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  1. Well this game will pretty much tell if they have the drive to win at all costs. I personally think they are just not big, mean or nasty enough to over come Vegas, but that's why the games are played. We'll see...
  2. It's actually the best of both worlds, you root for them to win but if they don't you root for the 1st overall pick. I like it
  3. 5 Years and this is where we are, send him on the next one way flight back to Boston
  4. I like the first trade, makes a lot of sense for both teams. Do it Jim!
  5. On the bright side, they will be keeping their pick this year lol
  6. I am now convinced Green is NOT an NHL coach. Needs to be gone!
  7. Still waiting for Eriksson and Baer to DO SOMETHING (Jeff P would say)