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  1. To be fair though Colorado has had 2 advantages 1. They started drafting high back in 2009 (10 years ago) 2. They have had the luxury of drafting 1st overall (McKinnon who is arguably a top 3 talent in the league), 2nd overall (Landeskog) and 3rd overall (Duchene). In other words their best pieces were drafted from a position the Canucks never have been in. Not only have they never been in that position getting into that position is a lot harder now with the revised draft lotto rules. But this may be beside the point. My point was how long do people want the team to fumble in the basement just so that they can make a list of prospects (like you have above) 10 years? 11 years? Colorado, outside of a couple years, hasnt been very good for a decade. What effect does this have on the players? Well, lets hear it/read it from the horses mouth (the same Duchene you bring up) Why did Duchene want out of Colorado? https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/21315211/asking-idol-joe-sakic-trade-avalanche-tough Do you think Bo Horvat, Brock Boeser, Elias etc want to stick around and keep losing for the next 5 years just so that the org can collect highly touted prospects? Not only that, i think some fans forget that the bottom line is that the NHL is a business. Vancouver is a fickle market. Do you expect any business owner wants to keep losing gate revenue year after year? This puts tremendous pressure on GMs to not stay in the basement for a decade. Well, I like this move. Im tired of losing. No playoff wins since 2011. Do you want to keep losing till 2021 so that our prospect pool looks nice? Colorado's pool looks nice, probably nicer than the Stanley cup champs...but draft day trophies alone do not bring you the cup....many factors go into it like giving up assets to fill needs.
  2. If the Canucks miss the playoffs next year they keep the pick. So that gives us 2020 1st Podkolzin Hughes Pettersson Boeser Horvat Juolevi Demko To build around. At what point is it enough? In 2021 Bo will be 26, and will be closer to 30 by the time the player they could have drafted in 2021 could make an impact. So what is management supposed to do? Let this team languish in the basement while the core keeps losing, the gate sales keep dropping, just so that we can keep accumulating draft day trophies? At some point they have to hit the gas pedal on this build, they have gambled that by 2021 they will be ready for playoff action (a FULL DECADE SINCE LAST PLAYOFF SUCCESS) and I am fine with it. Its time to hit the gas.
  3. I like reading other team forums to see what the perception of moves made in Vancouver are. I went over to Calgary puck, not even the fans there are mocking this trade like some local residents here are. An interesting analogy was brought up though- the deal for Hamonic. Hamonic - roughly the same age as Miller when trade was made - was acquired for a first rounder and 2 second round picks. Solid top 4 defender who isnt going to light it up points wise. The type of trade that improves your team but comes at a cost. The first rounder was not lotto protected, and the Flames ended up missing the playoffs. Was there a collective meltdown in the Calgary media and fanbase after they missed the playoffs and New York Islanders were handed a lotto ticket? I doubt it because I suspect the fans realized the value such a player brought to their team. Imagine if that had happened here..... Yeah yeah, Hamonic is a D and top 4 d are harder to come by. But at the end of the day you want quality players you are gonna pay in terms of picks or dollars or other assets. i think that management thinks Miller can step into the next tier - production wise - if he is given prime time here on the top 2 lines. Lets see what the guy can do.
  4. I don’t know why people insist that a guy who put up the best ppg on Tampa after the big 3 forwards and is signed to a reasonable yearly cap hit is a cap dump. as someone else said ... look at what the jets gave up for Hayes and how long did he stay there.
  5. After kucherov, Stamkos and Point, Miller was tied for fourth best ppg on a stacked team where he prob didn’t get prime time. i think you put him in our top 6 with more opportunity he could take a step up into 50-60 point range. Seeing that they retain the first rounder if they miss the playoffs next year makes this a whole lot more palatable. He is a good player.
  6. this player will make them better. they might have a plan to try and recoup that first rounder with a trade to get something in the late first round next year. Its a steep price IMHO, they are betting big on this Miller guy.
  7. Interesting to see that he was ranked in the top 3 between the start of the season and May by multiple rankings. https://www.thedraftanalyst.com/rankings/2019-nhl-draft-rankings-midseason-400/ https://thehockeywriters.com/2019-nhl-draft-rankings-may/ https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/sportsnets-2019-nhl-draft-prospect-rankings-january/ https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/sportsnets-2019-nhl-draft-prospect-rankings-march/ https://www.tsn.ca/craig-s-list-hughes-leads-class-heavy-on-american-talent-1.1279391 More I read, more I like. Hard to argue he wasnt a steal at the position he was taken. In a couple years he will be joining the team during a strong upward trajectory.
  8. sportsnet radio interview with the kid w/translator, sounds real motivated to get to the NHL https://www.sportsnet.ca/650/the-program/vasily-podkolzin-great-pleasure-honour-selected-canucks/
  9. my wife has threatened to put that line in divorce papers more than once lol!
  10. if we picked an american kid there would have been some doubters worried that the kid would have played out the four years and went somewhere else. IMHO the best player to put on a Canuck uni was a Russian, i have a feeling that this is gonna pay off big for us in a couple years. Bo will be 26, Brock will be 24, Elias 22, Hughes 21....prime time baby. Upward trajectory coming.
  11. IMHO if Benning was more concerned about his job than he is about the org he would have taken the safe pick, instead of making the ballsy bet and taking a guy that could make the biggest impact after his contract is up.
  12. Burke said its possible the kid could get his contract reduced to 1 year from 2 years in russia. Wonder what the reason/proof is behind that statement
  13. best talent available of remaining players imho just a risk to see when he comes here