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  1. For whatever reason let’s assume that coaches still don’t trust QH on the top unit. Would Meyers be a better option than Edler? To me he looks faster and has a harder shot. Maybe a little more dynamic than Eddie?
  2. Think about the components. -we got a top tier face off guy. -2 Calder caliber guys that pushed 30 goals as rookies . -an offensively gifted d man in QH and the pp looks like a dogs breakfast. I find it hard to believe coaching and planning can’t be implicated here. qh needs to be moved up to pp1
  3. Forget this one and move on. QH On pp1 please... hell put Meyers in front of the net. Do something to shake that dog up
  4. we r in a good spot here. On the road and taking it to what was supposed to be one of the up and coming teams in the east. They r desperate coz they haven’t started great this year. that said.. Rooney, wood, Hayden, Coleman sound like a Harvard row team. pass the grey poupon and put the boots to these chumps in the third..
  5. Not too long ago they would get worked by a team like the blues on the boards and around the net. theres been a planned effort to add lots of weight and grit on the wings and it’s gonna pay off. Pearson, Ferland , Miller, Schaller and Leivo... throw in Jake ... even Brock is over 200lbs. I cheered hard for a guy like Baer to succeed, but you can see the reasoning to keep other heavier / grittier players on the roster instead of him after a game like this.
  6. Calgary Flames traded a first rounder and 2 second rounders for Dougie Hamilton, then they basically did the same, a first and two seconds for Hamonic. I find it hard to believe that Calgary had a better core than the Canucks do when they made that initial trade for Hamilton. They had missed the playoffs 5 out of the previous 6 years too. Sometimes instead of mopping the floor of the basement, year after year, you have to take a risk and trade some good asset(s) to fill team holes. Calgary has put together a pretty good team by making some high cost trades.
  7. Interesting how you try to make this all look black and white like it was obvious and every 5-7 pick should be a sure hit. Right before the 2016 draft , Bob Mckenzie (who is pretty well respected I would think) surveyed a bunch of scouts and had his finger on the pulse of what what the perceptions were on the eve of the draft. He reported that Juolevi was ranked in a tier below the top 3 picks that year in a group including the likes of Dubois and Tkachuk.: https://www.tsn.ca/matthews-goes-wire-to-wire-as-tsn-s-top-prospect-1.511597 For example, the first layer beyond the Big Three is a four-man grouping that includes three different types of wingers — Tkachuk, who is strong from the top of the circles down; Dubois, who has a strong 200-foot game; and Nylander, whose skill and hockey sense are considered elite — and the one defenceman Juolevi, who's viewed as the best all-around blueliner in the draft. He goes on to state this about the available D men Outside of Juolevi, who had nine of 10 votes as a top-10 prospect, consensus wasn't easy to come by on the defencemen. Five of 10 scouts viewed Sergachev as a top-10 prospect; four of 10 had Bean in their top 10; three of 10 had Chychrun in their top 10; two of 10 had McAvoy in the top 10. So at the end of the day selecting Juolevi ahead of Sergachev was not outlandish nor did it go against any kind of consensus. If we go by what Bob tells us (and sorry ...i take his word a little more seriously than yours) the opposite seems to be true. Im not here to argue that Juolevi was the best choice. my point is it is ridiculous to think that Juolevi was some sort of "out of the blue" reach pick and that if you have a pick in the 5 to 7 range you have to nail it every time.
  8. A couple things 1. PIcking 5,6,7 guarantees nothing. Scott Cullen did an excellent article on TSN a few years back showing the odds of a particular draft number becoming a top 6 winger or top 4 d man, it wasnt a sure thing to say the least. TSN has moved their articles around Ill look for it in a bit. 2. Dale Tallon, you state was 100% on top 10 picks. Really? Tallon drafted Jack skille at 7 (which only bolsters my point #1) https://pantherparkway.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/its-time-for-dale-tallon-and-jack-skille-to-part-ways/ After assuming the role of General Manager in Chicago, Dale Tallon headed into the 2005 NHL Entry Draft looking to make his first big impression on the Blackhawks’ franchise. Holding the 7th overall pick, Tallon selected Skille ahead of current NHL’ers Anze Kopitar (11th overall), Marc Staal (12th overall), Tuukaa Rask (21st overall), and T.J. Oshie (24th overall) just to name a few. While hindsight may always be 20/20, at the time no one could fault Tallon for having confidence in Skille after how well he performed for the US National Under-18 Team – scoring 55 points (24G 31A) in 54 career games. So.. Jack Skille at #7 aside, .he nailed the first overall pick and the third overall pick....this is a hell of a lot easier to do than nail picks in the 5-7 range wouldnt you say?
  9. Just visited calgaryschmuck (er calgarypuck) . Funny how they have gone on for dozens of pages trying to reduce Neal's production into a smoke and mirrors game where he is fluking out and is being propped up by better players (coz his history of numerous 20+ goal seasons in the past was a fluke too). Anyhow as a fan of a rival team its fun when the Alberta teams launch a gutter ball (Edmonton has done this far more than Cgy) ..and watching the reasoning (ie having a guy sucker punch Zadorov in the head for a clean hit is more valuable than 7 goals in 4 games) can be comical.
  10. Was thinking the same thing after watching him a few games. Then I started thinking of the converse, if Bo was on Tampa they would have slotted him on their third line and probably put up Miller type numbers in a lesser role. This is all hypothetical of course. Bottom line in my mind is that if this continues and we added a second Horvat type player to the roster the team has done really well.
  11. Bottom line = so far so good. I want to contain my enthusiasm and not get into how much I think this guy exhibits many of the traits that Bo brings to the ice. I think we got ourselves a pretty good player .
  12. Go back to the black and gold / Flying Skate logo and call it a day.