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  1. Shame that Boeser wasn't able to control the pass by EP. BTW, good start.
  2. Jim Hughson brings me a lot of great memories from 2008 / 2011 era. Good to hear him.
  3. 2.25 am here. We're basically out of the playoff race, we've been bad lately..but I'm excited because my Canucks will be on the ice in a few minutes. GO CANUCKS!!
  4. Yes, he is. I meant that, there are, if you consider the next draft class, three classes of younger prospects (even if he was one of the younger prospects in 2016, if I don't remember wrongly).
  5. Slavin with a wonderful defensive player on Marchand.
  6. A little bit off topic, but, what's the best Canucks' related podcast in your opinion?
  7. He's a (not so) young prospect who had a slow development process if you compare him with other dman of his class (or if you consider that he's a 6th overall pick). So not so much. I suppose he's considered as a B prospect around the league, so if you want put him on a trade you must include other players/assest to receive a fair return. BTW, I still believe he can be a top 4.
  8. I see your point. I think that OJ is still a prospect, maybe more ready to step up than the future #15 pick of the 2019 draft, but I put him in the same category. So I don’t see a team make a move like this, UNLESS Juolevi is part of a more extended package .
  9. Do you think teams would give up a first rounder for a prospect who in a 2016 redraft would be pick maybe around 15/20? So basically you trade your pick for a player with same value but two year older.. (I’m genuin curious, don’t want to sound polemic )
  10. Another gem by our scouting. Thank you, Mr. Brackett.
  11. Recent history proves your point. Virtanen and Juolevi were drafted by need, Pettersson was the BPA (Hughes also, so let’s hope). Spot the difference. I’m not the #1 fan of JB here, but I think he learned from his mistakes, especially in the draft (he is also improved in trades, not so much in FA), so I expect a BPA choice.
  12. I love your optimism. Hope you’re right. Trying to answer your question: now he’s projected from 6th to 12th, but I think he’s rising.
  13. Bad is inappropriate. Awful. Anyway, I agree with the rest of your post.
  14. Worst performance of the season. Terrible effort. We weren't able to come out from our blueline, no offense, too many mistakes. The only positive thing was obviously Marky. I never been a fan of him, but he's turnaround this season has been impressive. No more early goals, always focus on the game and a lot of key saves.
  15. Never been a big fan of him, but he's turn around this season has been more than impressive. Simply huge.