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  1. I'm talking about pre-covid though. Post covid is expected but he hasn't driven the net all year. I think it was 2017, maybe 18 that he was going too the net like a madman. To me that's vintage Horvat and the guy's only in his mid 20's lol.
  2. I miss when Bo used to be able to skate past players. He rarely uses his speed anymore I feel like his technique went away or something. One season he was blowing by everybody and then now he never drives around players except for the super rare play now.
  3. While that's definitely true, I wonder if the Aqualini's have wanted to save a bit of currency by hiring a rookie coach and to not deviate from that this season when there was a whole bunch of pressure to get rid of Green. It's a complete conspiracy theory, but rumors have floated around about it. If they wanted to save cash on a head coach then I'd give JB a shot, but if that's JB's selection for coaches then it's understandable considering the team hasn't moved up or down. One thing that does surprise me though for teams that aren't contenders is the fact that many will spend to the cap.
  4. I definitely would avoid the collapse with a ten foot pole like we play now. Our defense has a lot of two-way aspects and is teetered towards offensive, so to play extremely passive and to not use any of the offensive capabilities seems silly to me. We have quite a few good puck moving defensemen, yet we play a constant up and out game and our forwards don't play high enough to counter (which is odd considering that's our only hope on offense because we play so passively). I'd prefer a tighter checking defensive set up because that's what our team is largely consisted of. Our whole bottom
  5. Anyways back to the thread, I have a much bigger issue with coaching than I do Benning. I think on paper this team should be competitive but they don't nearly play to the potential they're capable of achieving. I also believe we don't play the right players. I think our depth that Green chooses to play have some anchor contracts and anchor playstyles that don't help the team as much as many suggest. I think we actually could have a decent bottom six but we haven't played guys like Mac, Bailey, Graovac, etc. all year. I think we haven't been given games to some kids that need it in Dipietro and
  6. Yeah Button is hilarious as a draft ranker. He's got some guys in great positions that I completely agree with and then a whole bunch of super overrated prospects in other positions. I have no idea what this guy looks for when he does his analysis.
  7. Gadjovich is a guy that is a beneficiary of being in the right place at the right time. He's not a guy that goes out there an makes plays happen, but he can take advantage of when the plays come to him. To say he has way more upside than Macewan is nonsensical.
  8. Sucks to win at this part of the season but good job on the boys! Good 2nd and 3rd!
  9. Why the hell is Edmonton playing before Montreal and Toronto? Makes no sense. They should be last to play.
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