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  1. Roussell expressing his toxic masculinity and forgot to ask for consent.
  2. Is it just me or are we starting to realize why Vegas parted with 88 for a 3rd?
  3. Myers just confused he wasn’t on Winnipeg anymore. Don’t worry, he is good now.
  4. It’s a no brainer... simply just enjoy your Christmas!
  5. https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/daily-quotidien/200807/dq200807a-eng.htm
  6. I actually haven’t been told information regarding this. Can you please elaborate? Depending on the severity of that point could adjust my position on this.
  7. My life is no more valuable than anyone else’s. That is correct. Sure: https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/global-covid-19-case-fatality-rates/
  8. America is projected to have a vaccine by January.
  9. No I am not good with that. You are assuming every single person in Canada gets COVID-19 before a vaccine is released? I’ll give you the ole Joe Biden “C’mon man!”
  10. I never said it was essentially nothing. What I am saying is that the opportunity cost of the countries restrictions. For example, the unemployment rate has over doubled since February. In February, the unemployment rate was 5.6%. July was 13.7%, September 11.3%. That is a significant uptick of stress for families. Correlated to those numbers are owners and operators of companies suffering to get by and stay afloat. This is just one example of the cost of the countries restrictions. A second example is the struggle for children trying to do E-learning often resulting in one parent ne
  11. I didn’t say it’s a big fat nothing. But I am saying that keeping the entire country shut down with a battered economy and unemployment at record high with families simply trying to pay rent and keep food on the table is not justified with the mortality rates being what they are. Not sure why you sound hostile; simply rationalize your thinking and change my mind instead.
  12. Sorry for your loss brother/sis. Very sorry to hear.
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