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  1. I've ALWAYS tried not to go against a player who doesn't perform. Even if he's clearly overpaid. I'm not that type of fan. I consider all the players as human beings and I try to support a player that struggles. But when I read this type of stuff... C'MON MAN.
  2. I'm shocked. His passion and his work will always be remembered. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  3. Enjoy the retirement, JH. Thanks for the memories!!
  4. Love the story, Deb. That's why I open this thread, love how Canucks are linked with our personal history. And that's one of the main reasons why I am so upset we are out of the playoffs for many years. No playoffs, no big memories. (Except Sedins last one)
  5. Must listen. Maybe I'm wrong but I still feel the emotions hearing the tone of voice of John.
  6. “They slayed the dragon!” (John Shorthouse) “Finally, after three seasons and 19 playoff games against Chicago, for Vancouver, it’s a wonderful day for an exorcism.” (Jim Hughson) Enjoy the memories, we will be back.

    I'm watching this.

    "I'm not crying, you are".


    Can't wait to be back.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Bring back the Air Raid Siren. 

      The Churchill speech was a nice touch. 

      Outcome sucked though. LOL.