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  1. I was just listening to Brian Burke discuss Juolevi on Sportsnet: He was saying the year Calgary drafted Tkachuk they had him rated side by side with Juolevi. He said Juolevi was fantastic as a junior. He played like a 24 year old. Burke was impressed by Juolevi's play last night and said it wouldn't surprise him if Juolevi becomes an all-star.
  2. Did he gain weight? Because if he did I care about this. If he didn't I could care less.
  3. Cool name. Got me curious so I looked it up:
  4. We're winning the cup this year. I was already celebrating tonight. That's how I know. Yay!
  5. The Gore-iors? Thunberg's Thumpers? The Watermelons? You know cause green on the outside. Red on the inside.
  6. 1040 is either commercials or personal chit chat blather. When there is hockey 650 talks hockey. I like some of the drop-ins on 1040 but I can listen to them by going to the website and listening to their selected podcasts. Not a big fan of JD Burke and I can do without all that Social Justice BS in general.
  7. Really? Why don't the women do that? "Go all out" as soon as the puck drops, as you describe? Careful now.
  8. I suspect these won't be like a regular rough and tumble playoff series. I'm thinking it might be more women's rules hockey. The "social distancing" playoffs. This current version of the Canucks might do surprisingly well in something like that.
  9. For me, the better question would be who would you give up to keep those three.
  10. What I don't understand is how this confusion will affect where Vancouver drafts. Wouldn't that be a bigger concern for us than playoffs? The teams that didn't make the playoffs pick 1-15, right? We pick in the first round and are eligible for the lottery if we miss the playoffs, don't we? Or am I missing something?
  11. I watched it. Like the other person said, 'starts slow then it grabs you.' It ended in a cliffhanger so I started reading the books to find out what happened next. That's how I'm killing time during Coronageddon. Reading the Witcher books, sipping on nice, cool Coronas.
  12. I wouldn't mind re-signing Tanev for a couple years but would you want to give him more term than that? You know he's going to want more. We could trade him right now or possibly watch him walk if he doesn't like the offer he gets next year as a free agent. And what will Markstrom want next year? If we can hang on to all three of those mentioned for 2 or 3 more years though the team should be in a better bargaining position at that time.