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  1. you coulda tagged me bro it's one clip. admittedly i havent watched him at all this season but what i saw out of him last season was a whole lotta brain farts in his own end. He gets lost sometimes. He gets turned around. He can be clunky going up against guys who know how to dance around him a bit. That was largely his issue when he first played with us and it's something i've yet to see him fix. So I stand by what I said. Edit: it's kinda funny how you're still salty over that lmao
  2. maybe that bit about his contract expiring at the end of the KHL playoffs is the key here... technically he's still under contract and it's up to the KHL club the release him before that? just making guesses at this point.
  3. You're right, I got that one wrong. Still though, considering it's a pro-rated contract, I would think it wouldn't be terribly hard to fit him in with some LTIR relief or something.
  4. Contract would be pro-rated. Easy to send down Benn and give Tree a pro-rated $2M contract (or less) to replace him.
  5. I'm pretty sure a Tryamkin contract cannot be submitted to the league before July 1st? I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he can't play this season no matter what. I remember reading that somewhere.
  6. It's so tough to say. I dont know about you but I haven't seen him play since he's left, and my suspicion is that most of the people speculating about where he might fit/ who he might displace/ how much he'll be paid haven't either.
  7. I read that article. Definitely a couple red flags. For those who don't subscribe, basically whats playing out in Russia is the same thing that played out when he came to Van. He's unhappy with his ice time and usage and that's the main factor in wanting a return to the NHL. Not sure how he thinks he's going to get better ice time in a superior league, but that's literally what his agent said in the article. And for what it's worth, The Athletic puts out good content. Their subscriber model allows them to tailor content to the reader, rather than conforming to the will of their sponsors. It
  8. I'm sure theres a bunch of people who have influence on all picks, including scouts. Benning is the leader of the group though, and has final say. His father was one of the best scouts around in his time. He surely gained a lot of insight from him and surely deserves credit.
  9. What a 5th round pick this guy was. Screw everyone that says benning's drafting has only been good because of top 10 picks.
  10. Thats a good point. Because you said this I looked up his weight on the AHL website and it's listed at 183. I *think* he was in at least some of the AHL training camp last year and that might have been when he was last officially weighed. Could be up to 190 right now if that's the case.
  11. I've been keeping tabs on this. These sites haven't updated Adam's weight in a couple years. Highly unlikely he's still 170 lbs.
  12. I think smart money bets on OJ and Woo being good top 4's. interesting comparison I'll put past you. edler ehrhoff (two 50 point dmen) Hamhuis bieksa (solid++ shut down) Salo Ballard/rome/alberts/rookie tanev that was more or less or defence when we made it to SCF game 7 vs. the potential of something like hughes oj woo myers stecher rathbone I think the latter has potential to be better. maybe less shutdown ability in that group but more offensive potential. hughes, oj, and woo have 50+ poi
  13. Personally I like Hogs and Pods in a 2nd line match up role with Horvat. Miller would be ok in that role but Boeser probably not as much.
  14. Hogs got battle. Him on a line with Podkolzin one day would be fun to watch. Better yet, a Hoglander - Horvat - Podkolzin line would have compete for days. Miller - Petey - Boes Hoglander - Horvat - Pods Potentially 2 first lines. Exciting.
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