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  1. Imagine allowing the power to decide if a black man lives or not, coming to rest the tiny hands of a vengeful, racist fartbrain likeTrump. With each lame-duck day, this farcical 'leader of the free world' exposes the self-evident fraudulence of US governance. Constitutional tools to stop further damage weren't ever thought to be needed. Going to be a long and grisly 5 weeks. And even then the prick may well choose not to leave, while he gathers support to continue squatting in the WH come Jan20th.
  2. Indeed Deb. Yet, BC gov't was wise to allow Dr Henry take a non-political lead position. Its almost felt like letting her down personally when catching yourself lapse. There's a fatal inevitability about Covid exposure, we can only postpone our own. Tips to dodge that moment before a vaccine arrives is her greatest gift to us. We ignore her advice at our peril.
  3. Price made his debut at 20, Quick at 21. Both stuck and developed into NHL elite. If there's one position in hockey where skills and character can override age its at goalie. Class is always class, while form can be temporary. I don't get the angst about blooding DePeitro at 19, if that turns out to be necessary. Showing him some confidence might actually bring him along sooner. Waiting too long didn't help Schneider any. The NHL rulebook must have been typed by a monkey, just back from a pub. If its ok to 'loan' Gagner to the Leafs organization, why then can't they payback that debt by loaning us a goalie now we need one?
  4. Comprehension is a patient art aGENT, time will be your friend here, don't be fretting.
  5. Its well to remember that the Bruins were a long-time basement team before Orr graduated and revolutionized how defenders played the game. In a different hockey culture era with smaller players, less speed and emphasis on individual performance, an organization desperate to make the play-offs were happy to give Orr his free reign. Any smart coach at the time would have adjusted team tactics to cover Orr's roving and best utilize his talent. Nor sure I see that possible in today's NHL, given Travis' hard school of dump-and-chase 200-foot hockey. How long I wonder, before the natural percentage of Hughes' failed entries or lost possession would wear thin with Green's philosophy? Or, his personal coaching ego; perhaps job security. Hughes is already a confident, established college star, and it could be he decides Canuck's brand won't suit his own ego and he sits it out. Where Jack ends up, or agents worming their financial flattery inside Quin's head, might easily cause him blink. I'll not be at all surprised if Hughes' best asset to us lies in a trade for pieces Green views as more urgent. We just don't presently have enough collective, on-ice hockey IQ to help Quinn become another Bobby Orr. Green seems dead set against allowing players free expression - Alien is a generational exception and forces Green's hand, a bit Orr-like himself in fact. But for Travis perhaps, one-yute-at-a-time bucking his beloved, safety-first system is almost more than he cares to handle. A decent prospect like Rathbone could well develop better than Hughes, if only because as a more orthodox defender, he'd be less likely to be in Green's doghouse thereby receiving more ice-time and favorable coaching. He wouldn't be having his natural strengths continually coached away, which is what I would fear for Hughes. Yet, he'd be a fabulous protected addition right now on an established defence like the Preds, maybe even tip the creative balance their way. Wonder what they'd trade for Hughes?