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  1. That could well be the case, lets hope for his sake
  2. Dowling has the advantage of playing all 3 forward positions including centre, and he kills PK and PP
  3. I tend to think his comfort level is not there yet (?) but so far so good. Steady IMO is his best assett
  4. He's a vet and he's big ( 6'4" ) and doesn't seem to take stupid penalties
  5. I tried to find Juolevi today, he's not listed on Floridas roster or the Charlotte Checkers ????
  6. That's harsh calling Juolevi chicken poop
  7. IMO drafting from EU or the NCAA is the best route for the Canucks. It allows them to get better and longer develpet in good leagues. So if in doubt at 3rd and later picks take aa NCAA or a EU propsect, problem solved
  8. To my mind every team is alotted the same number of picks in the draft. Some teams get mostly high picks ( Vcr for one ) because they suffered a lousy season. It's up to management what they do with the alotted pick. The future success depends on these decissions. So trading a draft pick is a management choice, we don't see any one worth picking or the guy e want will be gone, what ever, but the decission lands at their door. Apart of on ice skills scouts are supposed to check character and by all metrics Virtanen was a failure, ditto McCann and Juolevi it was of all things his skating, ..scouts failed to detect his skating flaws, absolutely unforvigable. I allways remember Alex Burrows summation of Virtanen the summer following his draft " Maybe he'll get it some day" that was a afilure just like Juolevi defiency with his skating. I recall Button ranked Virtanen in the 2nd round and no insult intended but I'd take his review over your,
  9. I thought about that but it's har,d to say a guy was a 1st round success when he's played for 3 teams in his short career, I'd maybe class him as a tweener for a 1st round pick, but that's just my view. But lets go with your view it gives us a 1st round success rate of 44%. IMHO Vcr is in desperation mode for the play-offs trading 2 succesive 1st round picks but that's neither here of there, we're looking at the record
  10. I liked what JB did signing both Burroughs and frankly Bowey. Bowey played mostly an error free game but limited. Burroughs seemed much the same exceept he pushed the play more IMO
  11. It might be OK during the season but come the play off it would be delusional to think the game officials will save them
  12. Here's the drafting record for Benning/Vcr All Draft Choices - Vancouver Canucks - All-time Drafts (nhl.com) 2014 Virtanen and McCann, 2nd round Demko 2015 Boeser...........................Traded 2016 Juolevi............................" " 2017 Pettersson.................... Lind/Gadjovich 2018 Hughes.........................Woo 2019 Podkolzyn.....................Hoglander 2020 Traded away.................Traded 2021 Traded away.................Klimovich That's nine first round picks during his era of which 3 have failed as 1st rounders and two slections have been traded away that gives us 3 quality selection plus Podkolzyn ( IMO still to be determined ) We could do the same for the second round. Three traded away, two failed, two winners ( Demo & Hoglander) two TBD Percentage wise that gives us a success rate of 33% in the first round and 25% in the second round. Draft stats show us the likelyhood of success in the draft is 1st round 65% and 25% in the second round.
  13. I hope so he's been in the NHL for 10 years, in other news Zak Kassian has been placed on IR/ Apparently he tried his luck wwith Gudbranson
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