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  1. I think its interesting to look at the best first full two years from siimlar aged players in team history. Yeah different eras different league scoring rates...but Brock is right up there with the rest. In no particular order Toni Tanti: 1983-1985 - 84 goals in 147 games Patrik Sundstrom 1982-1984 61 goals in 152 games Pavel Bure 1991-1993- 94 goals in 148 games Trevor Linden 1988-1990 - 51 goals in 153 games Brock Boeser 55 goals in 131 games Who else am i missing ...first full two years from any players in the same age bracket...
  2. Has he played enough to set that trend though? Year one was a freak accident that put him out most of those games.
  3. I should have worded my post better. Wasnt trying to equate BB with Bure at all. In my mind Bure is the greatest Canuck. When it comes to comparing young players drafted by the Canucks, during the past 50 years, goal scoring wise, how many players outside of Bure have outscored Brock in the first full two years. I expect Petey to move into that category next year...but as of right now BB is one of the best young players ( in that age group) this franchise has ever had.
  4. fair enough. I was thinking of guys we drafted...but yeah those count as first two full seasons too.... I remember there were stories floating around about Tanti walking around Pacific Coliseum with a falcon on his shoulder. I wish i could find a picture of that.
  5. Bure is the greatest canuck of all time IMHO. He is was in a different tier than anyone in this teams history. Sedins are close, The fact that only Bure has outscored BB in first two years says a lot. (well maybe its a sad fact for the org i suppose) Good civil discussion, I enjoyed it Time to get back to work.
  6. i dont know stawns....i keep beating the same horse with this point here....in 50 years how many kids have we had like him...i mean guys who scored more in their first two seasons. So far he looks like one of the most gifted young scorers we have ever had. I think you are not factoring in his age here and are not weighing his ability to read plays and setup other players fairly. Lets see what happens this year. Ill remind you about this conversation at about christmas time. haha.
  7. well, we will never agree on this I suppose. I dont think you have liked the kid from the outset :-) I dont think we will see many guys getting 5.5 or less who are putting up .42+ goals per game at his age.
  8. teams winning cups recently have built their rosters over the past decade when these salaries for younger players were not an issue/trend. Its happening now. What would you pay BB considering his rate of scoring? Freak accident in year one or else he would be well on his way to 35 goals. Second year was a bit tougher on him, as expected, still on a 30 goal pace. Only Bure has scored more in first two seasons in team history (someone prove me wrong here because im taking an educated guess) Secondary scoring, other than Bo, was basically non existent on the team. Its not hard for the other team to put their top checkers d/men on what are basically a couple of rookies and shut them down. I think things will get better for these guys this year with the new additions.
  9. hey i didnt say i like this "new nHL" stuff btw. its just the way it is right now. Look at all the players around the league, similar age bracket, similar production. League is getting younger it seems. Teams are opening the vaults for these guys.
  10. Disagree. There is no player on this team that is better on that wing with EP. This is the new NHL. Top end kids come into the league and they are producing at a high rate. As I said before, how many players in the Canucks 50 year history have put up more goals in the same or less games in their first two years? I wont even look it up, im thinking theres Bure maybe Linden? Very few. All these young guns around the league are not going to get 4 or 5 million bucks, they are getting paid big right away. We dont know where BB is putting himself, if its first or last. This is all speculation. Hold up could be due to a number of factors.
  11. I think the "hasnt been able to stay healthy" is a bit unfair. It was a freak accident that took him out in year one. You are under rating his play making ability and his ability to read the plays. Thats just my opinion. I remember multiple plays where he setup players with excellent passes, an Edler goal in OT sticks out in my head. That Petey bank pass off the end boards was a super smart play by EP, but the fact that Boeser could anticipate it and score was amazing too. Petey looks like a Hank calibre chess player out there...not many can keep up with him , but BB can. Wh enyou say "how is that worth 7m",,,i dont think anyone should be worth 7 million except people who save lives in hospitals and have MD beside their names. In this case its all relative. His peers who put up points at similar rates are in that ball park, and this is basically a market economy....so thats what he is worth in this context.
  12. Im not sure why some people think BB is not worth 7 million under current market conditions. He is in that tier IMHO. Outside of that how many players, at his age, in the teams whole history have put up more goals in the same number of games? The kid is a top tier player, and a very under rated play maker. Remember those OT's with Hughes and EP? He can read the plays at a high level and keep up with those guys in terms of sneaky passes and smart plays. Hes not a one dimensional better version of Reid Boucher that I think some people are implying he is.
  13. one of the greatest calls in canucks history....@#$## Messier!!!
  14. I think it was the game where Diduck fought Paul Kruse? I remember it as a series of hay makers from both guys where i was cringing...ouch.... Edit : yup...here is the penalty summary! what a gong show. Certainly one of the most memorable games of all time as a Canuck fan (oops just realized that this was posted above too) https://www.hockey-reference.com/boxscores/199203010VAN.html EDIT 2: here is the fight....man you can find anything on youtube these days! Look at Kruse's hair...looks like he belongs in that jersey...lol
  15. Bingo! excellent memory.... i had confused ( in the haze of my ol age i had confused this with the WCE team for some reason). All i remember was this was a statement game that showed the canucks were on an upward trajectory and the team had arrived. For some reason I have filed it away in my memory as one of the greatest regular season games. Highly skilled back and forth. Now that i read this I can almost remember Lumme walking in on goal!