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  1. Im still waiting for the bench press comp. Until some sort of feats of strength is involved imo there is no president.
  2. Never took a timeout in football? I believe you but wow... Sometimes wish the NFL was like that at the end of games. Anecdotal evidence aside, of course there are reasons to not take timeouts just as there are reasons to take them such as being tired or on tilt as I mentioned. The nucks doing the bag skate is great but doesnt necessarily mean they are better conditioned then every team at every point in every game (for example after a 2 min shift trapped in your own end and you ice it). I dont think well agree here, two differing opinions I guess.
  3. Yep I was just commenting on how that is the way Green is for better or worse. I do hope it is for the rest and to protect/increase the lead of course and not due to Podkolzin's play as I thought he had a solid game.. Although I do believe he could use more timeouts.
  4. Um if youre tired they sure are and if your tilted they are a good way to calm things down.
  5. Green being Green with the young guys imo.. Same as how he refuses to use the time-out
  6. Think the nucks deserved that one although should have won it in regulation. Questionable calls at the end of the game but that’s gonna happen and the coaches have to do something there imo.
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