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  1. More waiting. Aren't you tired of that? And, yes, Kane and Toffoli. It was possible. I think you're a bit off if you're calling two top line wingers still on the right side of 30 "aging vets". Don't you expect more from this franchise though, than the annual hype of younger players who don't pan out, even when the bar and expectations are set low? I'd love to see some of the younger players we've seen get their first NHL action the last 2 seasons develop, but, just not in the top 6 like too many CDC'rs are projecting. Sorry, but, 2020 was a fluke. This is not a playoff team next year without a
  2. I think there’s a difference between actually “following” a player since draft day versus merely being familiar with their name. Particularly if said player is only 19 and hasn’t even been playing in North America. Unless you’re with the scouting department, I think it’s far more likely to have “followed” Juolevi since draft day than Podkolzin. At least with Juolevi there’s a sample size from the AHL and NHL to critique. You - nor any other CDC’r - cannot convince me today that you’ve already seen enough of a 19-years-old kid from the KHL to have determined he’s NHL-ready - particularly on the
  3. Again, the absence of Pettersson as a linemate greatly affects and increases his responsibilities. Particularly if Green doesn't seem to trust/have anyone else to fill the void on that line. Not sure who you think could/would be better. This team does not currently have anyone other than Horvat and the Lotto line who are proven and legitimate NHL calibre top-6 forwards. Not for a team that has playoff aspirations for next season, it doesn't. Sorry. And, speaking of playing as a winger, I'd love to see the team convert Pettersson back to that, as I don't think he's the playmaker Miller is, just
  4. CDC'rs getting unnecessarily hyped behind a young new addition they really don't know that much of anything about. Kinda like with Vey and Tryamkin, remember? I even read at one of the Sportsnet Canuck forums a couple weeks ago someone actually said with a straight face the Canucks top-6 is "pretty well set." "Pretty well set" for what, exactly? We don't know anything about this kid, but, CDC'rs already have him slated for the top-6? I'm guessing those are also the same CDC'rs who want to dump Miller, and think Pettersson should be centering the top line rather than the captain. 53's capable o
  5. How can anyone not get that Calgary did what the Canucks thankfully didn't: sign both Markstrom & Tanev to what could easily end up as albatross contracts?
  6. Where does he do a poor job of "holding himself accountable", though? I'd love to know what you mean by that. And, if he was guilty this season of "trying to play as if though he is Mario Lemieux", maybe you failed to notice he was likely asked and expected to do more in the absence of Pettersson?
  7. I thought Alex Auld did a good job in the booth before they hired Hirsch. Corey's definitely in love with the sound of his own voice and jokes. I sometimes get the sense that Batchelor just tunes him out. Particularly, when Hirsch is busy chuckling at his own jokes.
  8. Sorry I'm just now seeing your reply. I don't think losing is healthy for a team, either. This franchise typically is full of boring and nice guys with no fire. I think that's why guys like Kesler and Miller stand out. This market tends to gravitate more towards guys who are scrubbed clean enough to bring home to meet the grandparents. But, I'll never be convinced those are always the best players to have if your favourite team is even remotely interested in winning a championship.
  9. He's definitely a high-risk/high reward-type player. But, I don't think there's anyone else on the squad that brings it like he does, and, I get sick of hearing Corey Hirsch dog him every week because he shows emotion after making a mistake. Contrast that with what happened tonight after Demko gave up that 3rd or 4th goal ( I forget which), and clearly "showed emotion" in frustration towards his teammates, and gets a pass. But, Miller does it out of frustration at himself and people want to run him out of town. I think he's on the verge of being the Canucks best 2nd line C since Kesler if he d
  10. Okay, so, you're saying EP is your #1 Centre over Horvat next year? Or, maybe Miller? 'Cause, if you break up that line, that likely means Horvat is no longer centering your top line. Remember, EP played, what, less than 30 games this year? That's hardly a generous sample size. There's nothing wrong with a healthy second line of 40/9/6. And, yes, I'd play 40 & 9 interchangeable at C & LW. The larger offensive issue that will prevent this club from appearing in the playoffs going forward is not having legitimate top-6 quality line mates for 53.
  11. Interesting take. That's actually how I feel about Motte. He's obviously not a top-6'er, and, I'd like to see some of the kids compete against him for LW3. After Pearson's traded, preferably. I think Motte's ultimately too small for the 4th line, too, but, did take strides this season. I'll give him that much. But, I'm not convinced he's a long-term keeper, though. I think of him just as many fans thought of Gaudette: took some strides last year, but, regressed this year. I wouldn't be surprised to see the same from Motte going forward. And, just like with Kassian, I believe the Canucks will h
  12. I'm just looking for the bit where he actually said what YOU reported he said and is planning on doing. But, I don't see it anywhere, bud. You're speculating. Perhaps, voicing an opinion, even. But, opinions aren't proven facts.
  13. Or, you can just, you know, read what he actually said verbatim and take it at face value rather than putting your own spin on it.
  14. I think TNT will be guilty of that more than ESPN will.
  15. Oh wow! I hadn't even thought of that! You KNOW that's coming. They'll try to milk that for all it's worth.
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