  13. HNIC - Nucks/Pens

    it would be a waste to have brock parked in front of the net. that shot has to be used
  14. HNIC - Nucks/Pens

    If they move Boeser away from the front of the net, it could work.
  15. HNIC - Nucks/Pens

    Brock the Glock versus Phil the Thrill? Snipe City, bois.
  16. HNIC - Nucks/Pens

    now i kinda want to see brock get into a fight and belly to belly suplex a ho LOL
  17. HNIC - Nucks/Pens

    Welcome to suplex city
  18. HNIC - Nucks/Pens

    the beast incarnate with the twins on the PP. that should be interesting, or a death sentence? this game's so up in the air. we'll either do well. hold our own, or get slaughtered :x change the channel and escape here without the "GOAL" spam D: