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    • Sigh....I'm fine with the Lumme votes and have him up soon so glad he's getting his due.  But get what your saying - you'd be happy to know Lidster ranked 12 right after Snepsts and for Lumme fans he went 13, Boudrias 15, Lever 21 and Kearns 22.   So some would already be in and the ones that are not would be up very soon (THN's book).   I'm a huge Ronning fan so also have him coming up soon in my votes....it's just the age of the crew we are working with which is absolutely ok - it's still fun and also interesting to see some difference in the polls.   Early on I was adding my votes to the guys that were higher on my own list and close just to help get them in over guys I don't think had any business getting in that early - even though some were on there that i'd rather vote for.  Looks like a lot of diversity now that the clearer cut guys are long gone.  Boudrias and Lever have been in longer then some so a bit surprised not to see more votes - looks like the WCE - Sedin guys are getting in now/soon and that is going to make it even harder possibly.  Athough Jovo and Mogilny should get in soon too.
    • It was a toss-up between Lumme and Salo for me, the both played nearly a decade for the Canucks. Lumme was great offensively, but Salo was fantastic defensively. I got to watch Salo a lot more and always thought he was so underrated.   Nominating Cliff Ronning 
    • Lidster was on some of the worst teams we've had unfortunately..like other defenseman - and a minus 35 is pretty grim over a full season...However Edler was a minus 39 in only 63 games in 2013-2014....and a minus magnet pretty much the entire rebuild (too be expected) in a lower scoring era.   Wonder how the "points adjusted" crowd would feel about toning down Lidster getting victimizing by the Oilers and Flames a bunch of times and ADDing to Edler's victimization to make it more equal....it would also make his record lower and easier for Hughes to break ha ha..
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