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  1. Sadly you can only take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. There are some out there that just won't believe the science think qanon ..... Just think if he was every thing fans want us to believe there's be some other roster player playing in Winterpeg, Utica or some other location that fast your head would spin. Can't get him onto the roster
  2. In all honesty it would be a blessing if they took him IMO. Not meant to put Holtby down but we ... Vcr management, have far more need of Cap space than Holtby's abilities ( O/A during the season )
  3. And this from a player that many suggest Gillis left Benning with nothing. Right now he's the go to player on the roster. When you think Horvat was drafted 9th O/A, Virtanen was 6th O/A. I guess it's all about perception
  4. The ultimate valuation of Holtby will be made come the expansion draft. If he is a value player capable of still providing good help in the nets, then, Seattle will snap him up. If on the other hand they see him as expansive and past his prime they'll leave him, and might add make a comment on Vcr's decission to sign him in the first place
  5. Well if this doesn't fit the pro Juolevi narrative so be it, this is a player who for the entire season despite being available to play has been kept out of the starting roster. Occasionally they throw him a bone but the next game he's sat again. Some have low opinions of the coaching staff but I tend to think they study players closely before they make their decissions and of course Greens job is on the line so if he thought Juolevi could help you can bet he'd have him suiting up. I defer to those in a better position than me. You always hope but so far he's failed the Green test
  6. Maybe, I just get tired of this covering up for what are clear errors of judgement and remember after Virtanen came Juolevi ( picked @ 5 O/A ) before he chose to promote Brackett and thus solve the problem
  7. The Canucks have more NTC than any other team The Canucks have more NMCs and NTCs than any other NHL team - Vancouver Is Awesome Remember the complaints about Gillis giving away too many NTC ..... and yet it seems ... LOL
  8. Sorry I can't agree with that Vcr missed the play-off twice in the previous ten season and after the one and out the first year we never made it back until last year. We missed the play-offs 2 in 6 seasons. Vancouver Canucks Playoff History | 1971 - 2020 (champsorchumps.us)
  9. Really ? take a look at this memorable choice Jim used on his first draft does it show aptitude or blindess Canucks draft meeting: Jake Virtanen - All Access - YouTube
  10. Sorry IMO there was nothing to comment on other than maybe a unreasonable affiliation with OJ. He plays a mature game, I don't even know what that means, he's been a perennial negative player since he joined Utica in 2018. Make of it what you will. How long do you wait for his technical deficiency before you give up and move on especially if there's a better player waiting for his chance. I was not trying to avoid
  11. Sorry I don't buy it. First of all the previous management purchased the AHL franchise, Utica. Up until that time we used independent operators (Chicago Wolf's ) or some times shared. Drafting had been a sore point but When JB took over we did have a young prospect named Horvat had signed a UFA from the NCAA named Tanev and traded for a goalie named Markstrom. The roster still had numerous players remaining from the 2011 run what was done with those players is not on the previous management. Such as 2013-14 Vancouver Canucks Roster and Statistics | Hockey-Reference.com (hockey-r
  12. Sadly I suspect as both the GM and the coach had no experience ie no one was competing for their services Aquaman got them at a below going rates. A great coach such as Barry Trotz is on approx $5 mill per season, I don't believe FA wants or can't afford that sort of money so here we are. I think the same holds true of JB, he hasn't blown the top of the GM management valuation line ups
  13. The last game twice he had a guy coming down his side and the opponent went inside outside and left OJ in his dust and twice as a result drove to the net, you just can't give that play up in the Pros. There are scouts watching every game from all the teams and the word will be out OJ can't pivot. I hope he can over come this deficiency but he ain't going any where until he can
  14. Juolevi can't pivot!! important especially for D I'm sure he's been working on it but his last game made the same gaff and that's the last time we saw OJ
  15. Is Gradin living back in Sweden. I used to see him often at the Giants games (@ Pac Col ) I know he married a a lady who worked on the Vcr staff. I believe the big boy on campus in Sweden is Patrik Jonsson. Since 2018 "Patrik Jonsson has been named an Amateur Scout for the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL. Jonsson’s scouting focus will include all of Europe, specifically Sweden, for the Canucks organization."
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