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  1. I have a feeling the Flames are gonna regret trading Fox. I know that it was suggested that he would not sign in Calgary, but the Flames have so many d spots taken (and additional D prospects) he may have thought he chances to succeed in Calgary were limited. Anyhow, he is no slouch
  2. [Signing] Flames re-sign Elias Lindholm

    exactly what i was thinking...
  3. Olli Juolevi | D

    Not 100% sure who/what the source is here, but this is floating around twitter, reposted by JD Burke (im not a big fan of the Burke style stats/spreadsheets pushers but its interesting to see Juolevi get some respect from that type of source. Also doesnt look like the 2018 draft class was included, prob too early to number crunch?) . .
  4. Interesting how the leafs are being put on a pedestal by many media folks - even though they havent won anything yet. Reminds me of last year, going into the season, all the talk about the Oilers and how Chiarelli turned them around by adding toughness and trading for a solid top 4 dman. There was talk about - look how those fools bumbled around and then Chia showed up and turned them into a team that made it to the second round. In retrospect, He went from hero to joker within 10 months. Before we pump the laffs tires too much, should we wait till they win something? As a refresher, here are the predictions from last year by some of our favorite media darlings https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/sportsnet-nhl-insider-predictions-2017-18-season/ Canadian team with highest point total Chris Johnston: Calgary Flames Iain MacIntyre: Edmonton Oilers John Shannon: Edmonton Oilers Mark Spector: Edmonton Oilers Eric Engels: Edmonton Oilers Luke Fox: Calgary Flames Daren Millard: Edmonton Oilers David Amber: Edmonton Oilers Eric Francis: Calgary Flames Gord Stellick: Edmonton Oilers Nick Kypreos: Edmonton Oilers Jeff Marek: Edmonton Oilers Kristina Rutherford: Toronto Maple Leafs Sean McIndoe: Edmonton Oilers Doug MacLean: Edmonton Oilers Rory Boylen: Calgary Flames West Champion Chris Johnston: Edmonton Oilers Iain MacIntyre: Edmonton Oilers John Shannon: Chicago Blackhawks Mark Spector: Edmonton Oilers Eric Engels: Dallas Stars Luke Fox: Anaheim Ducks Daren Millard: Edmonton Oilers David Amber: Edmonton Oilers Eric Francis: Minnesota Wild Gord Stellick: Anaheim Ducks Nick Kypreos: Anaheim Ducks Jeff Marek: Nashville Predators Kristina Rutherford: Nashville Predators Sean McIndoe: Edmonton Oilers Doug MacLean: Edmonton Oilers Rory Boylen: Anaheim Ducks
  5. Hey Botchford, im tired of hearing your tripe on the radio.  If the Canucks wanted to block their youth and were in a win now mode they would have signed guys like Neal and Stastny.  Signing defensive minded grinders, a couple of which can stand up for the kids, is a big sign that this management team wants to replace the lost production of Vanek and the Sedins from within the organization.  Stop citing Canucks army in an attempt to show that Beagle isnt a scorer...he wasnt brought here to score.  For @#$# sakes....this isnt rocket science.

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      just look at these two; two peas from the same rotten pod.  :sick:


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      Sports-press ignore, cos' world keeps a-turnin'

      Crabby ol' bore, my opinions a-burnin'

      They're paid well for tripe

      Manure field's ripe

      Tell us score, your insights I'm spurnin'

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      chon derry

      if it wasn't for the negativity that exists within the canuck fanbase, they wouldn't have a target audience , I mean even Toronto's media are homer's. IGNORE. @Alflives having a hockey back ground didn't make a difference  for craig simpson or kypreos.   for me bob mckenzie tsn is the only unbias knowledgeable source. 

  6. (Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

  7. i up voted you/cheers you because our back and forth did help my afternoon go quicker and you did make me think more about my positions. I have reconsidered some of the statements i have made (you do know your stuff), but i think my conviction is stronger now than ever regarding what each team had to work with back in 2013. I think our sticking point will be the age factor - i do realize that Hank was arguably better than Kadri (as an example) at the time but if you had to rebuild a team , knowing that one player was significantly younger than the other you would take the younger guy because it sets you up better for the next window of opportunity your team has. (btw Kessel was 25 at the time) In the end I think its what our disagreement is over - my position is that Toronto management were setup for success better than Vancouver management (when both management teams took over) due to the fact that their younger players were their best players. They inherited a cast of better younger players (including JVR who helped them have a great season last year, and Kessel who they translated into a pretty good starting goalie). Bennings inherited a team that had one player 25 or under in the top 10 of their scoring - Zack Kassian. Thats very telling in my mind. Toronto's management has done a pretty good job, and probably have made less mistakes than Vancouvers management (the difference is i think benning et al were being directed from above in their first year or two which resulted in Ericksson etc). But i strongly do not believe that the starting points the managers had were comparable considering the stable of young players the leafs were able to accumulate due to losing for longer than the Canucks were losing at the time. Ill leave it at that, or Ill keep repeating myself. lol
  8. 2 problems with this 1) its in retrospet. the canucks had no idea whose balls would be the winning balls 2) why couldnt the other bottom 5 teams do the same. might as well have everyone throw games. IT would become a gong show, teams fighting it out for the playoffs would have scripted results when they played a bottom 5 team throwing games. Nice sport that would turn into. Maybe WWE is more up your alley?
  9. Honestly Forsberg, i dont think its worth my time to go back and forth with you tit for tat. I must admit that you are one of the more knowledgeable guys in here but your style of conversation has a condescending tone where the back and forth becomes more like a lecture than a hockey conversation. One of your final statements sums it up: " just find it extremely hypocritical of some fans on here that think the Canucks rebuild is a perfect success that has gone exactly as planned, while the leafs is nothing but luck." Ive never said that anywhere. Ill say my final words here and move on because i dont expect we are going to convince each other or have an enjoyable conversation. It is baffling to me how anyone can argue the teams had a similar starting point when the managers took over. The leafs were able to draft higher for most of the 5 or 6 years leading up to 2013-204 and as a result were able to either use those drafts as currency or were able to pick a good young player in the draft. Sure they did not know that Kessel would literally cost them a 2nd and a 9th but at the same time I can only assume that they were comfortable giving up first rounders because they had already drafted high in the frist round a couple times already. Back in 2013-2014 the only scorer 25 year old or less in the top 10 that that Canucks had was Zack Kassian. The leafs had JVR, Kessel, Kadri, Gardiner and Reilly - all 25 or under and all finished top 10 in leafs scoring. Shanny was set up with a better younger core. Benning's best guys were starting or already in their decline, and were hinged with challenging contracts to move. In my mind this was a big advantage for Shanny. How does JVR help them now? Well he doesnt. But he did help them look good last year, and he helped a guy like Mathews develop in a winning environment. Kesler vs Kessel trade value: Kesler basically destroys his GMs negotiating leverage by demanding a 2 team trade list and im supposed to think that Kesler had better trade value? Ok. Sure. regarding Andersen: it was the pick they got from the Kessel trade that got them Andersen https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/leafs-acquire-frederik-andersen-anaheim/ Toronto used one piece of the return for Phil Kessel in the deal, swinging the 30th overall pick, once belonging to the Penguins, over to the Ducks in exchange for Andersen. I dont know why you keep bringing up Bozak, i didnt even consider him as one of the young good players the leafs had. Sedin is better than Bozak sure. But to make my point clear as to why I bring up age....Hypotheticaly, in 2015-2016 if you were told you had to pick one player between Bo Horvat and H Sedin on a rebuilding team who would you take? I would take Horvat even though he produced less at the time I would pick him because of his age and because how much easier it would be to get a better return if I had to move him. This line of thinking encapsulates why I think that Shanny had a better predicament with his younger core than Benning did.
  10. The reason I brought up Kessel is because you listed the years along with the draft positions of each team making it look like the difference wasnt that big...im pointing out that in 2 of those years leaf draft picks were used as currency to obtain a top line forward...... and ..... in the 5 or so years leading up to when the management teams took over the leafs had a clear advantage in terms of what they accumulated BECAUSE of the draft. The only time the Canucks picked higher in those 5 or 6 years was 2013 because it cost them a major young player from their system (Schneider) So in the end, the way I see it, when Shanny took over he had Kadri, Kessel, JVR, Reilly, Gardiner, Brown, Hyman...His best players were around 25 or younger, whereas most Bennings best players were around 30 or over at the time. Is it any surprise that Toronto looks better today? Regarding Kessel vs Kesler return: its debatable. Kapanen + Andersen (the 2 main returns) are not too shabby IMHO. You made it sound like fact that if the Canucks purposely pulled the plug on the season like the Leafs did they would have won the lotto too. 20% chance is not a sure thing. The Canucks have been in a position to draft higher than 5 more than once but they have not had the same lotto luck. Also, i dont like admiring the tactic of purposely manipulating your roster to finish dead last - in my mind it is not honorable, lacks integrity, and if everyone did it the sport could look as scripted as the WWE. The point is that the leafs best players were about 25 or younger back in 2013. most of the Canucks best players were around 30 or over ...many of which were unmovable or hard to move. We are comparing starting points of when the management teams took over. If your best players are like 33 at the time vs 25 or under....which team will look better in 3 or 4 years? At the end of the day I'm not here bashing Toronto's management. They have done a pretty good job and have had some good luck (Mathews, and Tavares wanting to go home) whereas Benning has had 0 luck from the lottery slot machine.
  11. To be fair though, the 2010(#2) , 2011(#9) draft picks the leafs had were major currency that were traded away for Kessel which gave the leafs another major asset they could trade in turn. IMHO Kessel was better than any young Canuck at the time. Also in 2013 the only reason the Canucks picked higher was because it cost them a major organizational young asset in Schneider. The way I see it, in the 5 years leading up to when the management teams took over, the leafs had accumulated higher quality assets from the draft and currency from the draft.( 5th pick, 7th pick, kessel, 5th pick) Also, winning a franchise level player cannot be understated - Mathews is arguably better than anyone in the Canucks organization. That type of player makes it easier to recruit free agent coaches, management, players etc. I dont agree....if Vancouver had done the same in 2016 there is absolutely no guarantee they would have won anything. Canucks finished bottom 5 so many times now and have lost in their draft position. TO management had more to work with (in terms of young talent than Canuck management did in 2013)
  12. Quinn Hughes | D

    thanks for posting this Hutton....its hockey porn!
  13. I disagree They drafted Luke Schenn #5 in 2008 which they turned into Van Reimsdyk prior to Shanahan They drafted Kadri #7, Reilly #5 Not to mention the price(2 first round picks and a second rounder) previous regime paid for Kessel who Shanny traded for the likes of Kapanen etc. In other words they inherited some nice pieces because they sucked long enough to accumulate these high first rounders. They won the draft lottery to get Mathews. So in the end I suppose the brilliant drafting came down to Nylander and Marner (in my mind no brainer picks at the position they fell to the leafs...kinda like how Hughes was a no brainer for us or Zadina was for Detroit) The interesting thing is that since 2014, outside of Dermott who got a good run at the end of the season, their post first round picks have played a combined 12 games in the NHL. Its not like their drafting has been magical when the obvious choice isnt in front of their noses. I think the biggest impact here is the lotto win, a head start in accumulating assets, and the fact that the lost son Tavares wanted to return home out of his own volition.
  14. I suspect Toronto's regime had a bit of a head start by inheriting accumulated assets from missing the playoffs for the vast majority of the 10 prior years. They also had a lotto win where they drafted an elite franchise player (contrast that with losing draft position almost every year) It would also be interesting to examine their roster from 2013 to see if they had the same number of challenging contracts the Canucks had to move too (No trades, Kesler handcuffing management with a 2 team trade list). In the end I dont think they started with the same cupboard - so its hard (and probably unfair) to compare.
  15. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    I think all the arguments about these contracts having a negative impact on the cap situation dont make sense in light of the amount of cap room they have and in light of the fact that many of these guys are coming of the books in the next 1,2,3 years. The other argument I heard , and I have yet to wrap my head around, is that the team is allowed 50 contracts, and the more contracts you have - even if you bury them in the minors, the more trouble you can get into down the road. I still cant see this being an issue because there will be a constant turn over where new will replace old contracts. At the end of the day I cant see a way that the three signings gets them into any sort of trouble.