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  1. This could only happen in philly lmao
  2. There’s no way a team like ours should only beat a team like that by two. No way. Like actually.
  3. It feels like an irresponsible thing to say he doesn’t want the C. I think most players dream of the opportunity. Whether he’s the best candidate or not is debatable though.
  4. I don’t disagree. It’s just been the trend to make the generational talent the C young. We’ll see!
  5. On most teams you’d think Pettersson would be the easy decision. I honestly have no idea if it’s going to Petty, Bo, Edler..? Guess we’ll find out.
  6. Born and raised in white rock. Relocated to Kamloops.
  7. I was in Seattle this weekend and noticed all the Seahawks plates. I think it’s a brilliant idea. I would for sure get a nucks plate. Though my park plates safe pretty tight.
  8. It surprises me how many people are defending LE. I understand we have no control over the situation; but it’s hard to make a compelling argument he provides any value to the team. You think his 6 million hit doesn’t matter? We’re already eating the luongo cap. 6m player on the fourth line on top of that doesn’t seem like the recipe for success. LE is nothing but a burden in my eyes.