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  1. If we are entertaining a trade involving young players and picks to get a high quality d man are we in danger of pulling the trigger too early? I’m afraid of heading down the same path as Calgary who gave up 2 first rounders and 4 second rounders for Hamonic and Hamilton. Fast forward a couple years ... I bet they might be better off if they kept those picks. We have two really good young centers and Hughes. You trade boeser where is our quality young top 6 player? I’m not talking Toffoli who is almost thirty. Are we sure podkolzin and / or hoglander can fill that role? what if they don’t? i think we will be filling a big hole getting a guy like Ekblad but you will be gutting other parts of the team as well as future prospect pool. calgary was still too thin to make those big moves imho. I don’t want to fall into same trap. go after Pietrangelo in free agency ... let Tanev walk if you have to. keep the young players and picks. There needs to be more substance here before going all in
  2. Keep our young assets and draft picks. Let Tanev and Marky Walk . Go with demko and go hard after Ufa Pietrangelo
  3. no, i got sucked in when you said Debrusk has scored more goals than BB in the past 2 years(while ignoring the context and ignoring your previous arguments about Brock being on the downtrend...even though JD scored less goals in year 3 than 2)....its my fault I know....
  4. dont think so. Debrusk hides behind the top line on a cup / presidents trophy calibre team. I suspect he faces way less attention from the elite checkers/d men than BB does. I know this is waste of time, you would trade a top line winger who has produced significantly more for a 40 point guy..i shouldnt get sucked into these conversations with you but for some reason i do lol.
  5. of course assists dont count??....but he also played more games than Boeser. You say BB is trending down, isnt Jake trending down too? 27 to 19 goals? And unlike BB Debrusk isnt one of the goto top line wingers for goal scoring on his team. He gets less heat from the other team's top checkers and top D pairing because theres a line on Boston that the other team throws their best at every night.
  6. he would trade Boeser for Sam Gagner if he could....dont bother...
  7. Nope, hes smaller / lighter , never out produced BB in terms of points..and if you are going to trade our top young winger you better be fixing the hole on D.
  8. Just adding to the above post: Would letting Tanev + Marky walk be worth it? Im thinking maybe. You get a 50 point d man that has size and is solid all around. He would instantly become one of the best D men this franchise has ever had. Pietro + Hughes would make up a stud 2/4 top 4 d and would change the complexion of the team. You wouldnt need marky to stand on his head because your Defence and transition game just improved drastically - hence you can go with Demko....
  9. Pietrangelo would be a huge boost to this D. Edler/Pietrangelo/Hughes would make up a pretty solid top 3 I dont mention Tanev because you would probably have to let Tanev and Marky walk to make this happen.
  10. 1040 . Morning show with Halford mid day show with Taylor and Moj are good. When sekeres comes on I’ll flip it to 650. be interesting to see how this breaks down by age demographic. I’m older and I like the old school guys like Taylor.
  11. If you look at the biggest holes in this roster its not the top 6 and in my opinion neither of these guys will help our cause. Hoglander Podkolzin and Lind are in the pipe, they might be able to bolster the top 6 at some point too. The d needs to get tougher The d needs another top 4 guy that can put up 30-40 points so that all of the teams hopes of generating anything from the back dont rest on one guy. Id concentrate on the back end before I throw more money, or trade assets, in order to add more offence.
  12. Can Lind make Gaud expendable? I might take some heat here.... Im a big fan of Gaudette, i used to tune into his college games just to watch him play. I was excited when he came here. He turns 24 next month . He looks like he is in over his head at centre. He struggled defensively even at wing. Can he offer the team more than what we have seen? Keep in mind that he is older than Brock and same age as Jake. He has decent pedigree and is fairly young, can the team move him as a sweetner to unload a contract like Baertschi? give Lind a shot at his spot? Lind had a bit of a nasty streak in Junior, we need more of that element.
  13. im interested in seeing how Heiskanen is gonna handle having a target on his back and how Dallas responds. Deboer likes deploying his 4th line to get their licks in on the D, especially when they have the lead...
  14. I think its a combo of Vegas being a deeper team and the fact that the Canucks were punished in all three rounds - in the end they were done. The ability to inflict punishment on the other team is a trait that is about as important as having skill in the playoffs. This is evidenced by the fact that Deboer would start his fourth line seemingly every game and he had them out there as much as possible when they had the lead just to wear the d down and inflict punishment. They were his battering ram and they were effective. Canucks were worked in every series and Vegas wasnt. It was so frustrating to watch guys like Bo.Jake, Sutter etc have guys lined up for an effective hit and they would let up time after time. The Canucks have some great components in place but if they want to go far they need to add that punishing element to their game. The gentlemanly "ill be the receiver" hockey will only get you so far. Dont get me wrong, they are in great shape with these young kids filling roles in all critical positions, but they need to augment that now and bring in a certain element that will allow them to succeed against teams like Vegas without relying on stellar goaltending and d men blocking a billion shots putting themselves at risk of injury. There are a lot of good years coming!
  15. Exactly what I was thinking. Podz has the attributes that would have worked very well in this series. will be interesting to see if juolevi and or rathbone take the next step. I think they need to add more toughness to the d so I’m curious to see how it all pans out.