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  1. Agree about the shot. We haven’t seen that laser wrist shot for a while. I suspect he may be trying to shoot differently , maybe giving his wrist a chance to recover... pure speculating here ..
  2. BB has been putting up good numbers since day 1. Was a calder candidate before EP and Miller joined the team. Kid consistenly putting up near PPG on that top line. JV is having a career year, and has only been on that line for a few games. Even with career year it might be a stretch for him to get 50 points. Id be far more cautious and wait and see if this is a long term trend or if its a blip when it comes to JV. This might sound funny to you but all this reminds me of Cam Neely and Jimmy Sandlak. Jimmy started playing well and as a result Management thought they could fill some holes by trading Neely because Sandlak made him expendable. Not a good move and moral of the story was wait for some consistent long term performance before betting on one horse.
  3. Not directing this at you in particular Ironman, just general observations. I think its too early in the line swap (BB to the third and JV to the first line) to make any definite conclusions about JV's contribution vs BB's contribution on that first line. Boeser came in as a calder candidate without EP, without JT. There was a time when even Bo was injured and BB kept producing. Sometimes i get the feeling that BB doesnt get enough respect. His playmaking skills are overlooked and he has showed (to me ) that he processes the game at a higher level than JV does. Boeser's potential cant be judged from his production on that third line. Gaudette is fairly inexperienced, still has lots of holes to fix in his game, and Rouss is a decent player but certainly not a guy thats gonna light it up. All of those elements in addition to the fact that he gets reduced ice time now will amount to a reduction in his production. Hell, put EP with Gaudette and Roussel...will he still be a ppg player? I do agree with the above post that the adversity that comes with this new assignment may help Boeser in the long run.
  4. There were several plays last night where Jake looked like a completely different player in the offensive zone than he did last year. His defensive game has been improving incrementally since year one, but the way he has stepped up his game in the O zone is remarkable. Holding on to the puck, making the right short pass, protecting the puck on the boards and then making the smart play...I cant remember too many Canuck players that have taken such a leap in the past. This looks like the real deal. Regarding BB : if this team is to have any success in the playoffs they need both BB and Jake going. They also need a third line that isnt pummeled in its own zone. Part of me thinks that BB has been purposely sent to school on the third line. Its like a semester of defensive training to improve his overall game. Gaud has some weaknesses as a C and this puts BB in a position of learning how to play on the ropes with less talented players. Rounding out his game is a good long term strategy.
  5. good info Jimmy. I wonder if a third line that includes Ferland and Boeser would be an improvement. Pairing up Brock and Bo on the second line would probably work too since they have had success together before. Problem is that it drops Loui to the bottom 6 and probably diminishes any goal scoring the bottom two lines would have even further.
  6. Suck it flames for taking Mason MacDonald (goalie) 2 spots ahead of Demko. Ol mason is warming up the bus in the echl
  7. There is a whole article on the Athletic about this - how QH fell to 7th. A sequence of a couple teams miscalculating and drafting for position etc. Apparently Detroit had Dobson and Bouchard ahead of Hughes, but when Zadina was still available they snapped him up because they didnt expect him to be there. Of course this is all assuming that QH continues to be a better selection than those other guys...which looks like a safe bet as of right now. At the end of the day im glad we were fortunate enough to draft this kid. Perhaps a payback from the hockey gods for being shafted in multiple consecutive draft lottos. It looks like we ended up with 2 top 3 players (EP would probably go first and i bet QH would go top 3) regardless of the draft lotto let downs.
  8. Vintage just posted this in the Brock Boeser thread. Posting it here for some perspective. I usually have no problem with trade proposals etc, but the frequency of "trade Boeser" comments has really increased this year. I think part of the reason for this trade talk is because he is undervalued by some who need some perspective:
  9. Seeing more and more of these "Trade Boeser" comments. We have been spoiled by having franchise phenoms like Hughes and EP join the team in a small time frame. This can over shadow our other young players, now and in the future. If you look at the 50 year history of this team how many players have produced at BBs rate at his age? Its a very small number and we are lucky to have drafted a player like this. We have a young core forming, we dont need to be trading away parts of it to fill other holes only to create a new hole. Top tier wingers are not cheap and as our history shows, not exactly easy to draft. I realize the circumstances around Brock's dad etc, but you dont make deals like this out of emotion.
  10. yeah when i saw that on the news i had a laugh...sure...just leave it up to the person to fill out a questionnaire....
  11. Hartley is an idiot.... That said....i might take some heat for this....why did Torts have to match up his 4th line off of that opening face off? Why not just take the rational approach and put the Sedins out there. Its not like McGrattan and gang would jump the Sedins (at least I dont think so)
  12. I think that his play making skills are under rated by some. He has improved his forechecking and looks better on the boards this year. Up till recently he was a ppg player, and thats not all because of EP and MIller. He is still relatively young and will continue to improve. As an example Look at when Miller was BBs age...totally inconsistent and wasnt as complete of a player as he is now. I suspect that his wrist is bothering him. Remember his first year, his wrist shot had incredible velocity. There was an OT game vs Toronto where he zinged one off of the crossbar in OT, the velocity of the shot was absolutely amazing. Even the crowd in Toronto was buzzing after the shot. We dont see that anymore, its like he is trying to work around a wrist problem. All speculation here of course.
  13. A lot of players doing very well this year... and in Utica too. Yep this org is on a major upswing.