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  1. so how does bringing a young high calibre d man here (hopefully what they would get for BB) resolve future cap issues? Top tier d men are just as expensive.
  2. Moderna making a run. This week it was announced they are joining the nasdaq 100 index and today they announced their phase 3 corona vaccine trial start date for end of July. 14 dollar gain in aftermarket. Could go up another 10 percent tomorrow im thinking... Gonna ride it to 90 (hopefully) and get out :-)
  3. Difference between year one and year two is negligible, especially when you consider that year 2 the Sedins were gone and Brock got way more attention. Funny how you are willing to draw negative extrapolations on a 3 year sample of young Brock but you are willing to give Jake even longer to pull his game together. You could argue that he is injury prone, but the way I look at it hes had a couple freak accidents. Not enough sample size to even conclude that. PS- I missed arguing with you about this topic :-) Name the Canuck drafted players since 1970 that have put up Brock's NHL offensive numbers (goals per game etc) from draft age to 23 years old. Theres not many. Yeah you might find some guys from the 80s when goalies were 5 foot 6 and wore couch pads around their legs. Regarding the D: i just think there are fewer D available and even fewer top pair D men. Top pair d men are very valuable and its doubful that even a guy like Brock can get you one in return (of similar age that is). JB is gonna have to add if he wants a top pair d man in return, and imho opinion its too steep of a price to pay. If I were JB id try and unload some of the bad/anchor contracts and go after a UFA top 4 d man than get rid of Brock just because we have a guy getting closer to 30 who might be able to score like him for a couple more years. When you have QH/BB/EP/BH etc this team suddenly becomes more desirable for impact UFAS.
  4. Brock is a better goal scorer than Toffoli was at Brocks age. Theres no reason to believe that Brock wont round out his game like Toffoli has in his late 20s while still improving his offensive numbers. Brock can give you another 10 years of top end offence while its doubtful Toffoli can give you half of that. Doubtful Toffoli will be cheaper...and if you examine the full spectrum of a potential Toffoli contract it will likely include expensive years where a north of 30 player will likely be on the down slide. EP and QH have eclipsed Brock in ways that make some fans under value BB. Lets not forget that BB has been one of the best young goal scorers this team has ever drafted since 1970. Its not like this org is blessed with a plethora of young proven goal scoring wingers. Im puzzled as to why some want to give up on that in order to trade for a second pair d man because they think a guy pushing thirty, who wont be cheaper, can replace him. I say second pair d man because no team will give you a young top pair d man for a top end winger....unless you want JB to start adding high end draft picks and or other top prospects...
  5. To think I was regretting buying NKLA on ipo day ! dont know if I should hang on or get out. I’m still holding Moderna for another big news pump.
  6. I think you are right. I should have got in during last weeks downturn....
  7. Any thoughts on Air Canada? I’m waiting for it to hit sub 12.00. I figure if the Libs back them at the federal level no reason it won’t hit 20 again just on speculation.. but will that happen..
  8. I was lucky enough to jump in when the feds awarded them something like 450 million to ramp up research and production. I figured fed wouldn’t pump that much in if they didn’t have confidence in something. I’m waiting till phase three of their trials to sell... I don’t know if their mRNA solution is easy to mass produce or if they will make it through all the hoops to get fda approval. I’ll take my profit and run! J&J might be a good bet too ... they have mass production capabilities for a vaccine with sites around the world with their various partnerships and assets. But I doubt they will have the casino style upside that moderna had a couple months ago.
  9. I get these all the time lately when accessing with mobile app, but desktop access seems more reliable ..
  10. Agree! Wish the Democrats had him as their primary candidate.
  11. Dreaded going to the store this morning. We were out of a few staples... there was a person picking through every tomato, picking it up feeling it, examining it..over and over, she went through the whole pile. there’s lots of boneheads in our community. I think some of these stores need to implement stricter rules .. Don’t know how you stop people from touching and feeling every tomato or apple in the store though ..
  12. yeah i agree, vaccine is the end point in my mind. EDIT: aside from the colossal economic recovery that will be required
  13. this isnt over the counter stuff they are talking about Stawns. These are anti viral meds some known since WWII that are being used to help resolve the disease in people. I was reading that a bunch of studies are going to be published in the coming weeks with promising results. There may not be a cure till the vaccine comes out but the biomeds/pharmaceutical orgs/companies are working overtime to see if something in their arsenal will work,
  14. you mean the vaccine? I was thinking the same thing. They do have a bunch of volunteers. https://q13fox.com/2020/03/16/coronavirus-vaccine-test-opens-as-volunteer-in-seattle-gets-1st-shot/
  15. Lot of panic and doomsday stuff in here, understandable. Vaccine may be 18-24 months away. Real human trials started in the US on monday. But Vaccine is not the only solution. CEO of Merck was on a couple hours ago. Every pharmaceutical company and biomed outfit (assuing world wide) is testing existing anti viral drugs (and other drugs) against this virus. These drugs have already been shown to be relatively safe and are approved for other uses. I suspect that they (science) will find some way to mitigate/manage this (effectively) until the Vaccine comes out. It might take a few months though.