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  1. Demko kept us in this one. 3-2-1 pretty good considering how poor we looked a lot of it.
  2. What does every coach and commentator say when having trouble scoring? Shots from everywhere, go to the net. We don’t do that at all. It is to the point that a PTO player gets first PP time because he is only one willing to go to net. It took a 5 on 3 to get one of our stars to go to the net and score an ugly goal last night.
  3. Got better as game went on. First was awful. Third period was the first road period they have played this trip and how they should be playing every period on the road. Still a long way to go. Nice to see Dickinson step up. If he could win face offs he would look a lot like Sutter but bigger. Good defensive game, can shoot the puck but handles it like a hand grenade and has no idea what to do with it on offence. The other difference being he makes it in the lineup. Do hope Podz draws back in for Seattle. That Chicago team is awful. Other than Kane and Debrinkat they looked terrible. If it wasn’t for Arizona I would say we just played the worst 3 teams in the league and came out 1-2 which is not good. I was hoping we would sign Khiara in off season. Would have looked good on 4th line but on Chicago he was second line right wing. Think about that Khiara as second line right wing. That is a bad team.
  4. Are there any other spellings of Burrows that the scouts should know about?
  5. Okay when Hughes, Rathbone and Horvat can’t handle the pressure of just Khiara, something is wrong. End of shift or not.
  6. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t rather see than this.
  7. I think we start out much better, but Chicago is a more desperate team and I think will ultimately pull it out 3-1 with the usual EN goal. I think we roll onto Seattle and just lay down for them and lose 5-1. 1-4-1 on season opening trip and about what they deserved for the effort they have been putting out.
  8. True but there are levels to this game.
  9. He is fully responsible for the global supply chain problems. How can the Americans blame Biden, don't they know it was Trudeau.
  10. Cancel culture isn't new. Book burnings to Tipper Gore, it has been used by both sides of the isle in the US. Even as the right wing side is rallying against cancel culture now, they are they continue to be some of the worst practitioners of it. Anyone says anything bad about Trump cancelled by the right. At this point the lunatic wings of both party are excluding the vast majority of the actual population.
  11. Kind of looks like they were in Michigan around Quinn's birthday and maybe celebrated too much.
  12. I don’t think Julien is the guy, not Boudreau either. I am concerned by the lack of basic details, support and coverage. Some of that is all the new or young players and should improve. What worries me more though is the lack of changes in the obvious problems. When the PP goes out I don’t think I hope they can score anymore, I think I hope they can gain possession in the zone. They seem to have one option for the breakout and teams have adjusted. Buffalo pressed the back pass again and again and we never had a second option. PP and PK are too static with people standing around. You have QuinnHughes, he should be roaming and looking for holes in the PK. The PP breakout problems can be measured in years now and that isn’t acceptable.
  13. Going to lay some eggs through the season sure. Not screaming for anyone to get fired but am starting to wonder if Green is the guy. If things get to the point where someone is going to get fired then I do think all heads should be rolling. As good a summer as I think Benning had it would be his mess.
  14. Hard to argue when we had poor effort, poor execution and support and some of the worst special teams that I have seen. I am starting to lean this way too though wouldn’t get rid of the coach without sending out the guy that hired him.
  15. Bad sign when our best two players so far this year came from Arizona and they weren’t even Arizona’s best players last year.
  16. I hope this is last time we see Hunt for the season. Abbotsford is just down the road.
  17. These special teams are going to kill us if we don’t pull it together.
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