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  1. Im going to have to say McDavid (*with the hopes that 2 years from now some smart arse pulls up this post to show me "how well its aged" because Petey went into even a higher supernova superstar mode and is dominating the league)
  2. Darius

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks | Feb. 16, 2019

    If I never see biega and poo again I will be pleased.
  3. No more biega please. Give schenn a shot.
  4. Honestly Man, i have no idea what you are rambling on about here. Im assuming its the same old tired argument about Loui, blah blah. Yeah it wasnt a good signing, nobody is arguing that. But we have gone from you whining about this Gagner trade to now whining about Loui. It always comes down to Loui and Gudbranson it seems. At the end of the day I dont care about Loui. I can see why he is in the lineup over Utica wingers. Those kids need time to simmer in the A. If you cant see the value that AHL time has brought to guys like MacEwen and Gaudette (who is a center not affected by Loui's presence) then thats on you. I care about the kids getting the right development. I bet you where wining about Beagle and Roussel too...how they would steal jobs from kids. Its the typical MO i would expect from you. In the end, they stole jobs from no one THAT DESERVED AN NHL SPOT and have allowed the kids already here to flourish. My point still stands - the same point you conveniently ignored- most of the players he has brought here have been low cost moves in terms of organizational assets. He is basically holding the status quo while younger players get capable enough to replace these guys. But go on, keep whinging and whining about Loui....
  5. You are rambling again. Why would he demote Eriksson. If you knew nothing about his contract you would appreciate the defensive value a player like LE brings. Actually you probably wouldnt because you follow the juvenile HFBOARDS line of thinking - if a player doesnt look like McDavid or EP he is garbage. The point stands....most of his moves cost very little in terms of organizational assets. Its equivalent or lesser players that have been moved for the guys coming in or contracts have been given to UFAs in an era of the club's trajectory where they can surely afford it. Its not spinning wheels, as you so ignorantly allude to. Most of the guys have been place holders that have been replaced when better younger players come along. It is unfortunate that you are not sophisticated enough to see this and you can't see that he is not mortgaging the future to bring guys like Spooner here. Again, i would have figured that a pro tank HFBOARDS hockey mind like you would appreciate the fact that when he brings a guy like Leivo and Spooner, it didnt cost him much in terms of future building blocks. If / when better players come along they will be replaced. Then you go off on a tangent and bring up OJ. Im sure most of the guys trashing OJ were the same guys questioning the EP pick too...not only that OJ hasnt played in the NHL yet, so im reserving judgement....its not my fault you want to crap on everything this GM does.
  6. I have no idea what you are rambling on about. Eriksson is hard to move, incase you havent noticed. Fact is that he moved Gagner and Del Zotto when they were not performing. Schaller has only been here for about half the season. All the players you whine about cost very little in terms of organizational assets. Its either a contract they were given or an equivalent (or lesser player) has been traded for them. Its not like he is trading top 6 players and high draft picks. I would think thats something that a tank head like you would appreciate, but you just revert to your HFBOARDS book O history and complain about everything. At the end of the day I dont think even you know what you want. You just complain.
  7. you mean just like gagner was guaranteed a roster spot in Vancouver? Havent you learned that JB isnt afraid to move these guys. Look at what happened to DelZotto and Gagner.
  8. Great post. I think Canucks Army, just like a few posters in here, are inclined to always see mistakes in every move. Guilty until proven innocent mentality.
  9. I have a feeling that goldobin is a goner by the TDL. but i agree with Phil, big Mac and Gaudette need to stay here. The young players give us hope and keep the fans engaged.
  10. I remember the Columbus GM at the draft.. the guy from Finland (too lazy too look up his name) .. wanted nothing to do with pool party. He went with Dubois instead and shuffled the draft order. Maybe he (gm) saw something lacking there that was missed by lots that had has Pulj consensus top 3 ...he looks kinda smart right now.
  11. not sure that works for the oilers. Goldy symoblizes everything that is wrong with the oilers - for like the past 10 years. Talented, soft, defensively suspect, something-is-missing,aloof...for the oilers it would be like adding gasoline to the fire.
  12. Darius

    [Report] Canucks recall Luke Schenn

    The guy is pretty tough and a pain to play against. Wouldnt mind seeing him in the lineup to see what he can bring. Love the Bulldog's attitude and fight, but he is in over his head at this level. Could Schenn be more effective?
  13. Brock, EP, Gaudette with goals. Youth movement. JB drafting. Love the Gaud. Really hoping the kid sticks around.
  14. If they put EP on defence, would he be their third best D man tonight? Ability to make accurate break out passes - check Ability to shoot lasers from the point - check Ability to rush the puck with speed - check Ability to keep the play alive in the O zone - check Ability to anticipate plays and break them up - check Good hand eye coordination - ability to keep the puck in on the blue line - hold the line - check Come to think of it he would probably be a top pair defencman amongst the lot of 6 players above.
  15. Darius

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks | Feb. 13, 2019

    So now it’s the coach’s fault for not rotating in the right bubble Ahl d men.. coz that would make a difference.. same coach that had this team on a good roll pre Edler injury. I get it , people need something to blame. They lose because of a lack of talent , mostly on the blue line. coach is working with arguably the least talented D core in the league and 3 out of 6 legit top 2 line players. Coach isnt the problem.