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  1. Guys, what are the chances we get turcotte in round 1? Thoughts on trading up for him?
  2. One of: Cole Caufield Alexander Newhook Trevor Zegras Preference in that order.
  3. This is like a kid in class always slacking off and getting bad grades then finally getting an A on a take home assignment that was just for practice and not for marks, then going to his friends complaining about how hes actually really smart but the teacher is picking on him and not letting him have good grades.
  4. Jimbo please don’t trade Mikey this off season...
  5. Man do we know how to develop goalies or what? Mikey is 11-0 in the playoffs too. Great work scouting staff and development team. How many teams would kill to have a goalie depth like ours for the same cap hit? What an outstanding job by management.
  6. Cole Caufield, Trevor Zegras, or Alexander Newhook. I understand many of you want Boldy because he is the safest pick at 10, but I really believe our first overall should always be reserved for the player with the highest ceiling.
  7. Thank God not Chicago. Too bad they get Byram though.
  8. Proud of the guys this year. This team will go all the way one day. There is no better timeline to win the lottery. Come on Jim, make your mark in Vancouver for good!
  9. Granlund, just go away. We don't care anymore.
  10. This is actually not even Pearson's final form. He had better seasons in LA. We will see if he can become even better next year.
  11. Good ol' Canadian boy who plays hockey the right way. What's not to love? Keep this man, he's even padding LE's stats.