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  1. OK, that’s fine. So, let VP play heavy minutes in Abby, and call him up when he is ready.
  2. I really want to know why VP is not playing. After he scored his first, he was sitting 7 periods. I hope during the next presser somebody will ask Green this question. I don’t have enough hockey knowledge to understand how sitting in the press box helps player development.
  3. I’ve got that feeling that Canucks won’t be able to score tonight. Hope , I am mistaken.
  4. Exactly, and this is called “conflict of interest”, IMHO. Green’s interest is to save his job, therefore, to play the safest roster (in his opinion). The team interest is to develop a promising young player for the future success.
  5. The leading Russian sports newspaper “Sports Express” about the game and Podkolzin: https://www.sport-express.ru/hockey/nhl/reviews/filadelfiya-vankuver-4-5-b-obzor-matcha-nhl-video-golov-vasiliy-podkolzin-zabil-pervyy-gol-16-oktyabrya-2021-goda-1846692/
  6. That means the pressure is on Green, is it not?
  7. What is the objective of this vaccine passport? To stop the virus spread? But vaccinated people still can transmit virus , it is a fact. To make people get shots? But those who opposed vaccination won’t do it regardless. I am going on business trip next week, and , even though I am fully vaccinated, I need to do a test to make sure that I don’t have a virus, before check if for my flight. In my opinion, if the objective was to stop the virus spread, the same should be done with these passports- just add negative test result withing24 hours and you can go everywhere even without vaccine. This way it was done in France, for example.
  8. Now I am getting really exited about this upcoming season. The off- season was very good for Canucks with all signings and roster moves, but as a very long (30 years) Canuck fan, I am always expecting that something will go wrong (please, don’t give me a hard time for that, I am just sharing my feeling with fellow fans). And when these negotiations with #40 and 43 were dragging like forever, the sky really started falling down for me. But now it is all behind and we do have a very competitive roster. I think Canucks have a good chance to make playoffs. It is just how I feel without really analyzing the roster spot by spot. GCG!!!
  9. I am fully vaccinated. So does my family . And today I came across this: From this report: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1012644/Technical_Briefing_21.pdf Correct me if I am wrong, but looks like vaccinated people have a higher chance to die? But it does not make any sense I would really appreciate if someone with the real knowledge could comment. Thank you
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