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  1. Then I guess you should support or run of office on a criminal justice reform position. Nope. Criminals gonna criminal so I should be allowed to own ma gunzzzz.
  2. The printed guns. Regulations regarding what can and cannot be printed, who can possess the files, fines, jail time. The last bit regarding defunding. Reasonable people means no more tanks. Some of the funds goes to other areas and the police are no longer the first responders to certain calls. It doesn't mean eliminating without some kind of replacement. At least that is what many Reasonable people mean when saying defund. But those Reasonable people get lumped in with the crazy. Like a lot of people sharing ideas on both the left and the right.
  3. So why bother in your world. Or Anyone caught with this gets the book thrown at them. You know, criminal justice. Nope, gun control is useless cause criminals gonna criminal.
  4. I think signs like this can end many of these morons complaining about how masks oppress them
  5. Well....we're gonna need you to move your desk way back. As far back as you can. Then you won't be able to see the scoreboard. You'll see then that we are winning.
  6. Lol. Gives us a top 10 list that is: 5 left bias 1 no bias 4 right bias That is utter domination of left bias. Again LOL.
  7. Gerrymandered districts is one. I think the city of Austin Texas exemplifies this. The cities districts are split up with large swaths of rural areas such that a fairly democratic city has few democratic representatives. Add to the closure of polling places. Hundreds have closed. So people in urban areas have to wait and wait and wait. That turns away people. A third is having election day on a Tuesday with it not being a holiday. There are a lot of people who can't afford to take hours off work to wait in lines.
  8. Between this and the meth-gators,.I don't know why anyone would want to live in Florida. Lol
  9. Well as.of Nov 2019 it was at $115 million. So not that far off. huffpost link Trump Has Spent $115 Million On Golf Trips ― Or 287 Years Of Presidential Salary Trump often boasts of donating his White House pay, but taxpayers are shelling out much larger sums for his hobby.
  10. Let's see what the investigation turns up. Let's see if there is full cooperation. But in some eyes this makes JT the worst ever. We'll see.
  11. Comedians Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub test positive for COVID-19 after San Antonio show 'If you fist-bumped me... or took a picture with me after the show, go get tested.'
  12. The questions are part of the narrative to defend them (castle doctrine) or the narrative that they broke the law (brandishing). Were they justified. The comparison is that a young black kid playing with a toy gun was gunned down by cops, but a rich affluent white couple can point actual firearms at people, one with her finger on the trigger, and nothing happens from the cops.
  13. There is a lot of grey in this story. Does breaking the gate give the McCloskey's the ability to invoke castle doctrine on their property? Or, does the fact that Patricia was pointing her gun, with her finger ON THE TRIGGER, at protesters who were not vandalizing her own property invoke brandishing laws? Was there any other vandalizing/violent conduct besides the broken gate to necessitate the menacing brandishing of firearms by the McCloskey's? I still cannot see how anyone can defend the McCloskey's actions here as being justified. They crossed the line when they pointed their firearms at people. Patricia went beyond the line when she did it with her finger on the trigger. Loaded or unloaded. Period.
  14. Pence Delayed AZ Trip After Eight Secret Service Agents Tested Positive For Coronavirus
  15. The Turbo Lax _______ is for August. Quote me. LOL
  16. Well, he did wrestle as a character that easily fit as a heal. Definitely not a baby face thing there Glenn. At least he was the only dissenting vote. Former professional mask wearer, current mayor votes against mask ordinance in his county The board of health in Knox County, Tennessee — home of Knoxville and the University of Tennessee flagship — voted Wednesday to mandate masks for anyone inside certain buildings. The vote was one shy of being unanimous, but that dissenter, Mayor Glenn Jacobs, raised plenty of eyebrows. That is because Jacobs, as you might remember, was once one of the most prominent mask-wearers in the United States during his previous career, as the famed WWE professional wrestler Kane. This is how he once looked at his night job: Knox County mayor Glenn Jacobs was once quite in favor of masks. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage) More Jacobs was elected mayor of Knox County in 2018 via a close Republican primary and a landslide win in the general election over Democrat Linda Haney. While he ran as a Republican, Jacobs identified his political beliefs as libertarian when talking to Yahoo Sports about his burgeoning political career. In practice, the sight of Jacobs wearing a mask have been rare on his social media accounts, though he did make an exception for a visit to the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.