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  1. That takes a lot of jam but I suspect it's true
  2. At very least Vcr sees Juolevi as having value for a trade, hence protecting him. It's funny he just seems like a forgotten man right now, no mention of him and there's not a lot of money left over to sign him
  3. I was hoping they would sign Khaira as the 4th line centre
  4. OEL is a huge gamble by management.While yes he may ( and lets hope he does ) rebound if he doesn't he's Mr Ericksson Mk2. It's like sitting with a pair of dueces and upping the anti. Let's hope JB and Pro Scouts have it right this time. You gotta give JB anod of the cap for this trade, he's all in. If the OEL graph just continues in the same direction there will be changes me thinks
  5. What will give a true indication of his value within the team is his upcoming contract. Currenly there is $14 mil however there is going to be a number of players currently showing on the roster who will end up in Abby. They have in addition to Juolevi, Dickinson, Hughes and EP left to sign. I tend to think maybe he may be traded ???
  6. I agree on all counts. But if Poolman can play similar to Rome it would help. I always liked Dhillon but he is a lefty
  7. I'd settle for that. Cheveldayoff didn't resign the guy despite rebuilding his own blue line in Winnipeg
  8. So who's the back up next season
  9. You become hesitant about screwing up a youngster, hey maybe he speaks French LOL
  10. Yeah he's a big kid for sure, but he's still a kid in a strange country, mind you if I was him I'd prefer Abby to Rouen Noranda
  11. Is he mature enough for AHL, I have no idea, I've never seen him play. Interesting pick
  12. Solid from waht I heard, low mantainance player. Clear they valued him
  13. Maybe has an out clause, interesting to see who they see as having a future and those released
  14. You see things like getting excited over some one elses kid, good but it has limitations. Excited over my kids and grandchildren now you're talking. Hockey players are really commodities, like for instance pork bellies, buy low and sell high. How do you judge a hockey player, by his accomplishment. He produces, that's good ( for the team ) plays bad. move along. Hockey is a business, not a concert with lots of lights and loud music LOL
  15. I didn't notice that, but stage fright is not exclusive to Rafferty and I did see him play live in the two games when he was signed as a FA and his skill simply jumped off the page
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