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  1. I assume the players on contract are being paid, so why not bring them into Vcr. They would likely get better health supervision and could train with Team coaches ?
  2. What I recall was when Pettersson got into a fray Schenn was right there and here's the important part, every one backed off. Reputation avoids a lot of fights. He was a tough guy in TO and his name has a certain history. FYG he went with Matt Martin, Tom Wilson, Chris Thorburn, amongst others
  3. Leivo to my way of thinking was a more consistent version of Virtanen. He is older but as JB keeps telling us, you need vets. I know one thing between Sutter, Beigle and Virtanen I'd take Leivo. He plays a responsible game and plays hard, he's also under paid which helps immensely. Bargain buy for Calgary Canucks
  4. Button has a trained eye, why wouldn't you add his insight into your discussions. A lot of scouts try to lure other scouts into conversation about player, it can be revealing. I always remember the scouts room at Queens Park Arena during the Punch McLean era. In a room the size of a modest toilet there would be maybe 50 scouts and GM's all apprently cigar smoker chatting the noise was incredible. I recall seeing Al Arbour one night there he was waring a racoon skin long overcoat. NW Bruins sure pumped out a lot of NHL players
  5. It's a trend on the board to over estimate all Vcr draft picks. I recall Craig Button who has been in the NHL community working as a scout seems like for ever. He ranked Virtanen as a 2nd round pick .....hey maybe he new some thing
  6. Fred65

    Benning's plan

    IMHO what's moving the needle as we speak is likely a lot more to do with Aquaman's finances. He can't afford to go the buy out route. No income and unless we haven't noticed US$80 annual expenditure, that's US$ 1.6 million + per week
  7. Maybe his entourage didn't move up there with him
  8. IMO A positive sign that Virtanen has moved out of Vcr/Abby away from friendly distractions
  9. Ohlund was a horse, shift after shift, Played hard and consistent that's why Tampa wanted him so badly after they drafted and signed Hedman, to tutor him ... that seemed to have worked well. It worked well for Edler too
  10. Every player in the NHL new don't mess with Schenn
  11. Interesting comment today regarding Gaudette.... "Even after putting up 33 points in 59 games — a better scoring rate, it should be noted, than Jake Virtanen,"
  12. I read this recent artical which mad some good comments At even strength, Cull and his coaching staff often had Juolevi deployed alongside Ashton Sautner, one of the Comets’ most reliable and rugged blue-liners, facing down the opposition’s top forwards. My question is why did we draft this kid
  13. It's worth a lot of money to LE, millions. I'm sure you wouldn't turn down a couple of million I know I wouldn't. Plus as he states he still he still enjoys playing. It wasn't his fault he was given a $6 mill/season contract. I'd sure like to see him go LT Injury, immediate relief for JB
  14. I recall two Czech players who played for Chilliwack had extensive free dental work done, sold their stick and when the team paid for them to viisit home a Xmas never returned
  15. Hard to judge because it's uncertain how much the drafting was a product of Brackett and of course the Cap management is the reason we're in the current position. Why did they fire Gilman. Certainly if we look at the 1st round picks Virtanen, McCann, Boeser, Juolevi, Pettersson and Hughes the drafting is a mixed bag ( 50% ) The trading such as Gudbranson was no where near to proficient ( I understanding the thinking, Gudbranson has now been traded 3 times since Vcr) But on the other hand some trades have worked out.. To me it's a scatter gun and inconsistent. There's a lot of room for improvement and of late I think JB is acting out of fear of dismissal and pressure from above by ownership. Think of Boston post 2011, weren't they top of the league again while we were happy to just make the play-offs. What makes me wonder is without Pettersson where would we be? and that depended on 4 other teams passing on Pettersson. One player makes an incredible effect on judging JB