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  2. Bout time they get rid of all those inflated TO blowhards
  3. Markstrom, without a goalie you have nothing
  4. He said he wants to stay there and they love him in Car, so NO
  5. Why is everyone so quick to give Goldy away? always looking for new shiny things
  6. You have to watch them this season and see, thats why they play the games
  7. Totally agree, he has no place in media, but you can't compare him to Gallagher, he's not even close to the same class and Gallagher is funny and has a great sense of humour.
  8. J. D. Burke puts his negative spin on everything the Canucks do, it's appalling and unnecessary. He could learn a lot from how Biech conducts himself. He'll never go anywhere in this business.