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  1. WOW thats a lot sooner than expected... personally would have thought he never gets another coaching job in the NHL
  2. I for one sure hope something like this never happens on multiple levels. (but it doesn't have to do with the Sedins) I still think it would be best for the Canucks to miss one more year (at least) to build with another 10 top draft pick. (maybe even a lotto) Also trade some of our assets and get more high draft picks. With a playoff run none of that will happen unless management feels that they don't have a chance anyways and sell the farm. (One can dream) With Aqua man yeah right that would happen. But seeing Pettersson on the ice and how well all the young guns are playing... I just don't see us being complete bottom feeders this year. We are wayyyyy to weak on defence and goal is just not even a question. So with that said and we do end up squeezing in do you think the Sedin's pull a Fisher and come out of retirement for a year to help the kids in the playoffs? It can be huge for Pettersson if they do... but would they?
  3. jptony604

    Elias Pettersson named Rookie of the Month for October

    Highly unlikely lol i'd be shocked if he doesn't get another cheap shot by the all star break.
  4. jptony604

    Elias Pettersson named Rookie of the Month for October

    Forget everything else... I'm just happy that the Canucks finally got a player that 4 other teams missed out on. When was the last time we ever said that about the Canucks drafting in the first round? The only memories I have from the draft is how we missed out on the likes Karlsson, Kopitar, Oshie, Carlson, Giroux just to name a few.
  5. jptony604

    The Canucks trade the 7th pick to Ottawa

    Can someone punch this guy
  6. jptony604

    [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Can someone please give this man his tissue.
  7. jptony604

    2018 NHL Entry Draft

    This has absolutely nothing to do with scouting but when was the last time a younger brother came into the league and ended up having a better career than the older one? (Seriously, I'm asking cuz I can't remember if there was) For some reason personally get a lil turned off drafting the younger ones after the brother makes an impact in the league. But thats just me. lol The thing that worries me about drafting BT if we had the #2 or #3 spot is thinking about the possiblity of another Virtanen/Ehlers situation. I think in all seriousness if we pass on Svech/Zadina in those spots we may be looking back again kicking ourselves. In the #4 or #5 spot 100% I think we should be picking BT but at the top 3 I think its silly.
  8. jptony604

    Scr*w the Whiners and the Bandwagoners

    Its amazing to see how dumb and blind some of these fans are. Everyone whining and complaining about how JM couldnt get draft picks while there were so many teams handing them out. As if they those pick were gonna come our way in the first place. Its kinda like an ulgy fat guy sitting there scratching his balls... How come i can't bang any hot girls? Not realising that you have absolutely nothing to offer for these girls to even wanna look at you. We had nothing close in value that could have got those picks other than... Sedins (won't waive, won't even ask) Edler (won't waive) Tanev (injured) Gud (signed) What can the Canucks do when there is nothing that makes sense at the moment.
  9. Wow... nvm I lied. Honestly i would have been ok with a third. Lol but this really? Why are we taking cap back without some kind of a pick coming back?
  10. Another TDL and another dissappointment is looking like reality. Had a feeling not much would get done again.
  11. jptony604

    Nash to Boston (trade)

    Wow... thats a huge haul NY Boston is helping us for once. I think it can actually help us by setting the bar.
  12. I stopped reading half way thru the first proposal... a lil over kill on the amount players being moved in that trade wouldn't you say? Lol EA Sports?
  13. jptony604

    Benning Extended (Official)

    Well I guess this Benning signing makes Dave Pratt look pretty stupid AGAIN. He seemed pretty sure Benning would be fired. Lol