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  1. Agree on Stecher. I like him on the 3rd pairing, killing penalties and used against 2nd-4th lines. I consider Tanev #1 and Myers #2. Stecher may be too rich for the 3rd pairing depending on his next contract so it could make sense to look to trade him this year. I have no complains if we re-sign Tanev. A 3rd pairing RD should not be expensive nor hard to find, so we can wait on Woo to be a strong 3rd pairing NHLer on his ELC hopefully.
  2. I really think Granlund is being utilized wrongly by Desjardins. I'm not saying Desjardins sucks, or doesn't know how to use his players. Maybe it was a communication problem from management to Desjardins about the type of player Granlund is. It could be management's fault, maybe they didn't scout him enough and aren't 100% sure of what Granlund's game is all about. I really don't know anything about this since I don't get information about the Canucks from the management/coaching staff. I do know that Granlund is a superbly smart playmaker that makes the right decisions with the puck and uses his hockey sense more than anything else to be an effective hockey player. He isn't primarily a checker or a shooter. He's not the playmaker to make a sweet saucer pass full speed to a streaking winger. Instead, he's a head-up, play reading passer that sees plays open up. Desjardins gave Henrik Sedin and then Sutter (when Sutter got hurt, McCann) the nice offensive zone starts, and then Granlund and Horvat the defensive zone starts. So top 2 Cs had offensive opportunities, bottom 2 Cs had defensive chores. I guess he had no other choice, either McCann or Granlund, or have Henrik Sedin take defensive zone starts with Horvat, but then we'd have no scoring. So yeah, I guess he had no choice. This year, I hope Desjardins relies on Horvat and Sutter to take defensive zone draws and lets Granlund and Henrik work offensively. Not only to win games, but what do we have in Granlund? His bread and butter is offence and playmaking, well let's see what he's to be a NHLer.
  3. Gaudette's skating needs to improve to be Kesler. He does have similarities, Gaudette has to add some weight too.
  4. Weber and Josi will be all over the Toews, Hossa line. Rinne is a top-notch goalie, but the offence will have to come through in the playoffs for Nashville. Let's see if Forsberg can keep it up in the playoffs. I'm going with Chicago in 6 though.
  5. He should go for his overage year. North Bay will have their top guys gone and Liberati will have a big role on the team so it'll be interesting how he does. He skates well and moves the puck well so I think potential is there for a depth D.
  6. He's really good with the puck on his stick. He's an overager so he has an advantage on everyone else, makes it hard to evaluate how good he can become. Big, poise with the puck, and skates well. Benning really likes big players who skate well, Pedan, Sbisa, Virtanen. It seems to me he likes the fundamentals of the game.
  7. Jets are a great team to watch. Hard to not cheer for them.

    1. BanTSN


      As opposed to LA, i'd cheer any other team in the NHL, so yes, sure.

    2. Horvat


      i think both cal and la are going to make the playoffs and win will be out

    3. Grape


      pretty easy to cheer for any team playing the hawks

  8. I'm becoming a huge fan of the Jets. Big, tough, fans are always cheering and the team plays hard every night.

    1. RockNroLLa.


      go to their forum

    2. DollarAndADream


      I got a buddy living with me whose a huge Jets guy. They definitely have a solid team.

  9. Loving Kesler right now

  10. I watched him with the Oil Kings during the Memorial Cup and quite a bit of games during his career watching junior hockey/prospects in my spare time. He's a pretty solid player, he isn't an offensive defenceman but he's a pretty good skater, good first pass and makes the right decisions with the puck. He keeps a good positioning defensively when the teams are coming off the rush, doesn't give the player much space to get around him. He reminds me a bit of Sbisa but I haven't seen him make some dumb decisions like Sbisa has done this season. Smooth skater with great agility but good overall speed and acceleration, moves the puck well with crisp passes, hits well and uses his good skating ability to his advantage defensively with gap control. He doesn't really excel in anything but he's kind of like a good at everything, not great in anything. Some teams have those players but you can develop this guy to maybe like a Jake Muzzin where he's pretty good offensively even though he's not a PPQB but defensively he's pretty reliable and physical but isn't a guy like Regehr.
  11. We get SJ on Thursday after the face Calgary on Wednesday, just like Winnipeg. Calgary doing some good work for us.

  12. Strome has put up 11 points in 5 games at the U17s, 143 points in 60 games in the GTMMHL and he was 4th in scoring (1 point behind leader) at the Ivan Hlinka for Canada. He produced over PPG even when McDavid was out. Marner is leading the OHL in scoring, no one is inflating his scoring and Barzal has only played 2 games since coming back. I agree that I would like them to draft a defenceman though.
  13. Plum

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    He's playing in the Finnish League.
  14. Plum

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Evan McEneny? He was a FA signing in 2012.