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  1. All these players have to improve regardless how impressive they look in junior/tournaments/pre-season. They have to continue to project upwards every year of their development until they reach their ultimate potential. Brisebois has a flaw, Stukel has a flaw, hell even a guy like Mitch Marner has a flaw. Marner has to get more speed in his skating and gain weight. Brisebois has to play quicker and with more purpose. Less time given to the opponents. Chychurn has a similar flaw IMO, they stand around too much and watch the play instead of looking around and taking action whether it is taking a check or moving to a better position defensively, or play more physical when the opponent has the puck. There were a few QMJHL defencmen around Brisebois' position, Carrier, Meloche, Lauzon, and Roy. Carrier has/had to improve his skating and strength, was too sluggish. Meloche had to improve his defensive awareness and consistency, Lauzon had to improve his decision-making and agility, J.Roy had to improve his speed and acceleration. Brisebois has to improve his flaw, he has time to improve it with 1 more junior season left and possibly an overage season if needed before he reaches pro.
  2. I really think Granlund is being utilized wrongly by Desjardins. I'm not saying Desjardins sucks, or doesn't know how to use his players. Maybe it was a communication problem from management to Desjardins about the type of player Granlund is. It could be management's fault, maybe they didn't scout him enough and aren't 100% sure of what Granlund's game is all about. I really don't know anything about this since I don't get information about the Canucks from the management/coaching staff. I do know that Granlund is a superbly smart playmaker that makes the right decisions with the puck and uses his hockey sense more than anything else to be an effective hockey player. He isn't primarily a checker or a shooter. He's not the playmaker to make a sweet saucer pass full speed to a streaking winger. Instead, he's a head-up, play reading passer that sees plays open up. Desjardins gave Henrik Sedin and then Sutter (when Sutter got hurt, McCann) the nice offensive zone starts, and then Granlund and Horvat the defensive zone starts. So top 2 Cs had offensive opportunities, bottom 2 Cs had defensive chores. I guess he had no other choice, either McCann or Granlund, or have Henrik Sedin take defensive zone starts with Horvat, but then we'd have no scoring. So yeah, I guess he had no choice. This year, I hope Desjardins relies on Horvat and Sutter to take defensive zone draws and lets Granlund and Henrik work offensively. Not only to win games, but what do we have in Granlund? His bread and butter is offence and playmaking, well let's see what he's to be a NHLer.
  3. I could see us trading Edler eventually, but please god not now. Hutton is playing well, but it's not a good idea to have him play beside Tanev in a first pairing role. Hutton might be ready for it, but there is no back-up if he goes down. It's a big might too, he was a rookie last season, I don't see him jumping into a regular 24+ minutes a night this season. Trade Edler when Juolevi is NHL ready IMO. If we want a big body middle six winger. We can't trade any top 4 defencemen. Tryamkin, Larsen, Sbisa don't have enough value individually, we'd have to add significant picks/prospects to get a player of quality. Benning has talked about that "age group" that he wants to fill. If he wants to add another player in that "age group", look at a guy like Joel Armia. They have a huge, huge logjam at forwards looking ahead a couple years. Their future also looks amazing. They have a core group of forwards in Scheifele, Wheeler, Little, Stafford, Perreault, and a young group of kids in Ehlers, Connor, Petan, Copp, Armia, Lowry, Laine, Dano, Lemieux, Kosmachuk. all of those players are either in the NHL or on the verge of making the NHL roster. We also sort of have a logjam of forwards. It looks like one of Burrows, Etem, Rodin, Dorsett, Virtanen will be sitting in the press box. That is assuming Gaunce and Zalewski are sent down along with the signings of Chaput, Megna, Rendulic. We don't want Virtanen, Rodin, sitting in the press box. Dorsett and Burrows have huge cap hits to be sitting in the press box. I guess that leaves Etem in the press box. But, Benning wants to add a big scoring winger.. So what gives? Virtanen goes to the AHL? Do we dump Dorsett/Burrows? Rodin gets waived? Or does someone sit in the press box? It seems very likely some NHL forwards will be moved before the beginning of the first NHL game if Benning is set on trading/signing for a winger. Joel Armia is my guy if we're going after someone though, seems very much available for a fair price considering the Jets' situation. Big, skilled, strong hockey player. He was drafted 16th overall in 2011, same draft as Baertschi. Maybe similar situation to Baertschi. Also, Armia is waiver eligible this season, so if Jets try to send him down, I think he will get claimed.
  4. Kenins is still a solid AHL player if he doesn't make the NHL roster. They're a ton of bodies upfront, but Kenins is worth signing. We have 44 contracts, Brisebois will slide so it's 43. Assuming we sign Pedan and Grenier, we're going to be at 45. I think we can sign Kenins at go up to 46 into the season, there's enough room for him in the middle six of the Comets' line-up.
  5. Gaudette's skating needs to improve to be Kesler. He does have similarities, Gaudette has to add some weight too.
  6. I think Pedan will re-sign eventually or if left unsigned get an AHL contract with the Comets. He's a solid top 4 defenceman and could fit beside Subban or Biega. I think Subban needs a calming veteran presence beside him, Pedan could work but he's prone to brainfarts. Maybe someone like Billins and have Pedan on the first pair with Biega, then Sautner and Stecher in a limited 3rd pairing. Also, there's a lot of depth on defence. I'm wondering where McEneny and Cederholm will fit in at the end of all this. I think they should get a couple shots on Utica since they bring solid defence and size, but then again not much room. Brisebois, Neill, Olson are coming in next season.
  7. I don't think McCann, Virtanen had their best games. McCann was good, fast, make good checks and was aggressive. I still would have liked to see him make more creative plays and showing off his playmaking skills. Maybe he can do the in pre-season with smarter players who know how to get open. Virtanen was surprisingly not as physical, he showed off great speed and it's nice that even though he isn't the most creative he still creates offence. His speed allows him to take the zone and back defenders off, last game he made a good cross ice pass and today he gained the zone, held possession and got the team set up. Shinkaruk looks much stronger, he's winning a lot of puck battles and he's not afraid. He was skating around the zone quite a bit with the puck backing the defenders off. His edges are superb but I just wish he had more points to show for it. McCann needs to get bigger like Shinkaruk, McCann can't get involved physically and be a threat because he just simply isn't big enough.
  8. This is a worse preformance than a junior team. Basically all low hockey IQ players. Reminds me of the Canucks-Flames series in the playoffs where the team runs around scared and forget to compete.
  9. Not impressed with Neill, Cederholm, Olson. McEneny, Hutton, and Brisebois have been alright but I think Brisebois needs to get stronger, Hutton is doing a good job getting involved offensively and moving the puck. Overall, they all seem overwhelmed from the Flames' forecheck and can't move the puck quick enough up the ice.
  10. Draisaitl was still better than Virtanen offensively and everybody else basically. These guys just aren't improving it seems, Shinkaruk isn't playing like a shifty, relentless, aggressive forward. McCann has a lethal shot and that speed but no weight added and his playmaking didn't really improve. Cassels was playing too much, he should be on the 2nd/3rd line not 1st line. Virtanen still hasn't expanded his offensive game, and right now I think he's looking like a junior player, predictable. Sure, first action in a while but most hockey players say that after 10-20 mins of getting into a game intensity they get their legs under them. It's not like they are playing in their regular season games either, just a rookie tournament with disappointed results. They aren't busts and will and should improve but I expected more from a bunch of 1st rounders.
  11. Okay. But we actually need players who can lead our team. Apparently we aren't tanking so I guess unless we get lucky, McCann, Virtanen, Gaunce, Shinkaruk are looking like the next bunch along with Horvat. I don't know about you but those guys definitely don't look anything close to what the Sedins are. Virtanen needs to be able to score and make smart plays. He had 2 turnovers, and shot from everywhere (most of the time outside the zone), that's alright sometimes but we needed more time in the offensive zone, not whistles. He had one good rush and that was it for him offensively. I love the physical part but in the 3rd getting blown out, it means nothing. Actually makes yourself look dumb because playing the bully didn't work.
  12. Good luck selling the "We have a good future ahead of us" to the fans now Benning and Linden.
  13. Jeez, this is brutal. Bunch of players who can't skate and Benning just added to it.
  14. Nobody has really impressed other than Subban. Virtanen hit a lot but offensively he wasn't effective. Shots from the outside, 2 turnovers in the neutral zone (one by McDavid). Love the hitting but we really need more offensively. Edit: Gaunce with a good assist. He's played well though but a little slow on the forecheck.
  15. Our defence needs to learn how to play in the offensive zone, other than Subban. They are standing behind the blue-line or on the blue-line...