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  1. Myers can’t even make a simple pass he sticks out like a sore thumb for me right now. There is absolutely no push back from or d, Florida just stands in front of our goalie and smile
  2. I wanna see Virtanen get more ice time and I like the idea of EP playing with JV too
  3. Canucks better not shoot themselves in the foot and trail early
  4. Haha yeah his hair is awesome lol. I always cheer for the Canucks when we play the oilers however I wanna have the oilers in the playoffs too because I wanna see McDavid in the playoffs lol he deserves a chance he’s been very patient lol
  5. I honestly think we need to fire our coach and gm at the end of the year. They did a ok job putting down the concrete, getting some good youth and picks in the lineup over the last 3 years but to take this team to the next step we need new people.
  6. My expectations were for the Canucks were to make the playoffs this year. I totally agree with what you are saying and the team needs to sting more wins together. I want to see the Canucks play with more physicality as well.
  7. Canucks aren’t a big power hungry team like St. Louis. The Canucks have some talented skill for sure but our team isn’t built with that playoff body on our other lines
  8. I agree, I excited when we signed him but he gets pushed around by guys smaller then him and he is slow and always fake slap shots when he should just go for it