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[Rumour] Bo Horvat Trade/Contract Talks


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1 minute ago, DontMessMe said:

I think we SHOULD trade Bo. He only has 2 year left on his contract (next year is his last year then he becomes an UFA). Does Bo really want to go through another possible re-build. If I were him, I would sign with a contender 

Right I get all of that I still think you wait until the final stroke of midnight to pull that trigger. 

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Let's face it. Benning's time as management is coming to an end, sooner rather than later. Whether it was keeping stale Green for too long, or just the overall ineffectiveness of his supplementary players, it doesn't matter.


The Canucks SHOULD explore trading one or all of:




Miller (definitely)


The Canucks can do a HARD rebuild and then basically retool in year 3 or so. Yes, they'll need to find replacement players for the above, but too many times have the Canucks let their assets go for nothing.


Coach Green sucks. There should not be anyone making excuses for why he can't produce with a vastly improved roster (by all accounts). Green has NEVER shown that he has been a good coach in the NHL thus far. I STILL don't get why management (whoever was in charge) extended Green for two years when Colorado's coach got the same extension. It's just laughably bad.


I am all-in for tank mode. The so-called playoff window is closed. Just build around the team's young players and retool on the fly.

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1 minute ago, rekker said:

You take calls on everyone at this point. Sadly, this team will need a re-tool on the rebuild. Bo, JT, aren't sticking around for that. May was well see what offers come in. Can't imagine this team without Bo. But we are crap.

Yes, including Petey, & Hughes. But Petey value is rock bottom ugh. No harm in trying to figure out value 

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I'd be very disappointed if we traded Bo. I would question even being a canuck fan at that point, just seems illogical. We need different leadership at the top. Say what you want about Gillis, at least the guy had the players backs and did everything in his power to make them the best he could. Sleep doctors, top training, nothing was out of the question. He showed leadership. 

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