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  1. The median average for incubation is 5.1 days. Over 70% of people incubate the virus in 5-7 days and 97.5% of people incubate it in 10.5 days. The longest incubation period documented is 14 days and it’s rare it takes that long. Less than 2.5% of people. By now the spike should be happening.
  2. 70-80% of cases apparently present themselves in the first 7 days of transmission and there’s so far been zero talk about covid in the US all. Protests are already going on 7 days. Combine that with all the scientific literature debunking outdoor transmission I am not sure there’s going to be the spike the media feared. When Florida, Georgia, and Texas opened there was media hysteria about how cases were going to sky rocket and it’s been a month with zero mention. The outrage over the party at the ozark. From that party one confirmed case and it wasn’t traced back to party. Not to make this a Covid debate but the media’s moved on from it and it really feels like old news at this point.
  3. Lmao you need to go to Minneapolis before claiming things like that.
  4. A friend of mine went to golds gym today (I don’t know why) and he said the gym was filled with elderly people working out. Lol
  5. Yeah, I am totally against mobbing people but the owners of the Flames and Jets deserve whatever they have coming. Flames owner invests in oil sands and has 1.5-2.5B in net worth but can’t fork out a million to support the staff that run his business. On top of that has the gulls to demand 300M of taxpayer money to build a new arena. Makes me sick.
  6. This could only happen in philly lmao
  7. There’s no way a team like ours should only beat a team like that by two. No way. Like actually.