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  1. Dreaded going to the store this morning. We were out of a few staples... there was a person picking through every tomato, picking it up feeling it, examining it..over and over, she went through the whole pile. there’s lots of boneheads in our community. I think some of these stores need to implement stricter rules .. Don’t know how you stop people from touching and feeling every tomato or apple in the store though ..
  2. yeah i agree, vaccine is the end point in my mind. EDIT: aside from the colossal economic recovery that will be required
  3. this isnt over the counter stuff they are talking about Stawns. These are anti viral meds some known since WWII that are being used to help resolve the disease in people. I was reading that a bunch of studies are going to be published in the coming weeks with promising results. There may not be a cure till the vaccine comes out but the biomeds/pharmaceutical orgs/companies are working overtime to see if something in their arsenal will work,
  4. you mean the vaccine? I was thinking the same thing. They do have a bunch of volunteers. https://q13fox.com/2020/03/16/coronavirus-vaccine-test-opens-as-volunteer-in-seattle-gets-1st-shot/
  5. Lot of panic and doomsday stuff in here, understandable. Vaccine may be 18-24 months away. Real human trials started in the US on monday. But Vaccine is not the only solution. CEO of Merck was on a couple hours ago. Every pharmaceutical company and biomed outfit (assuing world wide) is testing existing anti viral drugs (and other drugs) against this virus. These drugs have already been shown to be relatively safe and are approved for other uses. I suspect that they (science) will find some way to mitigate/manage this (effectively) until the Vaccine comes out. It might take a few months though.
  6. Interesting article https://www.macleans.ca/opinion/when-will-china-be-held-accountable-for-coronavirus/
  7. Just got back from the cambie liquor store (popped in there as I had an appointment nearby)...its mayhem....couldnt even buy goofy boxed wine as they were out. Heard that they are shutting down the government liquor stores as of tomorrow. Aint leaving my house for a long time now.
  8. hey Monty, saw your post from earlier today...hope you and your family are ok...
  9. And in other news https://www.biospace.com/article/moderna-s-covid-19-vaccine-clinical-trial-starts-today/
  10. i got to agree with this. The whole goal of the current measures are to slow the outbreak and "flatten the curve". If there are 12 people (hypothetically) in Vancouver seeding this disease, unknowingly, and then you are letting in an indeterminate number people carrying the disease through the border, doesn't that speed up the spread? Sure the cat is out of the bag already, but if the whole goal is to slow this thing down why add more seeds into the community?
  11. We probably wouldn’t need a game 7 if we had another good defensive forward... a guy like Loui Eriksson... got 27 goals and 73 points in Dallas this year.
  12. Sometimes I wonder what they would have done with that team if Luongo didnt make that save in OT while they were shorthanded ...
  13. I bet there’s gonna be an inordinate birth rate starting in about 10 months...
  14. I think that the only caution I have when taking direction or information from a government agency is I dont know if/how they are muting or downplaying the severity of the situation in order to maintain some social order. The global magnitude of the situation looks to me like its unprecedented (in my life time at least). I dont think they can come out and tell us "yeah theres probably a bunch of people we cant track that are spreading this right now" even if they are thinking that. Their words have to be carefully considered so that they dont instigate panic. With regards to the JR episode with Osterholm. What gives him credibility, in my mind, aside from his credentials and his position, is that he practically predicted the current scenario a while ago in one of his publications - everything from the point of origin to how the Chinese government would handle the situation. Not only that his org has published forecasts that are currently unfolding, outbreak magnitudes, rates of transmission etc...and he has been accurate - at least from what I can see. But you are right, info needs to be considered with a level head and with trust (hopefully) from the authorities that are put in charge to lead us in these situations.
  15. an authoritarian state that can put up football field sized hospitals in a couple weeks, isolate and quarantine tens of millions of people probably can influence this a little more than they have. They have been turning a blind eye to this for a while I think.