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  1. He needs a change of scenery, 6'3 center who was a stud in junior. Second round pick might do it at this point as hes becoming a healthy scratch.
  2. Yah i hope no one claims Petey too, cant believe hes on waivers, must be the big contract
  3. We are now officially the softest team in the league. Our stars will get run without any retaliation which will lead to injuries. Bring in a knuckle dragger who can play certain games and limited minutes or its going to be a very long season.
  4. Rumors that yotes want to move another great young talent. He has 4 years left at 4.6. I would do this deal straight up in a heartbeat, im not sure other canuck fans would.
  5. Hughes should be very careful how he handles this as I do think the canucks would explore trading him if this doesnt end soon. Petey will get done.
  6. Quinn at 8 mill is an overpayment, ill take Dahlin at his 6 over Hughey at 8
  7. There is not a guy i want less on my team than Evander Kane
  8. Let the brothers Hughey , loui and Duey go play together in the sandbox if they want to so badly but its going to cost you a ton!!!!!!!!!
  9. Quinn should get no more that 6.5 MAX until he proves he can defend. If he wants 8 or 9 then he can go play with his brothers
  10. Hughes should in no way get more than 6.5 under any circumstance until he learns to play D
  11. Sign a fair contract that tells your mates that you care about winning and keeping the core together or adios
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