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  1. Can remember his brief stint with us. Underrated Dman imo. Very sad news. RIP Tom.
  2. KD just had nothing left at the end.
  3. Even though it’s always posted still get a kick out of it when ppl post this gif as reply a la the Drance tweet lol!
  4. A good start. And even though extended, Im thinking Baumer may be on a short leash as well with the other additions.
  5. From a defensive standpoint at this time he is probably one of if not the worst in the league but thankfully he brings quite the offence to make up for it. He needs a ton of work on the D side of things no doubt but as he grows and gains experience that should come. Not too worried about QH personally.
  6. Thankfully Philly doesnt really need a LHD. Giving up OJ would be a mistake imo, while he is not going to be as flashy as a Makar, Hughes or Fox, he is going to be a solid D man in the league.
  7. Would do this deal in a second but like others have said, cant see buffalo parting with Cozens without an overpayment.
  8. Everyone triggered!! Bwahahahahaha. Nuthuggers, libs, it’s all a big clown show
  9. Titans loading up!
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