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  1. we need something, that's for sure. JB's comments have led me to believe something big is going to happen this summer.. it's exciting
  2. and don't forget Big Tram.. and I fear you are right regarding EK.. I think he would be great for a couple years, but by the time we are contending, he could be too beat up and therefore not worth the $. it's a bit risky, anyways.. also I wonder if the rumours that JB is 'looking to fix the D' this summer and Van is 'in on everyone' are cost control on Eddy.. the problem JB has right now is there are way too many if's and hopefully's concerning the D, especially at this stage of his contract. He maybe should have been in on some previous UFA's.. hindsight.. I believe we know what to expect from Stetcher, Tanev, Biega & Schenn - and that's not an inspiring core.. Everyone else is a bit of a wildcard. Hughes? OJ? Tryamkin? Woo? 2019 1st? how do they all work out? As it stands, we still need Edler. Does landing any of the current UFA's change that fact? If we land Karlsson, Myers or Gardiner and lose Edler, are we further ahead? not really.. And that course of action likely screws us 3 - 4 years down the road. But JB needs to make some kind of move, and I don't really love ANY of the ufa D choices this year. I'm not going to lie: this combination makes me nervous.
  3. Question: is paying Edler 8 mill for his half season equivalent to paying someone else 16 mill for a full season? Food for thought..
  4. hmmm.. either way, that's what I would have thought.. I wonder if Van has any assets that would interest the Flyers..
  5. this seems like strange timing to me.. yah he had an off year, but with the new coach coming in..? he could be a big piece of a good team. and at $4.5 for the next 4 years, I'd take a chance on him.. the thing is tho, I think Philly is really building something this year, and Shaw & Byron are decent role players. they'll play their part.. I think it's an underpay, must be something wrong with ghost, maybe a locker room thing?
  6. An new article released says that a competition committee was formed consisting of players & gm's, and has recommended among other things, changes to video review & coach's challenge. "The committee recommended expanded video review which would include a referee’s ability to review calls on the ice" It doesn't really give much in the way of details other than to say "The NHLPA’s executive board along with the league’s board of governors still need to approve the new rule recommendations."
  7. I don't see TO liking this deal, but they might get forced into something along these lines.. every gm knows dubas has painted himself into a corner, and yes, I'm sure there will be lots of teams trying to land Kap, but I bet they all want something for nothing.. the Maple Leaf Dilemma will be a case study in GM training for years to come..
  8. if a guy can't make magic with Leon & McD, not sure why he'd be better with our studs.. and yah.. OJ still has time to turn into a player for us..
  9. hey mister.. here's a proposal I think you should change your handle to 'Janisjustplainnuts' hee hee it is fun to speculate tho..
  10. Maybe.. but Seattle isn't exactly a long ways from home. he could suck it up for one season, on the off chance they picked him. he isn't likely playing after 35 anyways is he?
  11. that's gettin pretty syrupy for CDC there six four.. gripers gotta gripe
  12. agreed.. unless Markstrom becomes history's most shining example of a late bloomer, and Demko.. I don't know, loses an arm or something..
  13. fans don't get $#!t.. just sayin
  14. mogilny, bure, the courtnalls maybe... dang, there's so many guys that might have loved today's game.. Other way around..? I don't know.. actually think that might have been Gud's era to shine edit: can you imagine Dana Murzyn playing today? yikes.?.
  15. oh.. yup, never heard of that town.. but I'm sure ND is chomping at the bit for a franchise... they could call it the Fargo Tumbleweeds
  16. well he did play a couple seasons at North Dakota
  17. that'll eliminate half of the $#!tty trade proposals on this forum for ya
  18. 19/ You'll never throw enough 1st overalls onto a dumpster fire to fully extinguish it..
  19. agreed on Meyers, not so much on Karlsson.. I never really watched EK while in OTT, but after watching him closely in the '19 playoffs, he didn't look all that great defensively.. I would give the benefit of the doubt & attribute this to nagging injuries, but his injuries record could start looking Tanev - esque soon. This is what worries me..maybe a couple good years, then having 10 mill tied up in a guy who plays half the season, and will want term too. he's what, 29? he'll want at least 9 x 6 I'd think.. let the Isles and Philly fight over him, we're nowhere near a contender.. not yet.
  20. been many moons since sticks were made from wood.. just sayin..
  21. apparently Kuz went with the 2 line pass.. that's his story, and he's sticking to it