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  1. A lot of people have Podkolzin set in there with all the waiver eligible talent I think he would be better suited going to Abbotsford. Would sell tickets and he’d work on the systems playing top minutes all situations. Would like to see him be groomed as a penalty killer Boeser Petterson Miller Pearson Horvat Garland Motte Dickenson Hoglander Highmore Sutter Lockwood Gadjovich OEL. Poolman Hughes Hamonic Hunt Myers Juolevi Schenn Abbotsford Podkolzin Rathbone Macewen
  2. With this trade speculation swirling around something that hasn’t been mentioned is that Benning is going to wait to see who is available at 9th before making that decision if one of the defenseman drops I’m guessing he chooses them if there are only Johnson and Guenther left then he’s probably got a decision on his hands with Buffalo acquiring the 14th overall there may be an option of swapping picks with them and gaining a 2nd they could be interested in Walstedt and want to jump over Ottawa who are rumored to be interested as well. Will hav
  3. https://mayorsmanor.com/2021/07/la-kings-predictions-for-the-2020-nhl-entry-draft-round-1/ interesting article from an LA Kings perspective -still have interest in Walstedt -have Sillinger ranked high -Clarke May not be there guy due to other RHD prospects -Mactavish Eklund going early
  4. Could anyone see a : To Van : Ekblad To Florida: 9th , Schmidt
  5. You have 7 & 8 switched around but it wouldn’t change the players based on who you chose Sanjose picks 7th LA picks 8th Decent list, Either way we are getting a good player I’ve seen mocks ya taking Mctavish, Johnson, Hughes, Edvinsson, Guenther Doesn't get much better then that
  6. Alright I’m going to take a stab at my best guess how this draft is going to go. I know very little about the prospects but have spent the year listening and reading articles from scouts. So im basically Bob Mackenzie except I work full time 1. Buffalo : Powers 2. Seattle : Beniers 3. Anaheim: Eklund 4. NJ: Hughes 5. Columbus: Edvinsson 6. Detroit: Walstedt 7. Sanjose: Guenther 8. LA: Clark 9. Van: Johnson ..........I’m fairly confident in those 8 other then Edvinsson @ 5 so I’ll go two scenarios 5. Co
  7. Compiled first round https://t.co/wRLz940OOO
  8. That’s why I didn’t like the Format i interpreted as who the team “Will” pick and “Gut”pick is who he thinks should actually be picked so team need vs his rankings essentially basically two lists
  9. Will Scouch”s final list: not a a fan of his format but here you go: 1st Overall - Buffalo Sabres Will Pick - Matthew Beniers Gut Pick - Owen Power 2nd Overall - Seattle Kraken Will Pick - William Eklund Gut Pick - Matthew Beniers 3rd Overall - Anaheim Ducks Will Pick - Luke Hughes Gut Pick - Brandt Clarke 4th Overall - New Jersey Devils Will Pick - Brandt Clarke Gut Pick - Luke Hughes 5th Overall - Columbus Blue Jackets Will Pick - Fabian Lysell Gut Pick - William Eklund 6th Overall - Detroit Red Wings Will Pick - Owen Power Gut Pick - Kent Johnson 7th Ove
  10. I agree we need a blue chip D man with size defenseman with combination of size skating ability and soft hands don’t come around very often he’s young just needs some solid coaching. People questioning his ability to think the game; he’s a defenseman that has jumped around to different teams. Different players and different systems all while being heavily scouted
  11. Edler- yes they will Hamonic- who cares? Dime a dozen schmidt- traded for young RHD and pick Myers- will be protected =Has nothing to do with the draft, will most likely sign a couple depth defenseman
  12. Another good podcast clip with Will Scouch: Its a Blackhawks podcast who select 11th so they are talking about a lot of the same players as us wouldn’t waste my time listening to the last 25 min but overall a good listen
  13. Anaheim would most likely have to add an additional Piece This is Jack Eichel Zegras and Eklund wouldn’t cut it, would need to add another young roster player
  14. Andrew Wagner article on Svechkov: https://t.co/Vpz6mDmCzx
  15. Ratys season wasn’t overly effected by Covid. I was thinking more CHL players Chaz Lucius is interesting, they might have some in inside knowledge on him.
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