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  1. from the petey barstool thread. there isn't a single sexist or abusive comment in that thread, besides maybe one of mine, where I imply that Danielle Huntley would have sex with petey. If that's all it is, ban me. why lock this entire thread. seriously. the only logical reason seems to be that one of the mods (or some, or all) didnt agree with the PLETHORA of people who thought JD Burke's criticism was dumb as hell, and decided to lock it cuz it hurt your feelings. if that is seriously the case, that person (or those people) need to be dismissed as moderators. Theyre here to enforce the rules, not enforce their opinions. This goes beyond rule enforcement. It's a joke.
  2. i mean no $&!#e this threads gonna be locked too but why was the other one locked in the first place... without explanation. kinda weird. i ain't down with it.
  3. I want an explanation. Nothing in that thread violated any rules.
  4. Can someone actually tell me what barstool has done to be so triggering? I can literally only find the Roenick thing. Seem's pretty weak, even for cancel culture.
  5. you coulda tagged me bro it's one clip. admittedly i havent watched him at all this season but what i saw out of him last season was a whole lotta brain farts in his own end. He gets lost sometimes. He gets turned around. He can be clunky going up against guys who know how to dance around him a bit. That was largely his issue when he first played with us and it's something i've yet to see him fix. So I stand by what I said. Edit: it's kinda funny how you're still salty over that lmao
  6. much higher chance we make a snap trade for a veteran 3rd stringer in that situation like we did with Domingue this year
  7. mouth. you can reconstruct my face but you cant reconstruct my balls.
  8. He had the 2nd highest minutes on a LV team that had better defence than we did last year. Was in the 97th percentile in terms of the quality of competition he faced. Ended up +11 with 30+ points playing against the best players in the league. He wore and 'A'. Some LV fans wanted him to be their captain. You're underrating him greatly.
  9. tryamkin as a solid PK guy is laughable. 100% of posters who think tram's coming back and making a difference on our backend have not watched his play since he's left. He's a defensive liability. He's a #6 at best.
  10. Anyone have any insight on what his demise has been the past few years? Seems he didnt even have that great a year when he won a cup. Did it have something to do with the style of hockey the Caps played in front of him? Is he slowing down? Will a decreased workload help him? He's only 31... Seems a bit early for him to fall off a cliff. What's the deal?
  11. Looking at twitter, it seems this is very very unconfirmed. The thread title tag should be changed to [Rumour]. From what it looks like, its a bidding war between Calgary and Edmonton at this point.
  12. Seeing some people on Calgary's side of twitter talking about 7 years $6M AAV?... but idk nothing official.
  13. I know it was a fake report, but still. Term and NMC... and cost of living in alberta. 1. $4.5M in AB is $5M in BC. 2. We did not want Markstrom for another 4 years. 3. We did want to give Markstrom a NMC, which would directly correlate to us losing Demko and relying on a 30+ year old goalie to carry this young core indefinitely. If it turns out to be 4x$4.5M with an NMC. I think it's a good deal for Marky, a good deal for Calgary... and a deal I'm happy we didn't sign.
  14. Actually he JOINED in 2005... Which is kind of impressive. This guy's been here longer than a lot of the mods lol. Imo anyone with an account made 2010 or earlier should be ban immune. Gotta respect your OG's
  15. I feel like that would actually be a fantastic contract for both sides
  16. If this is because it came down to OEL or Toffoli... I think I like this move. We'll see.
  17. to be fair, he's been on the edmonton oilers, nj devils, and arizona coyotes... those franchises are trash with or without him.
  18. Likely not. I believe Benning told Barry he could seek out a trade for Loui but told him he would not be including a pick or sweetener. There was a report on this a little while back.
  19. I like Dillon on our bottom pairing with Stecher. I think they would compliment each other perfectly actually. And both are solid defensive players who can play up in the lineup if needed. That the type of 3rd pairing you with a cup with.
  20. you know what, fair play. i came out on the wrong end on this one. i am guilty of being a bit too much on trump's nads, as one poster so eloquently put it above. but i do think theres a huge media bias against him and dont think he's a fraction of the amount of evil you all think he is. but ultimately, yeah, i got overzealous. i'll take the L.
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