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  1. I don't think McCann, Virtanen had their best games. McCann was good, fast, make good checks and was aggressive. I still would have liked to see him make more creative plays and showing off his playmaking skills. Maybe he can do the in pre-season with smarter players who know how to get open. Virtanen was surprisingly not as physical, he showed off great speed and it's nice that even though he isn't the most creative he still creates offence. His speed allows him to take the zone and back defenders off, last game he made a good cross ice pass and today he gained the zone, held possession and got the team set up. Shinkaruk looks much stronger, he's winning a lot of puck battles and he's not afraid. He was skating around the zone quite a bit with the puck backing the defenders off. His edges are superb but I just wish he had more points to show for it. McCann needs to get bigger like Shinkaruk, McCann can't get involved physically and be a threat because he just simply isn't big enough.
  2. This is a worse preformance than a junior team. Basically all low hockey IQ players. Reminds me of the Canucks-Flames series in the playoffs where the team runs around scared and forget to compete.
  3. Not impressed with Neill, Cederholm, Olson. McEneny, Hutton, and Brisebois have been alright but I think Brisebois needs to get stronger, Hutton is doing a good job getting involved offensively and moving the puck. Overall, they all seem overwhelmed from the Flames' forecheck and can't move the puck quick enough up the ice.
  4. Draisaitl was still better than Virtanen offensively and everybody else basically. These guys just aren't improving it seems, Shinkaruk isn't playing like a shifty, relentless, aggressive forward. McCann has a lethal shot and that speed but no weight added and his playmaking didn't really improve. Cassels was playing too much, he should be on the 2nd/3rd line not 1st line. Virtanen still hasn't expanded his offensive game, and right now I think he's looking like a junior player, predictable. Sure, first action in a while but most hockey players say that after 10-20 mins of getting into a game intensity they get their legs under them. It's not like they are playing in their regular season games either, just a rookie tournament with disappointed results. They aren't busts and will and should improve but I expected more from a bunch of 1st rounders.
  5. Okay. But we actually need players who can lead our team. Apparently we aren't tanking so I guess unless we get lucky, McCann, Virtanen, Gaunce, Shinkaruk are looking like the next bunch along with Horvat. I don't know about you but those guys definitely don't look anything close to what the Sedins are. Virtanen needs to be able to score and make smart plays. He had 2 turnovers, and shot from everywhere (most of the time outside the zone), that's alright sometimes but we needed more time in the offensive zone, not whistles. He had one good rush and that was it for him offensively. I love the physical part but in the 3rd getting blown out, it means nothing. Actually makes yourself look dumb because playing the bully didn't work.
  6. Good luck selling the "We have a good future ahead of us" to the fans now Benning and Linden.
  7. Jeez, this is brutal. Bunch of players who can't skate and Benning just added to it.
  8. Nobody has really impressed other than Subban. Virtanen hit a lot but offensively he wasn't effective. Shots from the outside, 2 turnovers in the neutral zone (one by McDavid). Love the hitting but we really need more offensively. Edit: Gaunce with a good assist. He's played well though but a little slow on the forecheck.
  9. Our defence needs to learn how to play in the offensive zone, other than Subban. They are standing behind the blue-line or on the blue-line...
  10. That was great physical hockey by us, we're clearing bigger and more physical but the bottom 6 is fairly weak. You see guys like Christoffer, Rankin, Bukarts all creating a good amount of offence for Edmonton while Pettit, Stewart, LaBate, Zalewski just being body bangers. Though, I really liked the cycling a few times by Stewart, Pettit, Abols, Zalewski, LaBate. Big bodies are hard for the Edmonton defence to contain. Our offence needs to start get going overall though. Really liked Brisebois and Hutton. Hutton needs to use his offensive talent some more but he's a big physical guy as well, which was shown with the hit on McDavid. Brisebois has great poise and knows what to do with the puck all the time, angles guys outside.
  11. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    I like Girard more than Green to be honest from what I've seen. I need to see more from Green though. Girard is 5'9-5'8 but he has a lot of talent. He can skate through defences and handle the puck in tight areas with a lot of poise. He was excellent at the Ivan Hlinka on Team Canada. David Quenneville another defenceman at 5'8 plays in the WHL, he's small but he hits like a rock because he's like a pitbull, short and aggressive. He has a very hard shot from the point and can give great first passes out of the zone. The only knock on these guys IMO is that they are short but hopefully they can get at least 5'10. I'd take them in the first 2 rounds without a doubt if they were 5'10. Green is good though, smart head's up defenceman from the little I saw.
  12. 2016 NHL Entry Draft

    I wouldn't go after Day. I want a guy who isn't high risk and make sure we get a NHL player out of this draft. I watched all the Canadian Hlinka games and I was really impressed with McLeod, Jost, Fabbro, Clague, Girard, Dube, Dubois, Steel, and Howden. The OHL is weak this year but I still think Saigeon, Bitten, Ang, Mascherin, are good pick-ups in the 2nd/3rd round. The Canadian defence was stellar, Mahura looked a little uncomfortable but he was great at the camp in Calgary. He was aggressive defensively always attacking and giving no space for the forward. It's hard to project where players are going from 10-30 but I'm hoping Fabbro, McLeod, Clague, Jost will be available even though they should be going higher because they are franchise players IMO. Fabbro reminds me of a smaller Ekblad, elite hockey sense, is a complete shutdown defenceman, uses his stick to keep forwards to the outside and when he can take them out with his body he delivers a hit. Offensively, great first pass and a good shot. Won't carry the puck into the offensive zone regularly but can get it deep or onto a forward's stick. I think he could play for Canada's U20 team because he is so smart and mature. McLeod wasn't great at the Hlinka tournament but he showed flashes of exceptional at the camp in Calgary. He was fast, big, powerful and knifed his way through defenders. Showed great hands and was aggressive attacking the defence. He's 6'2, physical, has great speed, and can shoot or pass the puck. Jost is different, he's a smart, crafty playmaker with great hockey sense. He can also deke his way through and deliver an accurate shot. He's like an assassin where he can quietly take control of the play and do whatever he wants whether it be a great pass or a nifty, accurate shot.
  13. Canada vs Russia on TSN2. Excited to see this team, the group 2 IMO is going to drive Russia crazy with physicality and crashing the net, while the first group is more about skill. It's funny, last year's Super Series, the WHL team just crashed the net and played aggressive the whole game, next game the Russians all tried to go for hits and protect their own net.
  14. BC Lions

    Good first quarter from the Lions. The offence is really clicking and Lulay + Tedford are definitely changing this team's offensive look big time. The defence is strong too, a strong front 7 plus a quicker, more aggressive secondary. Everything looks really good right now.
  15. I have been inactive the last 2-3 months so excuse me. I'm wondering if I can get back into the league despite having it under 'league'.