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  1. That's where you and I differ
  2. Youre reaching now. The point is, the two cultures are radically different. They way we feel about Russia, they most likely feel about us. Family, friends, all your comfort, so far away. These kids ain't robots, they're exceptionally talented humans.
  3. You can't compare you going to st.louis to a Russian going to a strange far land.
  4. I had this concern during training camp. This isn't a great sign of things to come. If they don't play this kid, he's not going to stick around. All of a sudden canucks defence don't get injured, lol.
  5. 3-1 blues. 27 shots for Canucks
  6. Came on at 655 last night to predict and my account was logged out. Would not let me log it. I took these pictures, I understand if you can't count my prediction.
  7. Imagine being shipped to some city in the middle of Russia you may have never heard of without everyone you love. I don't know if any amount of money could get me to do that long term.
  8. What a great idea, nice work! 4-3 Canucks. Gudbranson with the first goal
  9. This might be the most important loss of the year so far for either team.
  10. Makes sense, was curious about Shink call-up. They obvs knew the birth of his baby was going to be any day. Calling up Shink because he's on fire to sit on a bench doesn't make sense.
  11. Google Pyramid scam.