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  1. No, I was trying to express two different statements. Referring to Biega, I saw him often turn the puck over, so not a footspeed problem.
  2. I state the obvious but.. they're a pretty good team. I am impressed.
  3. They're killing us with their fast pace. All the D, especially Bulldog, is suffering. Hope the great PK will be the turning point.
  4. IWhat's better than a Canucks' spring meaningful game? I am excited. Love my Canucks. GO CANUCKS GO
  5. One of the easiest period for Marky. Totally deserved after being always under pressure in recent games.
  6. 3 am here! Ready to go and, as always, happy to share my thoughts with you guys! Go Canucks Go!
  7. We have a solid core and we'll have a chance to take a good player picking in the top 10. I'm confident. (two years ago I was completely on the Tank Wagon because we needed badly a #1 C, now it's different)