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  1. This guy must be super pissed, gets traded from Tampa and they go on to win the next 2 Stanley cups.......
  2. I'm intrigued by this.....when I read it I thought that it can't be true, so I went to maps and tried to find a straight line route that proved you correct but I can't....I'm genuinely curious on this, can you provide proof?
  3. 4mil signing bonus and 4mil salary, say for instance a 20% escrow is agreed and I believe the bonus is not subject to escrow. That leaves remaining income at 7.2mil and after taxes that probably lowers to roughly 4.2mil. If he takes the 3m bonus this off season and retires he might walk away with 1.6mil after tax. So by retiring he is probably leaving roughly 2.5mil on the table. Considering his career earnings to date and the impact of COVID-19 it's not inconceivable that he may look at things and decide that it's time to retire after taking the bonus this
  4. I'm not expecting Woo to compete for a spot until at least his D+4 year, even then only as an injury call up. Will probably spend all of his waiver exemption time in AHL & having to fight his way into line-up on his 1st year of waiver eligibility.
  5. We don't need him to be an NHL player, just a veteran presence in Utica for when Demko gets called up to the NHL. The same role Bachman played this season. He would be 4th choice at best.
  6. Lol!!! Reading it now, I see my post could be read as me being 'smart' or making a snide comment. Not intentional, just responded quickly without thinking about it too much. To lazy to copy paste for a translation and my curiosity was satisfied by just finding the site.
  7. stand up Google can be a useful tool. I cant read Russian but highly unlikely to be Vegas
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