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  1. I was kinda spooked by the flames top line looking like ECHLers compared to Colorado's bigger faster top line - made me think twice about a guy like Caufield Then I watched him play. The guy is a machine. He looks like a better goal scorer than J Hughes. Could he be resilient enough to endure a tough series? Theo Fleury was 5'6" (probably with skates on) and he played in one of the toughest eras - he could terrorize opponents with his play and goal scoring - especially early on in his career. If they do pick Caufield they need to insulate him with a good balance of size and speed. Bo/Brock will do fine. Fill out the wings and the rest of the d with some bigger kids.
  2. Flames have been completely dominated for the vast majority of this series. Is Colorado that good or are the flames just gutless. It will be interesting to see how Colorado does in the next series.
  3. Now if only the leafs can be eliminated order will be restored in the hockey universe.
  4. Lol or Johnny Hockey* *Some Conditions Apply (i admit i ripped that off from a different forum)
  5. ive had dozens of arguments with my flames buddy about Bo vs Monahan....i find it impossible to believe Bo would be this invisible in this series...Bo is a horse
  6. hes gonna be all red and swollen like he pulled his head out of a microwave
  7. its interesting watching the colorado D and how their first goto move is not to dump the puck out or off the glass....they try and maintain possession. A stark difference from what we saw the Canucks do most of the time.