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  1. I think smart money bets on OJ and Woo being good top 4's. interesting comparison I'll put past you. edler ehrhoff (two 50 point dmen) Hamhuis bieksa (solid++ shut down) Salo Ballard/rome/alberts/rookie tanev that was more or less or defence when we made it to SCF game 7 vs. the potential of something like hughes oj woo myers stecher rathbone I think the latter has potential to be better. maybe less shutdown ability in that group but more offensive potential. hughes, oj, and woo have 50+ point potential, with hughes potentially being one of the greatest offensive defensemen of all time. also imo oj has a 60 point ceiling. myers is big and can skate but is a bit of weak link defensively. doesnt necessarily put up gaudy numbers but has value. stecher rathbone could end up as a bottom pair that would be a top 4 on most other teams, similar to the depth we had in 2011, maybe better. nothings guaranteed with players that are still developing but I think championship potential is there.
  2. Personally I like Hogs and Pods in a 2nd line match up role with Horvat. Miller would be ok in that role but Boeser probably not as much.
  3. Hogs got battle. Him on a line with Podkolzin one day would be fun to watch. Better yet, a Hoglander - Horvat - Podkolzin line would have compete for days. Miller - Petey - Boes Hoglander - Horvat - Pods Potentially 2 first lines. Exciting.