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  1. Lmfao they really didn't give the Oilers less than a C?! Their moves were dreadful.
  2. Lots of people here did. His advanced stats had shown at the time he was in the top 2% for allowing controlled rushes against on Vegas and he was in the top 2% on zone entries as well or something close to that regard. It was stats like this that had people saying he was a #1 dman. There you can see the advanced stats people pulled for him and also many people putting him as our #1 or #2 dman. He was at the top of the league in playing against heavy competition, had good possession metrics, etc. Now obviously most rational people didn't peg him as a #1 dman. But many
  3. I'd take the word of people who have watched full seasons of the kid play over somebody on a Canucks forum claiming he will be better than one of the best defensemen this team has ever had. Also all those advanced stats are cherry picked anyways. You'd be a fool to believe 99% of them. Remember Nate Schmidt's advanced stats? Guy was a #1 dman before coming to our team.
  4. You have to pay for potential though... Those guys are well established.
  5. Also all reports from Jets fans say he's a great #5-#6 guy but play him more minutes than that against top talent and the guy won't earn his cap.
  6. I don't think many people truly understand how good defensively Tanev was for us. Sadly one of the most underrated players in franchise history. The guy was elite defensively. Do you understand how hard this is to find at the NHL level?
  7. Is it similar to the nhl where provincial/state taxes apply to salary?
  8. I can't remember which teams but there were only 2 other teams with a higher percentage of draftees playing on their roster. Wanna say it was Carolina for one of them and can't remember the other.
  9. That's a bit generous of you to say Seattle looks average. They look like utter dog$&!# lol.
  10. It's hindered on two things: our team defense, and whether or not that ridiculous defensive collapse system finally gets put into a trash can and set on fire the way it deserves to. That style of play should never be played at the level of the NHL.
  11. If you can lock up Hughes long term to like a 6.5 aav, that could potentially be a huge steal down the line. The kid can't get worse defensively and will always be a good offensive player. But if he improves defensively and then keeps that offense, that contract looks ridiculously good. Petey I think will earn whatever value we give him. If we can get him for 7 I think we are absolutely laughing but even at 8.5 I think that's fair provided his two way game and his compete level.
  12. I just want to know how he drives plays and that's not something that you can get a huge grasp on in those clips. Once you get to the 5 million dollar aav mark I like to see some play driving ability to go along with the quick thinking and raw talent. I think that's where sometimes guys like Bo and Brock sometimes irritate me. They have the ability to drive the play and then other times become reliant on their talent and don't quite control play the way I know they're capable of. I'd rather prefer guys with less skill but have a higher impact on the game in guys like Hoglander, Motte, etc. tha
  13. Haha sorry boys. &^@#in Dad brain. I read that line too. I need some sleep lolllll
  14. Where does it say in there that he was offered anything by the Canucks? It says he could re-sign but it doesn't say he was offered something.
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