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  1. Eriksson is the only guy we should be looking at moving at this point. We need the depth from Sutter based on the durability of our bottom-6 centres. Baertschi was on pace for almost 50 points last season until the 2 freak injuries, none of which were his fault (puck breaking his jaw & blindside hit from behind). He's our most skilled player other than Petey, no way we should just trade him for an unknown, especially when we're finally trying to be competitive.
  2. Jake Virtanen scores 26 goals. Quinn Hughes win the Calder. Brock Boeser scores 44 goals. Pettersson wins the Hart. Pettersson scores 104 points Demko wins 30 games.
  3. You should consider the fact that Horvat played more defensive minutes and d-zone draws while still achieving top 6 production in points. Not to mention the intangibles. Also his progression trends up every season. I would value Horvat at 2 first round picks minimum with at least one of them being unprotected. And I still wouldn't make that trade unless one of them was the Jack Hughes pick.
  4. * fixed that for you. I love the orca logo. I thought it was awesome how the Canucks logo is able to represent the history of Canada and the West coast at the same time while looking like the letter 'C'. Also if we're talking history, the logo is based off of Aboriginal art. You know, from the people who were on this country first technically. Also their art is everywhere in Vancouver so it's hard not to identify the orca with this team and this city.
  5. No proof, just rumours. Why would they release this to the press without proof unless there's a hidden agenda? Anyone can make a recording accusing someone of something. Very fishy.
  6. Pearson now is worth a lot more than Gudbranson. But when we acquired him, he was a struggling forward playing 3rd to 4th line roles on a team that didn't fit his style of game. Just like Gudbranson was a struggling defenseman who couldn't catch our competition due to our new "run and gun" style of play. I'd say you could probably acquire a player of the same calibre as what Pearson is now for Hutton. So at best probably a gritty almost 20-goal scorer in their mid to late 20s. On the low end you're probably looking at a bottom-6 forward of similar age with 3rd line scoring potential. Let's just say we already have a lot of the forwards we would get for Hutton. Hutton for RHD makes the most sense if we're trading him.
  7. best 1 liner ever! :D LOL

    1. BigCountry18


      LOL how did that happen!? More like best one word ever! :P

  8. Boucher in, Megna out!

  9. Alexis Texas Mia Khalifa Sara Jay Asa Akira Kendra Lust Sophie Dee Brandi Love Nikki Benz Nicole Aniston Esperanza Gomez Willie Desjardins
  10. Tryamkin's big body would have been good against Anaheim's big body 1st forward unit. Some bad bounces, pretty close game until the end.

    1. Bur14Kes17


      Canucks were straight up terrible tonight and the score shouldn't have even been close. That said, I wouldn't be surprised to see Tryamkin out there sooner rather then later..

    2. Alflives


      JB should just get it over with and fire WD.  

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