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  1. Can’t believe all these bs comments. Few bad games send Pearson no trade him. Wtf. Myers is a horrible contract. I admit it’s not cheap but holly it’s a few games here
  2. As a competitor you would think he has every right to feel that way... it’s not like he’s talking out of his a$ $. He’s got a serious case for it cuz we probably couldn’t have said much if he did actually win it over Petey.
  3. It’s crazy how so many people are feeling sorry for this guy. I wonder what this board would’ve been like if it was OJ wanting out of Vancouver and talking like that in the Fin. media.
  4. I love Bo Horvat as a player. He plays hard, goes to the tough areas and just what you need in the playoffs. But I think he lacks finesse and on a stacked NHL team I believe he would be an amazing third line center. As a tough to play against guy that can shut guys down and get points at the same time. We finally have a PMD we all been looking for in Hughes and a true number one center in Pettersson. Few more years under their belts I think they should be able to reach the levels I claim. The best thing (that I think) can happen for this team is to miss the playoffs for one more year with all our vets healthy and actually playing. That way we can offload salaries like Sutter, Tanev, maybe Beagle maybe Pearson and maybe just maybe even Louie Eriksson and get something back in return (I know Louie won’t bring back any value) Maybe even pull off a trade involving Virtanen and Baer to bring in more high picks. Maybe we get lucky in the draft and we are able to draft a 1B type center and with Podkolzin, Hoglander and Madden coming I think once those types of puzzles start coming in place for this team then maybe we can win a cup. Do you believe that Horvat is a 1c or 2c for this team till the end for as long as he’s in his prime playing well the way he’s playing now. What do do you guys think?
  5. I thought u were asking a trick question
  6. Miller Pettersson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Ferland Pearson Sutter Virtanen Motte Beagle Leivo i can our opening lineup looking something like this.
  7. It’s Ferland lol it’s not like we offer sheeted Marner.
  8. At this point I wouldn’t mind doing the deal for Lucic cuz at least we would get something back. Instead of having to add assets for someone to take him. Hell even another second won’t be bad from Edmonton. I love JB’s picks but wish the man can learn how to make trades and utilize our cap space (that we HAD)
  9. Don’t care what anyone says. I think with just the first 2 picks alone canucks today came out winners in this draft. Even tho I’m a bit worried we have given up too much for JT Miller. But I hope we can keep it going in the 4th round and steal another gem
  10. I think he’s a perfect fit with Pettersson and Boeser. He could get to the hard to get areas and be the grit on the line with a scoring touch. If we Can add a Panarin to round out the top 6. Hate to also say but if we can trade Virtanen and 2020 second for Barrie. Then we pretty good I think. Maybe to top off a Myers signing just because even tho he would get over paid. With this line up I think we jump right up to win now category. Cheers
  11. I wouldn’t be shocked if Seider ends up being the best D of this class. Stevie Y. is a good GM and has an eye for talent. Sneaky as Hell too.
  12. If he’s playing and the Canucks are winning then he would be happy. Then those kind of issues will become irrelevant.
  13. I guess I don’t have to be disappointed haha whoooh!
  14. Honestly this may be the worst news I’ve heard regarding the canucks in a while. Of all the bad news we’ve had in the past if Chiarelli joins the Canucks OMG. If that’s the case I’d be for firing JB even tho I’m not a Benning hater. Isn't there other options other than the one that JUST got fired for ruining the Oilers. I hate these Benning connection type projects that always fail. I wish the Canucks could just pay Benning the money he would be making as GM and make him head of scouting.
  15. Ehlers for Virtanen? Haha Hey Virtanen was drafted higher in the same draft year so a win for the Jets right? Done!