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  1. Not so. Jim tried stuff. The players he signed turned out not to actually possess the character they sold him. They took full advantage. He fixed that today. Without dissing them in the media. Class.
  2. Pretty sure Jim just shortened our rebuild by a year. A situation of his own making mebbe, but no matter, he went n gotter fixed. Forwards decline faster than defencemen, so I'm not seeing an exact Loui parallel here. I hope Jim landed a running long kick in the tender bits of Loui's disappearing arse following his exit interview. We no longer have to suffer that selfish, cheap penalty machine, or scream for one-shift Beagle to keep up. Virt n Edlar n Sutter n Ferland gone also helps Jim regain a little of the control he lost while gambling. Happiest 'Nuck I've been s
  3. I get your take gurn. Much depends on which 7 players. Realistically, how many of those names would warrant a spot on any contender's roster, like say Vegas? Even this year's Petterson might struggle. We've employed waive pick-ups to emulate similar results, at less cost.
  4. Yet, weak management will always extend yes men over talent. Though their short-sighted evaluations don't endure, Jim's sucked 7 years out of the trough. Not too shabby for him.
  5. Leivo now got equal goals to Jake. With less ice has more points. With less salary, works the boards hard and throws 'em when required. All Jake brings is a lotta wot iffs.
  6. Something to savour over the upcoming break. Hogs has swallowed the coaching instructions. He's become invisible.
  7. Likes to demonstarte his passing prowess. He's a remarkable story. Get you fired too.
  8. I have a suspiscion that by the time we return for the Flames game, we might well have found the net.
  9. Seems to be a skill we can't learn. A wrister that can be seen and deflected. Unfair on Demko, he's been tracking everything.
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