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  1. So, team have lost 10 out of the last 12, and team has no practice two days in a row? And no morning skate on the game day on Thursday? Obviously, our system is so perfect, that team does need to work on it anymore?
  2. It makes sense from financial perspective. But from players development perspective - changes are necessary, IMO
  3. I agree with your thoughts here. My concern is this- Is coach Green a right coach to properly develop our young stars? Will young players like OJ, Hoglander, AG, EP, QH, JV, etc. improve working with this coach? I am not sure, but I don’t have enough hockey specific knowledge to be a judge.
  4. OK, so it is your own opinion on issues. Fair enough. I just think there should be some objective criterias for "progressive vs. "non- progressive" policies based on evaluation of proposed actions for each policy. But this is off-top. Thank you,
  5. I am always wondering- what does it mean “progressive”?
  6. I wish I had enough hokey knowledge to properly evaluate TG performance as a head coach, but I don’t. I just have some concerns and maybe those of you guys who have a better knowledge may comment on it: 1. Looks like many players took a step or two back this season- JV, AG, EP, Schmidt, and I just concern what will happen to Hoglander under coach Green? Also, OJ development – maybe the strategy is to bring him along slowly based on his injuries history, but not playing him after he scored the fist NHL goal- I can understand it; 2. Lack of in game adjustments; 3. Who is our number 1 goalie? I am not sure.
  7. Yes, totally, and the government had enough time to set up facilities, buy a licence and start producing our own supplies of vaccine. But time was wasted, and now people who could be saved, dying every day. People here saying "Oh, we are just a few weeks off". Well, every day of delay means more dead people.
  8. Canada is on 55th place in terms of people been vaccinated per 100: and looks like we are falling behind every day. Really sad, our government failed us miserably. I know that , at the end of the day, everybody will be vaccinated, but still...
  9. Virus will mutate, no matter what. That's why we have a new flu vaccine every year. The same will happen with Covid
  10. I think that Dave and Moj show at the time of Salt Lake City Olympics was extremely good.
  11. "Life is funny, skies are sunny, bees make honeyWho needs money? Monopoly!"
  12. A very weak excuse What about Toronto, Vancouver , Montreal? Besides, Canada does not have vaccines .
  13. Thank you for the link This is a very upsetting information, really. “UK vaccinate 200 people a minute” We can only dream about this. “UK started pandemic with 0 production capacity to produce vaccine. We built everything during last 8-9 months. We took that decision last spring to actually have this capability” What our government was doing last spring? This interview just confirmed my thoughts that our government failed miserably to response to this pandemic