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  1. This is exactly it. Even a kid like Hoglander would get absolutely swallowed up on that line. Hoglander would definitely look better but it's still a death trap for point getting.
  2. Focht isn't ready yet. Lind I would argue isn't ready yet either however would be good on a powerplay. He's a great finisher but not exactly much of a play driver or playmaker. Very similar to Gaudette honestly. Probably better finish than Gaudette though. Think of Gaudette last season.
  3. The funny thing is I'm also very pro mask and social distance oriented Hahaha. I just have a lot of compassion for both sides. One side is hurt by the small chance of something really bad happening to them and the other side is really hurt because their lives have been completely destroyed. And on top of that, a government of absolute incompetence for both sides whether it be provincially or federally. Absolute incompetency from so many angles. There should have never even been a "flatten the curve" if the virus was that scary. It should have been "prevent a curve fro
  4. It all depends on what you consider fearful which is a matter of opinion. In context, a 10-13% mortality rate is something to be feared as society all seemed to agree to that number being fearful at the start of Covid. We all made plans and policies to prevent that number from existing. Remember at the beginning when you had the conspiracy theorists saying it's over a 99% survival chance? Yeah, they're not looking like conspiracy theorists anymore are they? Why is that? But that's aside from the point, the idea is that some think certain reports are fear mongering. The definition of fear m
  5. If you actually read the study you'd know that neurological disorders hardly saw an increase at all actually. Unless you consider 1-2% an increase. Most of the numbers came from psychological disorders, mainly in things attributed mostly to anxiety. Anxiety was the biggest number that was derived from that 33% by the way. Mood swings and depression was another big number. And of those numbers, it was around 5% increase for first time diagnoses if I remember correctly. Which is completely expected considering how much fear is perpetuated in the media these days. Things like strokes, dementia, b
  6. I don't think it's unfair to say he's played like a fringe NHL player this year. The guy is getting consistently good minutes and pouring out consistently awful performances. A 2nd liner should not go more than ten games without having a really nice play. Does he have good hands? No. Is he a good forechecker? No. Does he have good finish? No. Does he make consistently good passes and generate offense? No. Is he physical? No. Is he a play driver? No. What exactly is he warning 3 million for? You could argue he was a decent finisher last year but this year
  7. Holy &^@# this is a bad signing. Anything above 2 was a gross overpayment. Wow. He's fantastic with picking prospects and absolutely horrendous at contract negotiations.
  8. To be fair, suicide numbers don't include suicides by overdose because they can't technically prove in something like over 95% of cases that it was somebody intended to kill themselves or if it was an accidentally large dosage. There has been a big uptick if I remember correctly with overdose deaths since covid started. I think like 57% or something if I remember correctly.
  9. Can you even do that? I thought the max a contract could be retained in total was 50%.
  10. Surface transmissjon has been largely discussed as extremely slim chances to get the virus. Studies have shown there would need to be an extraordinary amount to be transmitted to be picked up from a contaminated surface. They'd have to basically sneeze into their hand and then touch something. However with that said the Mythbusters episode is good for showing how touching your runny nose or whatnot and then touching somebody else can spread it easily. This is why hand hygiene is so emphasized. Always recommend the video you show. I miss that show.
  11. They have to keep this kid in the lineup.
  12. I don't understand why it takes these places forever to run tests. We have covid analyzers in ours and it takes a whole day to test? What slow ass machines are they using?
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