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  1. Good memory! Amazing what you can find on youtube....37 year old clips (Play by play by Bob Cole and Dick Irvin)! Here is the goal we are talking about. Mere seconds left int he first OT and Harold coughs it up to the most lethal guy
  2. I loved Harold too. There was a stretch there for about 3 years where Harold hadnt scored a goal (maybe im inflating the number of years in my head, its been so long). Then he scored one from the point vs Montreal (i believe) and the crowd went nuts. chants of Haroooold the whole game. Even when Harold had left the Canucks you would occasionally hear the chant in the crowd when they were not playing well....basically a mock chant implying that even Harold would have scored. The other memory of Harold I have is game 1 vs NYI SCF 1982...didnt he cough up the puck and it cost the Canucks game 1? They had played so well holding off the legendary NYI attack that whole game.
  3. Lol Harold " Are you sure you are old enough to drive" What a combo, Harold and QH...
  4. Whats with these weird start times? 10 am to 3pm is prime time where my wife yells at me to get things done.
  5. Now with Rantanen coming back it will prop up his 5 on 5 numbers even more I think. Ive noticed that during 5 on 5 play that QH is not paired up with our top players a lot of the time. I usually see Stech Benn etc on the ice with the Petey line. I wonder how Makar gets paired up in Colorado 5v5.....
  6. Not disagreeing with what you saying...(although ive read that Lafrenier looks like a real elite franchise player ... ) Ive seen posters write " Makar is better at defense" more than once....other than plus minus, which can be misleading, where is this position coming from? Genuinely curious....
  7. Since its too early for the next GDT.... Reminder that the wicked black and gold Jerseys are being worn this Saturday!
  8. Gaudette on a 60 pt pace. a little under the radar playing in the shadow of EP ,QH,BB etc kid keeps getting better and better.
  9. Taylor on 1040 said he is not feeling well, will be a game time decision....
  10. Interesting that some keep up bringing up the 2014 and 2016 first round picks..... The way I look at it is this Unless something goes horribly sideways this year the Canucks will have 3 consecutive calder cup finalists. BB,EP and QH. Im too lazy to do the homework here but how many teams in the past have had 3 in a row? How about how many teams have had three in a row without ever picking in the top 4? To make matters more interesting one can argue that at least 2 out of those 3 were not obvious draft picks. Many of the rankings I saw had EP ranked below 5th. How about BB where he was picked? Surely those players around him were ranked so closely how can anyone argue he was sure pick? At the end of the day the impact of JB's wins in the first round largely outweigh the perceived misses.
  11. I wonder if drai would have scored twice from roughly the same spot if Edler was covering the left side on the pk.
  12. So the schedule gets better for a while. can’t wait for Ferland, Rouss, Sutter and Beagle to get back. i think they will go on a roll again. coilers are gonna hang around in a good position all year. They have two game breakers and the rest of the plugs have bought into Tippets bore you to death system. Not a great recipe for long term success but it’s working for now..
  13. A merry f u to the schedule makers and the league.. 6 game road trip then come home on a back to back. coilers suck. Textbook Definition of a one line team.