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  1. Then and than. Always shake my head with this one. It sounds so wrong when they are misused.
  2. Anyone in on The Score (SCR)? WOW I'm not in it but was looking at it last summer in the 60-70 cent range... Nevermind. Stock split? Thought the jump was off the news of sports betting bill...
  3. Big jump from college to the show. He's feisty, got a nice hit or two in during his 5 games and probably should have had a couple points, but watching him closely you could tell he was a step behind. He didn't have the speed and power in his first few steps. Will be fun to see where he's at after the summer. I certainly wouldn't be against him starting out in Utica. It will never hurt him or his development to do so. Play well and earn a call up. If he earns a spot on the big club he should start out on the fourth line and work his way up like Horvat did. Nucks
  4. I can understand people being upset he left, but I don't understand the hate. He was great last year down the stretch when injuries hit. He was gaining confidence and even jumping up into the play and driving the net like biega likes to do. He was often their best defender when he got to play big minutes. I'd welcome him back in a heartbeat with no hard feelings that he left. With a bit of experience and some improved conditioning he can be a big part of this team moving forward. He has the potential to be one of their best defenders for the next 10 years.
  5. Put him in the lineup tonight, dammit!
  6. He changed his twitter pic to him in a Canucks jersey a few weeks ago
  7. It may take a number of years yet before he puts the whole package together, but Jake can and will bring both in his prime, you can bank on that.
  8. I like Virt but he's just not ready. Watching the game in the third period last night there was about 4-5 plays in a row that died on his stick over several shifts. He just doesn't process the game at an NHL level yet. He has good individual skill and will make good passes and will make skillful plays with the puck but he's never going to be a high hockey sense, high hockey IQ player. He is a player that will rely on his physical attributes, his size, his speed, his shot. The rest of his game will come with time and experience but there's no need to rush him. I think he should be sent down
  9. You're right, I was thinking that too haha.
  10. I like Virtanen, I wouldn't be surprised if he stay up with the team this year. He is physically ready, he is already crushing NHLers and that is going to pump up the crowds in the library. But man, if he had even 1/3 of the offensive IQ/vision that McCann has it would be an absolute no brainer to keep him up. He has the individual offensive skills and shot to be a good goal scorer but his slight lack of ability to truly play well/give and go with his linemates leaves you wishing for more offensive IQ. He's going to be a great player for the canucks but it's hard not to think how good he
  11. No one can predict his ceiling, but 3 things are for sure with his speed and strength, JV is going to be steamrolling opponents and scoring Evander Kane like goals for years to come and actually making that arena cheer in the process.
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