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  1. NRA is a terrorist organization.

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      The problem with every debate in today's society is that people always try to pinpoint one cause to a a particular problem when usually there are multiple forces at work.


      The availability of guns is a problem. The stringency of background checks is a problem. The lack of mental health treatment for people who need it is a problem. The lobbying power the NRA has is a problem. You can't solve all these issues at once, but you can sure as hell fix none of them by wasting all your time arguing who's fault this is.

    3. JV77


      I don't see them any other way!  How are they different?  Go and see their social media and marketing, it feels exactly like a terrorist group.  They promote guns like a god and anyone against them they attack.


      You think it sounds dumb, because no one has ever really said this in the media, it's shocking for people to hear.  They don't fit the stereotypical type of people we know as terrorists...


      NRA is a terrorist group.

    4. Stelar


      @gerry35 congrats, you are the dumbest guy on the boards today. 

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