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  1. Any body have any idea if Edler would make a good player/ d coach ? He always seems quiet, not much of an interview, but perhaps different in his environment?
  2. Regarding Jim, Jan, I do clearly remember hi saying they were hoping to sign him last year but had to wait to see how they faired with the cap and player movement. I don’t remember anything about JB saying he wanted too much. I agree that this is an unfortunate situation that has gone on 3 years too long, and we were all excited to see him develop more with us in this league. But at least in the KHL he hasn’t been submitted to the pugilists of the game and has grown from the 21-22 year old rookie we saw to a solid young man at 26.. that foundation for his body to full
  3. That could be the perfect, attainable ceiling for this kid.
  4. To add , I can’t believe some of the blow back JB is getting over Pearson. a non typical season of 11 points in 33 games. Our LW is solid and dynamic : Miller Hoglander Pearson Motte Pearson will give up a 7 team no-trade list in the 22-23 season. This keeps us stable and flexible. I think Nik comes in at 2x 2.5 to UFA. the years after that I’m sure he is a 4-5m player. So perhaps it’s a 3x3m to UFA, tradeable in the 3rd season. More players are going to be looking for stability than money after this pandemic.
  5. Bennings interview today : “ you know , we’ve got Podolzkin stepping in , and we’d like to get Tryamkin signed” id say penciling in accounts for 60% of the equation. smell the roses haters
  6. Hmmmm .. just realized But someone may have pointed out the line up on LW.. not too shabby. Miller Hoglander Pearson Motte
  7. Gilman would have been a perfect shotgun partner for JB if we could have kept him.
  8. LOL! Alf usually had less to say and would get to his point quicker.
  9. .. like mums home made bread thick sliced and a crust you’ll break your teeth on
  10. This isn’t that bad, he gets one more full season protected with us, and submits a 7 team no trade list in 22-23, after that he can go anywhere.. these past 2 co-vid seasons are off the charts IMO. 11 points in 33 games this season. I think he is an asset for stability next season, and possibly returns one in 22-23.
  11. Yes, I think the Canucks are finished for this season, even if they test negative at some point, their health and well being is at risk without practicing and being in game shape. I think the only reason the NHL has not announced this yet is because they are probably scrambling to re- schedule some games to balance out for other teams what the Canucks will drop . Im sure when the announcement comes, an alternative schedule or plan will be announced. Good luck to Podz,. I do hope he can continue skating as long as possible. kids a beast.
  12. Dude, if your in the “Big House” it might be the safest place to be
  13. They’re hormonal kids Harry, puberty isn’t a word they can pronounce yet, let alone ask an intelligent question about it. Rumour was Diamond and Benning are going to talk this month to get the ball rolling, I beleive @aGENT mentioned that we could sign him before this Expansion for next season and he would not be eligible for the Expansion Draft because he did not play this season. read an article the other day wondering why sports talk radio is dying ... well given this day and age of information at our fingertips, is it any wonder that more fans know more about their favour
  14. Hopefully something gets sorted out regarding Tryamkin this month then.. I’m sure that bit of “job security” and confirmation would excite Nik who was hoping to be here for this season.
  15. It would be for you to if you only played 30 NHL games vs Jake’s 279 games. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=173023 detroit is thick with prospects, and 2 seasons of Covid has not helped.
  16. I would have grabbed him.. Jake has plateaued and become time consuming project . Evgeny needs game time .. could be the powerhouse we hoped Jake would be. Time to Waive Jake.. hope somebody takes him off our cap.
  17. .. to add, far too much pressure on kids and families for a kid to be developed at 14-15 years old.
  18. So very true, or the Canadian Junior Teams turn to Canadian Universities to “adopt” them and go NCAA themselves. I think there is a win / win solution to this, that makes the game twice as strong as it is in this country.
  19. We never really know what “prompts” moves to happen.. this game has always hap the code of being politically correct in private matters. Media can kill the career of many an athlete,. And in this day of social media , hard to say where a lot of opinions are created, I do appreciate most of the speculation and information I get on these threads,. There is always somebody who is watching somebody, or a referral to scout with an avatar/ profile throwing his video/opinion into the universes.
  20. Creates a greater game even at the community level of teams that are Junior B.. where I have seen some great hockey played.
  21. How the hell did I forget about Jet Woo? Damn Benning is doing a fantastic job really,. I feel we are mimicking a Bruins template for depth and a farm system.. easy to see why Tryamkin looked so appealing to him.. Tryamkn at 18 was skating better than Chara at 24 lol.
  22. I was reluctant to say that because I haven’t seen him that much this season,. But the season before looked very promising.. have to appreciate some of these lads seasoning themselves in College. I have always been hopeful of seeing the Draft age go to 20.. and allowing the Junior hockey age to go to 22. Less pressure on kids, parents, Teams, all the way up the ladder.. takes a lot of the guess work away, allowing better development, and better hockey .
  23. I guess we all need to except the fact we are in the lottery again, lol. Time to keep an eye on the top 15 prospects, damn it.
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