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  1. I go to Stanley Park to pay respect to Holtby's old mask.
  2. Green said he was racking up too many penalty minutes. And there he goes again! 5 more! What is he thinking?!
  3. They have the iq for it. There's sometimes great 4th liners who think the game well but lack to the tools and then there's some 4th line grinders who only know one way to play the game. Green is the latter. It's time we hire somebody smart.
  4. Well we are blocking shots this game but still no hitting. We can't win committing to only 50% of the winning strategy.
  5. Bo has played like dog$&!# since after his great first game.
  6. In a seriousness, he's defending the pass down low in case it goes to the goal line player. That's the idea behind his positioning. Is it a good strategy? Obviously not.
  7. They do, just with one player on the penalty kill so that it opens the ice if they make one pass! It's a great idea! The boys are opening up the ice! That's good right?!
  8. I love how on the pk our forwards play higher in the defensive end than 5 on 5 lol.
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